Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Latest Minsk Agreement - Salvation or Sellout? UPDATED

UPDATE:  February 20, 2015 -  Here's a great post on the Ukraine crisis by one of my fave blog writers--Mike Whitney

UPDATE:  February 15, 2015  Heres' a good update on the situation in Ukraine on Morris108 by Joaquin Flores.  Very interesting analogies and reference to the encirclement of largely NATO mercenaries by the pro-Russian militia

Joaquin Flores interviewed by Morris108

NOTE:  How the BBC (Biggest and Best Calumny) puts a photo on their cover page of Putin's face partially hidden by a man facing away from the camera...his arm outstretched (menacingly?) to Poroshenko and there is even a Hitleresque mustache drawn on his face. And these are the guys who sheltered pedophile/necrophile Jimmy Saville for years...and reported that World Trade Center 7 collapsed 20 minutes before it did!

Putin Today in Belarus Explaining Agreement

The ink isn't even dry on the new Minsk Agreement and already the cheap seats are squabbling among themselves (ourselves :) about its meaning and potential effect.  Paul Craig Roberts is saying it's a sellout because:

A)  The instigator of the conflict, US, is not a signatory (and will not be deterred from its official and stated policy, weakening and effecting regime change in Russia), and

B)  None of the major parties had to sign the Agreement and are therefore not responsible for its implementation, and

C)   The provisions deny the Novorossiyans the gains they made during the recent Kiev-instigated breakdown of the ceasefire.

These points all have merit.  What I'm going to do here (briefly) is search for the few diamonds in the ever-growing pile of $hit that is the ongoing proxy war between the Neocon ZioAtlanticist cabal and the rest of the planet...led by Russia.  Here are three "positives":

A)  Putin survived.  He was not assassinated by the cabal regime-changers in Belarus.  He also performed very well as leader of the moral world....calmly persevering against outrageous odds to effect some kind of detente.

B)  Throughout the long hours of meeting, hopefully the European leaders forged some kind of trust and general agreement--that will take them forward in breaking away from the cabal's economic and military grip.

C)  There is some kind of roadmap for the Ukrainians to see themselves out of this catastrophic effort to make them into the all too familiar and archtypical US "failed state".  As Putin says, it is ultimately up to Ukrainians to get themselves out of the mess.  Surely the Ukrainians can see there is no future in facing off against each other--over a wasteland full of potholes caused by missiles/bombs and barbed wire.  It is in their hands what they want to do with their country.   It is obvious that there is not the military will in Ukraine to fight the Cabal's latest war. As the old cliche goes, the citizens of Ukraine need to "pull up their socks" and get working.  

It was interesting to note, even somewhat a dark-humoured kind of way...that Poroshenko himself did not know whether or not the 8,000 Ukraine military were surrounded.  The Kiev Junta keeps insisting they are not surrounded and can leave anytime. If I were a Novorossiyan leader, I would not allow those fighters to escape without some kind of benefit to the pro-Russian side. Perhaps there is some benefit built into the Agreement that I'm not aware of.  Let's hope so!!!


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Interesting comment about lethal aid- So Canada will buy American weapons with Canadian money and send it on to Ukraine? War is the biggest waste of resources, human and otherwise- but hey buy from the US, indebt Canadians and ship to Ukraine!

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