Tuesday, January 27, 2015

BBC backtracks on NYC Blizzard Warnings

UPDATE:  January 28, 2015:   Well, Folks, I found out why the main$tream media made such a big hullabaloo about the non-blizzard in north eastern US last weekend...they were distracting Americans from a big trial of a former CIA agent who was charged with revealing that the US had tried to sabotage Iran's nuclear program....here's Jesse Ventura on RT with the details.

Montana Thunderstorm

The BBC (Biggest and Best Calumny) again mis-spoke when it predicted a Historic Snowstorm in NYC over the past few days. Apparently only a light dusting fell. My view is that this was yet another "Media Drill"  to make sure that the main$tream media is still lock, stock and barrel the tool of the evil ones. They NEED to do this every month or so...construct either a false flag, a false flag hoax (the two are not the same) or a BIG LIE.  Of course, it might also have been that they tried to "Haarpify" (manufacture) the weather... as they have done in the past with hurricanes, etc.  and that it just didn't work. More than likely, it was just a media distraction/drill. Anyone in the media who expressed a contrary view or even a doubt about the "official story" will be "weeded out" prior to the next drill...or the eventual Big Event.

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