Saturday, January 10, 2015

French Police Chief Investigating Charlie Hebdo Conveniently Commits Suicide

UPDATE:  January 26. 2015:  Bombshell breaking news....French government officials refuse to provide an autopsy report to the grieving family of Police Chief who was suicided the night of the Charlie Hebdo massacre.  Whole bunch of other inconsistencies as well.

Arc de Triomphe in Paris

I am unable to upload the video linked above directly onto my blog but in it, Morris108 interviews a contact in France who says the Commissioner in charge of investigating the Charlie Hebdo Paris massacre was conveniently offed the night of January 7/8, 2015.

Also copied from the Comments on Morris's video:

"The black African "gunmen met with former French president Sarcosky prior to this event. The 18 year old driver was actually in school. The two official videos are garbage, speaking of the one with the police officer shot in the head or throat, no blood or splatter. People forget JFK live head. Gun wounds from rifles are bloody and messy. Then the other roof top video from france24 has been found to have been edited even while they said the event was live. Slo mo vid of it reveals the editing. Close but no cigar. However, the dumb masses will be herded into conflict. Expect another one in another country as build up for the later push against ISIS. This is all Cassus belli mode."

This event is so raw and obvious, that it is creating a lot of dissention in the population...witness what the interviewee says about what happened to him in his own community when he discussed the topic.  I have personally witnessed ordinary sheeple types in my own community ....reluctantly dragged out of their comfort zones by all the anomalies in this False Flag.  Of course....they immediately went to the M$M for their "hit" of lies and crawled right back into their state of morpheous.  But the mere fact they briefly opened their eyes, indicates that "Charlie" was a bridge too false flaggish.  The Vinyard of the Saker Blogmaster had to do a complete 180o turnaround on his original position.  His Blog was thrown into a frenzy of backlash at his original acceptance of the official story.

Looking at the Paris event in the best possible light--will this be the False Flag that finally wakes the sheeple up?  As I wrote to Saker in a comment...We need to ignore all the "Muslim/anti-Muslim" flac and just look at the forensics of the event.  The perps are like a field of (nuclear) landmines...if humanity is going to survive, we need to carefully defuse all the landmines one by showing the incongruities.  These monsters cannot survive the light of day...which is why the glare of humanities' collective eyes on them is the only thing that will ultimately defuse them.

Wait!  I know another way to stop the False Flags immediately.  Close all the "Usual Suspect" embassies all over the world.  (Didn't they close them themselves last year?)  IMO, the False Flags are being run from the embassies.  I believe there are also stockpiles of WMD in the embassies.

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