Saturday, January 10, 2015

Canadian Politics - A Brief Overview Part 3 - New Democratic Party and Green Party

Common Canadian Quip:  "Who Cares about Tom Mulcair?"
Before Christmas, I promised my readers I would complete my trilogy of Canadian Politics 101 - A Brief Overview (previous posts dealt with The Conservatives and The Liberals)with a post about the last of the main parties - The New Democratic Party (NDP).  Frankly, I have had a hard time getting back to the task... because of the ennui that envelopes me whenever I try to write about politics, Canadian Politics in particular.  So this is going to be a final wrap up...with the promised "summation" post combined with this one.
As the following CBC analysis suggests, the NDP have fallen on hard times...with low poll numbers and record defections from their ranks:

"...There are now eight former NDP MPs who have either quit, moved on or been moved out since the party's electoral breakthrough in 2011 — to say nothing of those, such as deputy leader Libby Davies, who have decided not to run in 2015...
....In his latest analysis, CBC's polling expert, Éric Grenier, characterizes the NDP support as "stuck" at an average of 20 per cent of support nationally. ..."

Why is the NDP doing so poorly with its newly elected leader?  Well, you could blame Mulcair's rather bland personality.  His public image is how he appears in the above photo...."academic looking".  He presents as forever doubting his own decision-making abilities (and making no decisions when he doesn't have to.)  In other words, Mulcair has committed the worst crime in politics...he's Boring.

Then, as well, there are rumours going the rounds that Mulcair is pro Israel:

Not that this is a bad thing in HAVE to be pro Israel to get anywhere in Canadian politics....witness how Harper has polished up the handle on the big brass door.  See my earlier posts.

And The Jerusalem Post's sister publication in Canada, The National Post just loves it....

Of course, Mulcair has connections and family ties which made him a "suitable candidate" to begin with....

No, Mulcair's decline in the polls is more likely just the fact that Canadians are generally unhappy with governments:

I should have made a "disclaimer" at the outset of this it is:  Greencrow was an active NDPer "back in the day".

Greencrow at NDP National Convention held in Halifax, Nova Scotia in June of 1991, appropriately on the left and dressed in green.  Former NDP Member of Parliament Ian Waddell (member for Port Moody/Coquitlam) is to my right.  The two other men are fellow members of the Constituency Constitutional Committee 
I became active in politics at the height of the Meech Lake Accord crisis in the late 80's and early 90's.  What happened was that I was so angry about the constitutional amendment the Mulroney conservative party was trying to shove down the throats of Canadians that I became active, writing letters to newspapers, joining activist groups and...wait for it...even calling my Member of Parliament.  Ian Waddell and I became phone friends.  At the time, Ian also opposed the Accord which was quite courageous as there was tremendous pressure put on politicians to "go along".  I ended up joining his "constituency constitutional committee" preparing a report of local voter feelings about the proposed Accord and then traveled to Ottawa to present it before the Senate Committee on Constitutional Reform.  All expenses were paid.  I was on National TV...those were heady days. 
I learned a lot about the inner workings of politics.  Ian asked me to write letters to newspapers about issues I wasn't really interested in...but I did it because I wanted to curry favour.  During an election campaign I got assigned to putting up lawn election signs...and scratched the inside of my brand new MPV with all his rusty old signs.  What happened then disillusioned me about politics forever.
Our constituency constitutional committee had written our report (critical of the Accord) and submitted it to Parliament.  Then, not too long afterwards, I heard on the news (yes!) that Ian had changed his position and was in FAVOUR of the accord.  Double crossed! and having to hear about it on the news.  I called Ian up in Ottawa and asked him why he did it.  He said that in the end he had to go along with the NDP Party view...and the NDP party had decided to support the accord.  Our conversation ended with me giving Ian this warning:  "Ian, there's a big train coming....and it's going to come at the next election...and all those who supported the Accord are going to be hit by the big train."  Sure enough, Ian was defeated in the next election....along with virtually every other politician who had supported the Accord.  Only two Conservatives were elected in the whole of Canada.
Ian ran for office a few more times in various ridings, both federally and provincially...he was never re-elected...and he never spoke to me again after the election where he was defeated.
So, those are my memories of politics...up close and personal...and part of the reason why I hold the view that all political parties are in cahoots and under the thumb of the international bankster cabal.  Canadians have no real political choice.
In Canada today there is no opposition...even on critical issues like Canadian Defense/sovereignty:

(Canada is going to buy the US fighters that have already been called obsolete)

You can't get political support for any moral issues--such as an independent examination of the events of 9/11 (that brought Canada into the War on Afghanistan whereby we helped kill, wound and make thousands of refugees in Afghanistan...and kill/maim  hundreds of Canadian soldiers).

All I can say is....there must be some real nasty thugs going around Canada threatening end up having a Parliament so choc-a-block full of mealy-mouthed, yellow-bellied "say-nothings" as currently abound in Ottawa.

Some critics have pointed out that I could support the "green party".  Well, first of all, the green party doesn't campaign against the globalist least not loudly enough that I've ever heard them.  Most western democracies...the Third Party is always surreptitiously... used/funded/not funded... by the main party(s) in order to divide the vote and allow an otherwise unelectable party to win.

I am firmly of the opinion that the "first past the post" system of democracy is irretrievably broken.  We need to bring in--either the proportional system (like they have in Switzerland)--or have a "None of the Above" option placed on the ballot.  I must not be explaining this last option well enough because someone I was talking to about it recently concluded that it was a "Hippy all you need is Love" option.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

The "None of the Above" option would hold all the Political Parties' feet to the fire.  If the parties didn't:

A)  Adopt platforms and policies during the election,

B) Discuss/debate ALL the issues (no collusion between the parties) and present relevant solutions to the voters, and

C) follow through with their promises. 

If NOT then, at the next election, politicians could find the election null and void...if a majority of the voters chose "None of the Above".  IMO, one experience of that happening would bring democracy back to Canada lickety-split!

 And, so I conclude this sorry trilogy of Canadian Politics 101....


rubbell said...

Canada runs corporate style now and worse, the majority know it in their heart. Politics is pure charade.

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comment, rubbell. Yes, it is a great disappointment for Canadians. We deserve better. But I guess we're going to have to fight for it.


Penny said...

thanks for that greencrow
so now I know for certain you get my total anger/disappointment with the NDP?

A party that I supported in much the same way as yourself- but no more- no way- no how!

And we do deserve better here in Canada. Much better. A rich nation, lots of resources and we live like paupers in our home and native land- despicable

greencrow said...

Penny, personal disappointments aside, the worst thing that the NDP has done is deny the anti-war movement a voice during the past decade+ since 9/11. Poll after poll showed that the majority of Canadians opposed Canada's involvement in the war against Afghanistan...based on the lies of 9/11. Yet this MAJORITY was denied any voice. I am sure that the NDP would be the governing party by now if it had given its supporters a voice. Instead it is an increasingly irrelevant rump party. What pressure from who and from where....causes this kind of self-immolation?


Penny said...

I spoke at length to the NDP members about the anti war sentiments of Canadians, of myself, and my family for years and to no avail-

What pressure? Specifically?
I don't know. However, they have fallen in line with the Libs and Cons. In the process making themselves as irrelevant.

the greens are useless.

and that leaves no one