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Pedophilia in the realms of power: UPDATED

UPDATE:  February 27, 2015  Here is a good video interview of someone who lived in Hampstead and describes the very Satanic atmosphere there.

UPDATE:  February 18, 2015:  Zen Gardner has a good precis of what happened to Gabriel and Alisa.   According to Aangirfan, YouTube/Google has deleted all the video interviews with Gabriel and Alisa.  Aangirfan has provided another link here.

Great Britain Houses of Parliament in London

It seems there's no end to the stories about pedophilia in the highest realms of power in the UK. Stories keep bubbling below the surface and every so often a particularly horrible and disgusting story surfaces.  There's a flurry of ineffective government response (pretend investigations) and the stories go underground again.

Viewed over the past decades, it would appear obvious that pedophilia is endemic in the British uppercrust.  Why is that?  I have wanted to address this issue for some time but have also avoided it because it is so distasteful.  It could raise the hackles of some very unhinged people.  My past career as a child protection social worker gave me some insight into child abuse in general and child sexual abuse in particular.  What I want to do here is briefly apply some of the causes and symptoms of child sexual abuse to the news stories that keep circling around the Internet.

IMO, there are three kinds of child sexual abuse....situational, mental health and ritual/blackmail.  Of course it is stupid to separate the three because they all flow from one to the other and overlap. Situational child sexual abuse is related to poverty, addiction and opportunity.  Remote indigenous villages in the far north of Canada, for instance, are hotbeds of incest/child sexual abuse.  Why? Because there is poverty/unemployment, rampant addiction and poor/crowded living conditions. These situations all provide an opportunity for child sexual abuse.  There are also mental health issues among the populations...arising from the cycle of child abuse.  Abused become abusers and it is endemic and generational.  The last category is smaller but more high profile and destructive socially.  This is when groups of powerful people use rituals of sexual abuse to blackmail individuals who want to rise through the layers of society.  What happens then is that sexual abuse permeates the realms of, political, economic and military.  Kay Griggs....exwife of an American marine colonel...disclosed how sexual abuse is rampant in the military, and anyone who involves themselves in it shoots right up the social ladder to the top of the pile.  Group sexual rituals become an initiation right...without which an aspiring careerist will forever be an outsider to power.  The reason group sexual abuse/crime serves as an initiation right is because of its excellent source of blackmail material.  IMO sex and murder are used as initiation rites in powerful organizations all over the world.  I have wondered about the Picton Murders in my own community and the possibility they were connected to initiation rites for both motrcycle gangs and/or police. Although this was never proven, it was alleged and there was a cover-up that goes on to this day.

How does high level endemic pedophilia/sex crime get started though?  The higher echelons of power are not subjected to the horrific childhood environments that the villagers in the isolated, impoverished indigenous villages of the Canadian high north endure?  On the contrary...they live in privileged homes and go to the best schools. The "best schools" in England, however, are exactly where it starts. In England, the "public" schools, like Eton, are actually private (and the private are public...go figure).  I once knew a man, who went to a UK public school.  He was a very damaged soul and he attributed his problems to his childhood spent in a boarding school while his parents lived the high life.  He said sexual abuse was part of the daily experience...both from the teachers and the older students who preyed upon the younger.  It was all facilitated by the "code of silence".  Sexual abuse/exploitation was a taboo subject and anyone who spoke about it received the treatment described in the link in the first paragraph of this post--the political hopeful in England who attended a high powered dinner and made a verboten reference to pedophilia in power.  Not only did he not go anywhere in politics...but his entire career was destroyed. Mentally deranged abusers have a field day in the protected environment of the taboo.  One mentally twisted abuser can run rampant and destroy hundreds of innocent child souls and lives. Believe me, if there's one thing I know about child sexual abuse it is this---it forever destroys the soul of the child. It is spiritual/psychological murder of the child. If you doubt that for a the video of the interview with "Gabriel" and look into his eyes. He's a "dead child walking/talking."

The biggest threat to the stranglehold that pedophilia taboo/initiation/blackmail has on society is the disinfectant of publicity. As a social worker, I was always being asked by this or that client to "keep a secret" from others. I always responded that my job was not to keep secrets--but to get rid of secrets--so they no longer had to be "kept".

Ironically, it was a British, jurist/philosopher/social reformer Jeremy Bentham (1748 – 1832) who espoused "publicity" as the greatest antidote to crime. Jeremy Bentham said this about publicity:
Secrecy is an instrument of therefore ought not to be an instrument of government.

Publicity is the very soul of justice. It is the keenest spur to exertion, and the surest of all guards against improbity. It keeps the judge himself, while trying, under trial.

In the darkness of secrecy, sinister interest and evil in every shape, have full swing. Only in proportion as publicity has place can any of the checks, applicable to judicial injustice, operate. Where there is no publicity there is no justice.

Jurist Louis Brandeis also wrote about the "sunlight" disinfectant effect of publicity in preventing endemic crime.

In this regard, I would like to applaud blogger Aangirfan for all his/her hard and relentless coverage of the despicable crime of child sexual abuse. Each revelation about what is going on at the highest levels in Britain is more disgusting than the last. What happened (and is still happening) to the children Alisa and Gabriel should be the final straw.  It is time to SAVE THE CHILDREN!

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