Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ukraine Update: Outta my face! Get outta my face please!

UPDATE:  January 26, 2015 According to Press TV Putin called the Kiev army "NATO's" army in the Ukraine.

UPDATE:  January 26, 2015 According to analyst on RT...US general visited Ukraine hospital and handed out medals to wounded soldiers...."This is our war now."

  American Soldier all Gussied up to Kill Ukrainian Civilians ---for Money

Watch this video :

It clearly shows a soldier with an (North) American accent telling the Ukrainian reporter to get "Outta my face".  Thank heaven for the ubitquitous reporter these days....even the embedded reporters of yesteryear have been replaced with these on-the-spot truther reporters like this woman.  Now, from the gentleman's accent...I would place him in the northern part of the US...either north east or north west.  I would lean towards the north east.  There is even a slight trace of "New York" in his accent. However, the fact that he says "please" means he could be Canadian.  If he said "eh" or "sorry" that would be a dead giveaway... lol.  Sorry for my "humour" in this instance.  This episode was obviously terrifying for the inhabitants...look at that shrapnel!  If you got hit with a piece of that it would go clear through you.  But this asshole doesn't need to worry about his wife or children...they're far away.

These satanists make me sick.  Here is another report from RT with the same short video of the "Outta my face" a longer video showing the destruction caused by these creeps and slimeballs.  Can you imagine?  These guys tearing up a kindergarten school for money?  Hang them by their testicles!!!

Report from RT with two videos implicating western fighters in the Mariupol bombing.

This 9 minute video has the piece about the Outta My Face American plus several other pieces of street scenes around Mariupol showing the devastation of the NATO-inspired bombing

I've been reading that the "Ukrainian" army (aka young Ukrainian draftees and embedded NATO contractors) have been losing the battle for eastern Ukraine--badly. always...they're winning the primary goal of the war....which is to destroy the country/infrastructure/culture/economy.... and force the population to become unwilling refugees....THAT part of the battle they're totally winning.

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