Saturday, February 7, 2015

Poroshenko takes us down the rabbit hole

Poroshenko with "Russian Passports"

Today Ukraine leader Poroshenko stood before NATO security conference delegates and flashed some mean passports.  

The reason I thought they were cards at first is not only because of the way he held them...but because of what they represented in the drama now unfolding.  Poroshenko was literally playing all the cards he has in his hand.  Technically, they were flashed for the TV cameras as "evidence" that there are Russians fighting alongside the pro-Russians in Novorossiya.  But, but, but, if they were evidence...where was the proof in the way of military ID (which he said he had but did not show)? Where are photos of the soldiers who must have been arrested?

Truthers have learned the hard and bitter way...passports can be used as false evidence.  Remember the 9/11 hijacker's passport curiously found perfectly intact at the base of the twin tower? That infamous passport burned a hole in truther psyche. We now have PTSD flashbacks about passports. Porky triggered another one in me today. When I looked at his photo above...I immediately flashed back to the Mossad....caught routinely furnishing Canadian passports to their operatives, who then were sent to foreign lands to commit crimes.

I thought about MH17... and the neat and clean passports found in the wreckage on the ground in Ukraine...some obviously expired, with holes punched in them. What demons are there who are so obsessed with passports that they have to leave them at the scene of every single one of their crimes?? It's almost a Mossad/illuminati calling card.

Porky, dutifully, HAD to produce the passports.... ahead of the upcoming revelations that there are indeed US nationals.... Blackwater and CIA operatives.... among the 7000-8000 surrounded soldiers in the Donbass.

In alleging that Russia has soldiers in Ukraine, he is attempting to pre-emptively tar Russia with the same brush that the US will soon be tarred with. So....down the rabbit hole we all go...yet again. Evidence is no longer something brought to the police station, Sheriff or prosecutor to be used in a court of is something flashed in front of gullible TV audiences and then swiftly tucked away...before anyone can examine it. 


Greg Bacon said...

Why everyone knows that when troops invade another nation, you always bring your passport with you in case you get stopped at the border and checked to make sure each invading soldier is bringing in nor more than 2,000 rounds of ammo per soldier!

greencrow said...

Unfortunately, Greg. American TV viewers (for whom this charade was made) won't ask themselves why clandestine Russian soldiers would bring their passports!