Thursday, February 5, 2015

Black Swan Events in Ukraine

UPDATE:  February 6, 2015  Some interesting numbers on the war in Donbass:  
  • Since the resumption of hostile activities, the last 20 days, the Kiev regime has lost, 3 combat aircraft, 1 helicopter, 153 tanks, 119 BMP’s APC’s, 97 units of field artillery, 72 automobiles and 1861 men killed. Approximately 7,000 – 8,000 troops are surrounded in the Debaltseve cauldron including NATO and CIA operatives. US needs to supply weapons to Kiev or significant US loss of life will occur
RT reports on Moscow talks.  Also, Saker has posted an updated map on his blog.  Read his comments re the cauldron being "double locked" that I have added to my earlier post.  Must read German update

Black Swan Events

According to Wikipedia....Black Swan events are an "event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and is often inappropriately rationalized after the fact with the benefit of hindsight."

Another definition can be found here.

But a rather good definition I heard years ago is: To a turkey, Thanksgiving Day is a Black Swan Event. In other words....every day of the year, the turkey is cared for and fed by the turkey farmer.  One day...the day before Thanksgiving...there is a mass slaughter of turkeys.  Only the turkeys are unaware of the connection.

IMO, there have been many "black swans" swirling about the crisis in Ukraine.  The biggest, of course, is MH17...the Malaysian jet that was shot down over eastern Ukraine last July 17, 2014.  While evidence points to the Kiev Junta and their NATO neocon masters....we still don't have the Air Traffic Controller tapes.  To me, this missing evidence is proof positive that the Kiev Junta was involved...although we still don't know who exactly did it or why.

Here is a more recent black swan event.  Could the event that took place on February 3, 2015 and was recorded and described in the video below have precipitated the sudden activity today....wherein Merkel, Hollande and Kerry started running around Europe like chickens with their heads cut off? 

Watch and listen carefully to the video posted by DAHBOO77.  Apparently the Ukrainian demonstrators were upset with the current Kiev Junta government.  They wanted to take control of the national broadcast equipment and read a declaration.  The declaration was that they wanted the current leadership (Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk) to step down... and that martial law be declared. Now. Why would THAT be?

Even more mystifying (NOT) is why wasn't this event covered by the mainstream media?  That, IMO, is a hallmark of Black Swan Events...they're rarely covered appropriately in the mainstream media.  This is because the mainstream media only reports what they're told to report by the dictators...and the dictators rarely report news that they didn't manufacture/control and/or that doesn't further their agenda.

I'm going to conjecture that what transpired is that the Kiev Junta now realize they have minimal support among the general population...they know they're losing what little they have by turning the screws against military draft evaders.  It's saying something for the Ukrainians, that they mustered the demonstration shown in the video above.  North Americans have become so brainwashed that they could never storm parliament for anything....well if someone cut off their cellphone, facebook or twitter accounts...whatever.

Perhaps the Ukrainian crisis will ultimately be diffused by Black Swan events...Gawd knows...the evil ones certainly won't listen to reason, the wishes of the people--or the (international or constitutional) law.

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