Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fifth Columnists and "Mockingbird 2" Lined up Against Russia

Vladimir Putin

I was planning on taking my time with my next post on the West's concentrated effort to instigate regime change in Russia...but events are moving quite fast.  So I think I'll post this quickly just as a "heads up".

The audaciousness of America's "thimpk tank" (sic) CSIS (not coincidentally the same acronym as the Canadian  CSIS) to recently host a fifth columnist treasonous Russian Duma member--with his power point presentation of "How to Get Rid of Putin"...cannot be ignored.  Here's the report:

The usual suspects see that the longer they leave Putin in power, the harder it will be to get back on track with their globalist agenda.  He's seriously slowing them down.  Here's the latest headline from the BBC (Biggest and Best Calumny) where the BBC accuses Russia of attacking Ukraine...again.

My feeling is that the PTB cannot wait for their latest "Mockingbird 2" media foreplay to soften up the Western populations (to accept) for the kill.  They need to cut to the chase.

Putin is wisely staying home and not attending international events, such as the Auschwitz anniversary ceremony in Europe. This is pissing the provocateurs off. They are going to up the ante by heating up their simmering wars around the globe and particularly on Russia's doorstep...to draw him out into the open (literally and politically).

When I mention "Mockingbird 2" I am referring to the topic of my last post--JFK revisionists trying to airbrush Zionist/Mossad/Israeli involvement out of the Kennedy assassination...there have been a few more of these efforts. Mockingbird 1 was the subversion of the mainstream media. Mockingbird 2 (my own designation) is the current attempted subversion of the alternate media.

After all...you can't plot and carry out the assassination of another world leader (Putin) when there is still "unfinished bidness" over the last one (Kennedy).  In the analysis linked to above...the writer Holbrooks was "hired" (see his advert at the end) ostensibly to suggest that Obama might be the subject of an assassination attempt.  It takes him the whole lengthy article but, at the very end...he reveals his true purpose for writing ...it's actually a "hit piece" at Putin.  Here's his final quote:
Vladimir Putin is a thug. He’s a monster like all the rest. The fact that he’s a far more cunning and intelligent monster is no reason to celebrate him. That would be a mistake on our part. I focus on him here only as a means to shed light on a deadly situation. But we should never forget that given the chance, Putin would be every bit the dictator that John McCain dreams about being every night.
How does the saying go? Those who seek power are those least worthy of it?
It’s something like that. I swear.
James Holbrooks is a professional writer and editor. You can find his work or hire him at HolbrooksWordsmithing.com where this article first appeared. Follow James on Twitter.

As far as the possibility of assassinating Obama....the perps wouldn't hesitate at doing this.  As I said when Obama was first elected, if he really was authentic (which I always doubted) he wouldn't last a year.  Still, I think there's still a risk of them eliminating him anyway...as part of a false flag ("triggering event"--as the Treasonous Russian Duma member suggests in his Power Point) ...or even as kind of a subliminal cautionary tale for Americans--not to (s)elect a black leader again (they might just want a 'real" one next time) ...just like the JFK assassination was (amongst other purposes) a cautionary tale for Americans never to elect a Roman Catholic leader again...which they never have.

To return to my point....Putin is being systematically demonized in preparation for their best effort at eliminating him.

Their strategy is clearly revealed in the above quote...Holbrooks calls Putin a "thug" and a "monster" in a classic depersonalization. Holbrooks doesn't feel he has to provide one single shred of evidence/example of why he calls him this. Just provide one clear annotated example is all I ask...nay...demand!!! Or else, shut the hell up!

Putin's genius, IMO, is to have never allowed himself to be corrupted...with the long view of performing the exact geo-strategic role he's in now--Arch Enemy of the forces of evil.  Let's hope that Putin is as smart as he appears. IMO, he's the only hope left for the world.

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