Friday, February 27, 2015

Breaking News: Friday False Flag takes place in Moscow - politician assassinated UPDATED

UPDATE:  Saturday, February 28, 2015 - Excellent analysis by Joaquin Flores.  He looks at whether the US and/or Russia had a reason to want Nemtsov dead.

Blogger Stephen Lendman also agreeds that the assassination of Nemtsov was a standard CIA false flag.  As I said in an early post...time to get rid of all western embassies from vulnerable nations.  There is absolutely no need in this day and age of electronic communication that countries should support criminal hang-outs and insurrection rats nests in their capital cities!

UPDATE:  Friday, February 27, 2015 - From Iran's PressTV website:
"...Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said that the president would take “personal control” of the investigation into Nemtsov’s death."

- No doubt it will be more thorough than the Kennedy Brothers and MLK's investigations

-Paul Craig Roberts has reached the same conclusion as I have.  I would really love Putin to use this opportunity to school the US on how an assassination investigation SHOULD be conducted. When the CIA hands you a lemon...someone like Putin knows how to make lemonade!

Breaking News:  False Flag attack takes place on Friday (a favourite day for dubious newstories because of the weekend where inconvenient facts and details can be buried and forgotten). Recently, there were a lot of hysterical reports that Russians had "invaded" Ukraine with tanks, etc. It seemed these false stories always broke on a the point where I drew attention to that anomaly on my blog.

In this case, a Russian opposition politician was gunned down by shots fired from a white car.  Four bullets hit him in the back as he was walking across a Moscow bridge with a "female visitor from Ukraine".
Boris Nemtsov, a Russian opposition politician and former deputy prime minister, has been shot dead in central Moscow, the Interior Ministry said early on Saturday

Well, we all know who prefers to throw bombs and shoot people from cars in is one of their favourite modus operendi. I'm not declaring any group responsible at this stage...but it does have a familiar stink about it. I will say, categorically...however...that IMO this is yet another False Flag. I have been waiting for some event to pin on they can call him a murderer. You watch...they will be all over it. Particularly pay attention to BBC reports. That's the Cabal's "voice". You need to reverse everything they say and you'll arrive at the truth.

So far, here are the red flags:

1.  It implicates Putin...their "enemy du jour";

2.  It happened on a Friday...their favourite day for hitting the news cycle with dubious stories;

3.  It was a cowardly act...shooting an unarmed man in the back from a moving car.  The evil ones have a hard time concealing their extreme cowardice; and

4.  There is a big opposition/fifth column rally scheduled for tomorrow in Moscow.  This will (they hope) act as a motivator for their fifth column to show in force and for the police to over-react...more grist for the mill.

Putin will be sorely tried in the days ahead.  I will be sending positive Karma and prayers his way. The world will be watching and hoping he can dodge his way through the minefields the evil ones have set for him.


Penny said...

Hey Greencrow

Friday is also a good day to hype the story- it can play out all week end on every news cast and news talk show

It just depends on the news coverage
bury or blast away

Penny said...

Any investigation Moscow does will be derided by the West- So none of what the law enforcement does will make an iota of difference on the spin- the meme bomb has been set off already with western calls for 'transparency' in the investigation
the implication being- cover up

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

You are right...nothing will divert the evil ones from their strategy. Good news is word from Russia is that even the opposition can see where this came from and where it is going.