Friday, February 20, 2015

UPDATED: Chemtrails Are Made Out Of COAL ASH

UPDATE:  August 25, 2015 This is one of my most popular posts.  That's why it gives me great pleasure to update it today with confirmation that the thesis presented is true and is finally being accepted by the public.  What happens when the government gets caught doing something illegal?  Well, it just retroactively legalizes the formerly illegal activity!

Chemtrails Spread Death

Chemtrails are Made Out of Coal Ash - the video

Over the past few years, I have done a few posts about environmental issues in general and chemtrails in particular.  One of the biggest environmental mysteries is What are chemtrails made out of and Why are they being sprayed?  This video finally answers those two questions.

According to the video "Chemtrails Are Made Out Of Coal Ash", the coal industry has made a deal with the devil (the government) to sell/provide coal waste (coal ash and fly ash) to the military air forces--from there it is spread throughout the atmosphere in the form of chemtrails.

When I watched the video...suddenly it all made sense to me. Years ago, I remember being shocked and disgusted to learn about the government policy of putting flouride in our drinking water. This practice really arose from the mining industry's need of an affordable method of disposing of their flouride waste. These insane greedy corporate monsters, instead of paying millions to safely dispose of flouride waste...are actually making money selling their waste to the government...which disposes of it by putting it into our drinking water on the false pretext that it protects our teeth!

Well, what worked in the mining industry seems to have been copied by the coal refining industry as well. Big Coal Mining oligarchs such as the Koch Brothers featured in the above video, get the government to pay them...for their coal waste! The contention, according to patent applications referred to in the that the metals particles in the chemtrail mixture are able to reflect the sun's rays back out into space and thus prevent global warming. According to the video maker...this is a in fact a false theory and the negatives of chemtrail spraying far outweigh the positives. In fact, the continued spraying of this toxic waste into the atmosphere will ultimately kill this planet.

The video very clearly describes the process. The Coal and Fly Ash waste is placed by the coal refineries onto railway cars and barges, from where it is transported to secret military airfields and put into spray canisters...and from there sprayed into the atmosphere by military jets flying all over North America and Europe. (I also saw chemtrails when I visited Russia last summer). Conveniently, the substance is already the right size and composite to be sprayed from jets.

This secret criminality has been going on since the early 1990's. There is a steady supply of toxic waste because Coal refineries produce 120 million tons of coal waste per year in the United States alone! Much of the waste (40%) is used in making cement, roofing shingles and other products... but 60% is waste over and above--and must be disposed of elsewhere.

Rainwater analysis from chemtrail rainwater indicates exactly the same metal composite as Coal and Fly Ash....and the same composite as listed in the patent for chemtrail mixture--a very toxic mix of:

aluminum, barium, oxides of silicon, iron, magnesium, titanium, thallium, sodium, potassium, arsenic, mercury and sulfur, plus small quantities of lithium and thorium.  Thorium and barium are we are being sprayed with a compound akin to  "depleted uranium"!

The coal industry and their co-horts in the corporate government are able to get away with this crime primarily because of lack of public awareness. The corporate owned main$tream media has done a great job of minimizing, trivializing, ridiculing and vilifying those who speak out against chemtrails.

The video maker urges the public to raise awareness about these toxic waste products being sprayed into our air. He advises non violent activism against the practice and says..."Now that we know where chemtrails come from, we have the power to end the chemtrail program which is killing our planet."

I urge all readers to view the above video and think about what chemtrails are doing to our planet...and how we can stop this criminal destruction!


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What the FUCK shall I do?

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Tell me, I'll do it. I won't VOTE though. Not ever again.

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Soylent green is people? Prove it. I believe it but prove it.