Friday, January 16, 2015

Prediction that the dollar will severely crack by mid February. I'm gonna diarize that one.

The Wizard of Oz with Dorothy

Jim Willie predicts that the dollar will severely crack by mid-February.  I'm gonna diarize that one.

The blogs abound with speculation about the world economy...dire predictions that we're on the brink of economic collapse.  Paul Craig Roberts is saying that "Black Swans" (I love birds) of the economic variety could soon start to soar--and anything could happen.

I dunno.  These predictions have been rampant for years now but we're still basking in material luxury...when compared with any other point in the History of Civilization timeline.  Stores of all kinds are still overflowing with goods/services.  Cars are still lining up at my local Value Village to drop off trunks full of unwanted possessions for recycling.

When I visited Russia last summer...things were good over there too.  Their stores were also full. There wasn't the regulation identical strip mall, full of franchise stores, dominating every we have here.  But that was a good thing. Smaller cities still had open market places where the local people could meet one another, communicate and have a chance to make a ruble.

An American I spoke to recently was full of predictions that the US buck was going to collapse in the near future.  Strangely, he said it with a sparkle in his eyes and a voice full of hope and anticipation. I think the waiting has gone on so long for the other shoe to drop (the first being the offshoring of all the good jobs and the bankruptcy of American cities) that Americans yearn for the end of the that another cycle...hopefully with more jobs (aka meaning in life) can begin.

As a baby boomer...I have a distinct (lol "indispensable" as the Americans like to call themselves) perspective.  I'm part of the demographic "mouse" travelling through the alimentary canal of the economic snake....a large amount of nourishment travelling through from beginning to end over the period of 50+ years.  When we were teenagers, we started contributing to a world wide economic boom.  Our wants and needs defined the, cars, electronics, houses.   Now that we've reached that "final orifice"...we've stopped consuming...except for travel...and burial plots.  This drying up of consumerism, IMO, has as much to do with the instability in the global economy as anything else.

The impending collapse...when the boomers finally get pooped out of the snake... is far too prosaic. The globalist bankers don't want people to see or understand such an inevitable phenomena. Like solar power, if everybody understood and accessed this knowledge, it would remove the cabal's illusory "control" over the system.  So they terrorize and threaten with complicated currency manipulations and false economy-stimulating warfare.

The PTB play the role of the Wizard in Oz....hiding behind the curtain with fans and loud noise....they mesmerize, terrorize and distract humanity.  When what's really going on is a perfectly understandable digestive process....on a global scale.

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