Sunday, February 1, 2015

Japan and Germany are Occupied Countries

This photo of Qinling Underground Palace's Exhibition Hall is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Two slaves hard at work

Let's make one thing (actually two things) perfectly clear.  Japan and Germany are both occupied by the United States. You would be amazed how many times during forum debates over the years I've had to argue this point with other posters. The United States has worked very hard to keep this fact of life a secret from Americans. Only when I google and post the links from Wikipedia, showing just how many US military bases are in Japan and Germany, do they reluctantly concede the argument.

I can't imagine how this military occupation, half a century after WWII, (you would almost think it was the main objective of the war) must rankle the citizens of Japan and Germany. Japan, every so often, breaks out in social hives over the situation...but you never hear a word from silenced have they been by the holocaust narrative.

I've never been to Japan. No doubt it resembles Germany (which I have visited) in the sense that as you drive through the countryside there are numerous highway signs pointing to US military bases--typically located down side roads deep in the forests. Regime change has been necessary several times in Japan to replace leaders who have been thoroughly discredited by having to backtrack on election promises--to make the country more independent from the occupiers. The large US military bases taking up precious territory on those crowded islands...together with the negative interactions between the soldiers and the Japanese (infamous cases of rapes of Japanese women by US soldiers)...have led to a lot of dissension. Fukushima (caused by Stuxnet) and other terror catastrophes have kept Japan in far.

Headlines in the main$tream media are constant fearmongering reminders that Japan had better toe the line: ISIS beheads Japanese man. Why was a Japanese man beheaded by the US/Israel proxy militia ISIS? You might well ask.  Here are the comments of a Japanese citizen when asked about the US military bases:

"People in Okinawa started to think yes, we can actually choose something else, we don't have to bear to accept the military burden for ever," said Yoichi Iha. A former mayor of Ginowan City, Iha knows exactly what that burden means.
Futenma air base runs through the middle of his town. Since the islands reverted from US to Japanese rule in 1972, there have been 42 crashes of US aircraft, 37 cases of falling parts, 328 emergency landings, 17 landing failures. For Londoners, it would be like having F22s landing in Hyde Park.
Then there are the rapes, muggings and burglaries committed by US servicemen - 5,634 criminal offences between 1972 and 2009. Among them are 25 murders, 385 burglaries, 25 arsons, 127 rapes, 306 assaults and 2,827 thefts. The worst was the rape of a 12-year-old schoolgirl in 1995.
"I don't know why a marine will rob a taxi for just 2,000 yen [£15], or get drunk and break into a local house. But I know one thing. They never break into American houses," Iha said.

Germany's Merkel was booed and heckled not too long ago...probably because she has been toadying the US's Ukraine line and shooting Germany in the economic foot over US-forced sanctions against Russia. As the years pass....the festering sores caused by military occupation are noticed by other countries Gorbachev says Germany excessively dependent on US  DUH?! and cause difficulties for the leaders...who are universally denigrated as powerless puppets.

In the dying days of the US/NATO/UK hegemonic empire....Japan, Germany--and other occupied countries including (gasp) Canada will need to ask how much longer can we, or should we, support, in lemming-like fashion, the small group of insane, psychopathic neocons in Washington...who're dragging the world with them as they race towards the nuclear cliff?
NOTE:  Watch the YouTube video interview with Paul Craig Roberts in the last link above to get a very good picture of how close the evil ones are to dragging the world into WWIII


Kiwi said...

I know you posted this a long time ago, but I felt compelled to answer. Being part Japanese and a grandchild of two individuals who experienced the war directly it aches in my heart when I read your post. My family is from the mainland and it's not uncommon to hear military planes doing their practice or to drive past a military base. Which angers me, Japan did not make good decisions in the Second World War, but there is absolutely no reason for USA to still influence Japan more than a half century later, or even have bases in Japan. USA has made many mistakes as well after WWII, but I do not see nations have their military bases in their territories.

greencrow said...

Hi Kiwi:

Thanks very much for coming on my blog, and for making the above comment. Before retirement and becoming a full-time blogger, I used to be a social worker. I learned that the first step towards solving an issue is to "name" it. That is why I wrote the post "naming" the long time occupation of two WWII "enemies", Germany and Japan.

The occupation of these countries by the US has gone on so long now that I have come to believe it was one of the primary reasons for the war itself--to destroy the sovereignty of two world economic powerhouses so that the US and its ruling Zionist cabal could become a World Hegemonic Empire. But the Ziofascists always destroy their "host" sooner or later... and now the US itself is being destroyed.

Japanese and Germans need to throw off their chains and seize this moment in history to demand their sovereignty through the UN and International Law. By doing this, they would weaken the stranglehold that the Empire has throughout the world.