Thursday, January 15, 2015

CBC's "Fifth Estate" sells it's reputation to globalist propaganda machine - "Putin - The Long Shadow"

Vladimir Putin walks through doors
in Grand Kremlin Ballroom to give Annual State of Federation Address in 2014

CBC's "Fifth Estate" news program has a long and admirable reputation for flushing out the truth and bringing justice to the victimized.  Now, it seems to have been whored out to the globalist propaganda machine in order to vilify Putin:

Here's the broadcast:

The show begins with Putin walking through the golden doors of the Kremlin Grand Ballroom, down a long red carpet, audience respectfully he approaches the speaking platform.  The voiceover says he's the "leader of a corrupt government".  Right know who is speaking through the voice of the narrator.  Next shot is of a nerdy looking unidentified guy...obviously one of the "chosen experts" ...the only ones these days who are allowed to comment or analyse in western "news broadcasts".  He says that "everyone knows" Putin is a criminal...or words to that effect.  Then there are the iconic flash freeze shots of Putin--riding bareback on a horse, fishing, riding a motorcycle...while the voice intones that "people in Russia are afraid to speak out"...about Putin and his criminal government.

The Fifth Estate has never been dragged so low.  When will it do an "equal time" broadcast about Obama and his history?  The debatable "birther" facts about where he was born...his early Poem "Pop" being one of the few published writings...including his stint as editor of the Harvard Law Review where he did not submit ONE writing in the entire year he spent as editor.  It would take several Fifth Estate episodes to cover all the gaps and anomalies about Obama.  Or, when is the Fifth Estate going to tackle the ongoing pedophilia scandal in the UK government? Where the "investigation" is continually slowed or sidetracked (I guess they're waiting for all the old buggers to die).

The fact of the matter is...the CIA and other usual suspects have been trying for years to come up with criminal/corrupt behaviour by Putin and even their NGO frontmen have admitted the worst thing they can say about him is that he "likes expensive watches".  So What!?  He works far into the least he should be able to keep proper track of the time.  All the lies about him have been gathered by the CIA/usual suspect-installed "Fifth Column" that operates in Russia...and earns its keep by spewing out mis-information about the government.  Putin rose to the top by NOT being corrupt and thus not controllable by foreign interests.  That's why Yeltsin CHOSE Putin to replace himself and.... That's what the globalist bankster cabal hate the most about him.

I know, I know...NOBODY watches the CBC anymore what does it matter?  Well, for one a taxpayer I'm paying for this Filth Estate pack of lies, innuendo and propaganda.  But, the fact is, some people DO still watch the CBC and unfortunately, they're the most gullible in our society. The sheeple still watch the CBC.... and coo and awe at Peter Mansbridge and his "At Issue Panel" of arthritic and dementia-addled commentators...some of whom were on the panel decades ago...when even I watched "The National".  These are the very folks who will swallow the tripe about Putin hook, line and sinker...and who the CBC will point at and say "This is what Canadians believe!"

And then the sheeple will say in unison ...."Baaaaaaa....yes, that's what we believe, all right. Unfortunately, I know some of these poor souls personally.  They will believe the lies and it will become the received truth in Canada.  C'est dommage.


Unknown said...

Could not believe this piece of trash journalism.
Propaganda was what it was. No attempt whatever to make use of information that disputed many of their little stories some of which made speculative vile accusations without any proof whatsoever; one of their interviewees has stated publicly that he is ready to take over the presidency of Russia, but this was never mentioned; the Economist representative speaks the neoliberal positions with predictable tenacity, and the Economist itself is owned in large by bankers who will remain nameless in this comment, and it was a huge supporter of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars; some woman living in Paris is taken as the authority for deciding that a former KGB officer must of course still be a KGB officer and that is the basis of their "shadow" theme; they use dramatic staging and shots to turn Putin singing a song into something that looks like a scene from Cabaret; we are given the conviction of one writer as to the direction Putin wants to take Russia, on the basis of her own gut feeling; and the "reporter" ends with a statement that Russian "almost certainly" downed MH17, although no investigative basis was laid for that claim. It was jointly produced by PBS and the CBC's Fifth Estate, with the latter losing all credibility and throwing away an enviable record of first rate investigative journalism. Neither Russia nor Putin is innocent of any cause for guilt, nor are any of us any longer, but this piece was the stuff of tabloids.

greencrow said...

Thank you very much for this, Andrew. You analysed the 'Fifth Estate' hit piece better than I did. We really need to get it out there--how our public broadcaster is being whored out.

The Fifth Column in Russia has a direct pipeline to the whores at the CBC's Fifth Estate!

IRONFIST1985 said...

I'm always torn as to whether I should feel sorry for or laugh hysterically at anyone who truly believes that a blatantly obvious fascist like Putin is an honest man of integrity and that his government acts in the interests of the Russian people. The Russian people are scammed and tricked all day every single day by the domestic propaganda machine which is rather conveniently controlled directly by the Kremlin. The Kremlin's absolute dominance over the Russian press makes Western governments look like a bunch of third-string amateurs when it comes to influencing the media and public opinion, but in fairness Russian leaders have been the world's greatest propagandists for over a century. Putin's repressive reforms have empowered him to minimise independent journalism and critical opinion to a point where it is just one step away from being entirely non-existent. Of course, that makes it very easy for the Kremlin to manipulate the Russian public, as they have very few options to hear anything other than exactly what Putin's government has decided they will hear. This idea that the Western media is unfairly vilifying Putin and the Kremlin is a total crock of crap. The problem with Western media is not the negative overall attitude toward Putin, it is the fact that Western media has been far too soft on criticising Putin's dictatorship. Western media has been too careful to avoid upsetting Russia over the war in Ukraine by insisting on using inoffensive terms like "pro-Russian separatists" instead of calling them as they are; Russian soldiers of the Russian army. They've not focused enough time and effort on current events in both Russia and Ukraine, leaving stories on the topic toward the end of the broadcast or printed in a spot which is tucked away far from the headlines. I can understand someone having a pro-Putin attitude if they are living in Russia. I'm sure it is easy believe the lies and conspiracy theories when its been introduced into your society by a manipulative government who is widely known to punish anyone who questions or defies the official policy and decisions made by Putin's government. But Westerners outside of Russia are not obligated to be loyal and obedient slaves to the government's agenda, and so there is no excuse for supporting an oppressive tyrant. For Westerners, only blind ignorance or stupidity can justify any support for a fascist government. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence to support the corruption and vast array of the lies and abuses by Putin and his entitled inner circle of deceptive siloviki.

This is not to say that the Western press at large is a pristine example of unbiased truth, because it isn't. The same can be said of Western governments. But one thing is absolutely certain; Western media and governments are both infinitely better representatives of truth, liberty, and respect for the rule of law than Putin's government and mass media. Putin is not an enemy of just the West and the Russian people, he is the greatest threat and enemy of all mankind.