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Mockingbird and Twitter....two bad birds

UPDATE:  February 10, 2015  Twitter CEO makes wrong "Tweet" and Twitter gets hacked....what did Shakespeare say?  Much ado about nothing?

UPDATE:  February 5, 2015 Twitter Boss admits his company "sucks" at dealing with persistent trolling of the Twitter users.

UPDATE:  February 1, 2015  Funny how sometimes you're just ahead of the wave of information about a topic.  This is the case with Facebook.  Two other Blogs have posts about Facebook this morning and I've incorporated them into this post.  One Here and the other* embedded in the post below.

Yik Yak---the latest gadget
"Get a live feed on what people are saying around you."
(My tech savvy offspring calls this "creepy")

History is a race between education and catastrophe.
                                                        — H. G. Wells

Sometimes, when I'm thinking about an issue I want to post about...I get laconic and think "There's no rush." But, then something happens in the "news" and I get a psychic cattle prod that urges me to put something down in writing "before it's too late". This is another one of those times.  Long ago, I learned the above quote as 'History is a race between knowledge and catastrophe." I like the word "knowledge" ten times more than "education".  Perhaps in a day gone by long ago, education and knowledge were synonymous.  Not any more.  In fact, I believe that modern edjumacation (as I call it) is the antithesis of knowledge. 

Way back in early January in my review of the documentary video JFK to 9/11 Rich Men's Tricks....I said: 

"...Conelly provides an Internet address to contact, should anyone want to get involved.  It's implied that this call to activism will use the social media/Internet.  I strongly disagree with the potential for success of this strategy, but more about that in my next post."

Before I could get around to to fulfilling that promise, I was waylaid by events in Ukraine. Meanwhile, many Internet items have caught my eye that relate to what happens when some folks use the Social Network to get a message out.  Examples: 

Plane scare due to threats issued on Twitter:

Facebook is down

Facebook faces off against truth movement:

IMO, *Facebook just a tool in the hands of the surveillance crowd/megaphonies (Israeli paid forum spammers and trolls):

Note the inclusion of "conspiracy theories". Facebook is providing a button where anyone can flag a story as a hoax to get it banned. This gives the "megaphonies" the ability to silence any and all criticisms of Israel, with no recourse by the original poster.

Palestinian student arrested for insulting someone on Facebook

Facebook shuts down truth blogger's account without notice

From the sublime to the ridiculous....

Twitter says Obama unfriends Netanyahu on Facebook

Obama unfriends Netanyahu on Facebook

Read more:

Blogs are co-opted to incite uprisings and
Operation Mockingbird 2

Blogs are co-opted to propagandize
Social Media used to demonize Putin


So it looks like the PTB have taken over Facebook/Twitter to continue their brainwashing of the masses. DUH!  Did anyone ever think there was any other purpose for Facebook? Way back in the early days of Facebook, I suffered a brain fart and joined. Not too long afterwards, someone I barely knew...flamed me on Facebook to impress...Who?  His Facebook "friends"? I immediately recognized this software for the virus that it is....and tried to take myself off and remove it from my computer. Well...there lies the rub.  I could not, no matter how hard I tried, get myself off Facebook. Worse, "Linked-in"....(son of Facebook) got me into its clutches somehow and I was being spammed by that as well (e-mails telling me that so-and-so had joined and did I want to talk to them? NOOOOOOOOOooooo!)

Finally, months later, I badgered one of my more tech savvy offspring to get me off both networks and he did...Thank Gawd!

Another diabolical communication method is Twitter. Gawd I hate that thing! And such a disgusting name for human communication. You don't write to someone "Tweet"! Get me outta here! I have, thankfully, NEVER joined Twitter nor have I "Tweeted".  I wouldn't even know how to Tweet.   Here are some of the problems caused to those who have been sucked into....

The Twitter Trap

Media talking head has to resign for a wayward "Tweet"

Politician shows just how stupid she is via a "Tweet"
Australia's foreign minister asks public to find her earring via Twitter


The so-called Internet Social Media networks have been absconded lock, stock and barrel by the ones who invented them (predictable enough).  Contrary to what videographer Frank Conolly suggests, there is no way ordinary people will ever be able to use it--in the event we really want to rebel against the evil ones.  It will simply be unavailable to us.  They will either shut it down, spam it with trolls and paid flunkies, hack it and insert viruses in it (I have always known that 99% of computer viruses originate from the government) or surveil and then frame truther/activists with false accusations of downloading this or that forbidden material.

So, if you don't want to be further victimized by the oppressors....don't get involved with requests to join social media activist groups.  Where can we gather?  In days gone by...a park bench was a popular place to have a crucial conversation and make plans.  IMO, we will be forced back to the pre-industrial revolution times, when pamphleteers (forerunners of Bloggers) wrote down their ideas on paper and nailed them to tree trunks in the public square.  Of course, that's why the perps have been busy little bees installing CCTV cameras on every corner....In case we should want to distribute communications in the old way again.

Call me paranoid...but I see issues with just about every effort to communicate. Sometimes I wish we were back in the very early days of when the wheel was invented. Back in those days, when the skies were clear of electro-magnetic/microwave/radio-wave pollution, aAccording to some anthropological theorists, humans could communicate via mental telepathy. That's how advancements in living standards and inventions sprung up simultaneously throughout the world.

Today, even when the truth is shown on, say,'s censored and silenced. Watch the following video filmed back in 2013, before the events of Maidan.  A Ukrainian parliamentarian discloses to parliament precisely how the US is running a coup project out of the US embassy in Kiev....using social media.  He lays it right on the line.  Didn't do a speck of good.  Don't you think if the Ukrainians had been exposed to this truth they could have saved themselves from the catastrophic events of the past year? This video is so instructive about:  A) how social media has been co-opted to organize fake "revolutions"....and, B) most importantly....a reminder of the eternal truth: There are none so blind as those who WILL not see.

No, there's only one solution for the communications problems of truther activists and no, I didn't invent it. It's the tried and true method adopted by great leaders such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Passive resistance.  If things get too bad, (and, believe me, we will all know when that happens) we should all just GO ON STRIKE! Stay in our homes and stay off our computers.  Stay off Facebook, Twitter and the like. A week or two of humanity being off the grid...and, most importantly, NOT consuming...will have a more powerful effect on the perps than any managed/manipulated demonstrations.

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