Thursday, February 5, 2015

Breaking News Ukraine: The Cauldron is closed

UPDATE:  February 6, 2015  Saker has posted an updated map on his blog.  Read his comments re the cauldron being "double locked".Must read German update

Saker's comments

"Do you see what I see?  Check out the two black bars I added to Cassad's map.  I see that the Debaltsevo cauldron is getting double-locked with a second "lid" near that Svetlodarsk (СВЕТЛОДАРСК) Krasnyi Pakhar (КРАСНЫЙ ПАХАРЬ) line with the bodies of water making things much worse for the junta.

Lot's of rumors about the Merkel-Hollande proposal, but I rather wait for facts before posting anything about it.

Hopefully, later today.

The Saker"


Map of "the Cauldron" in Eastern Ukraine

Wondering why Kerry is in a flap and going to Europe and why the leaders of France and Germany are going to "present a plan" to Putin on Friday?  Well, all you need to do is look the above map to find out.

The above map is courtesy of The Vinyard of The Saker will NEVER see such a map in the main$tream media. The Ukraine military is the blue and, of course, the pro-Russian militia is in the red.

Reminds me of the old joke....the Lone Ranger and Tonto are on horseback riding through the West and Indians appear on the horizon in all directions.  The Lone Ranger says:  "Tonto, we're surrounded.".  Tonto replies:  "What you mean "We" Kimmo Sabe?"

Yes, The Kiev Junta military (upwards of 7000 young men with little training and less inclination to fight) are surrounded and their supplies have been cut off.  Two Ukraine planes were sent to bomb the pro-Russians and open the cauldron but were shot down.

What dopes the NATO warmongering neocon cabal are! Now they have to open two fronts in the scurrying around Europe...trying to solve the cauldron....and the other trying to use their controlled main$tream media to verbally assassinate Putin with lies so they can effect regime change in Russia.  The CBC had a forum yesterday that had so many trolls spamming it it was a disgrace.  I was fighting the good fight and kept telling the spammers not to inflate my ego by calling me a Russian! lol.

View this video for update on situation in eastern Ukraine

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