Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Disposable World

The Disposable World
I was thinking the other day about why the United States and the "West" keeps pushing the idea of human interplanetary travel.  There are a whole bunch of new movies being released for the holidays with the theme of "Interstellar" travel.  Not coincidentally, the CBC had a couple of reports about how science is studying the idea of humans going beyond earth's orbit into outer space and even beyond our solar system.  These so-called "scientific" reports invariably neglect to factor in the Van Allen radiation belts.  The inconvenient truth about the Van Allen belts is that they make humans travelling beyond earth's orbit prohibitive.  No matter how often NASA (Never A Straight Answer) lies about this pervasive heavy radiation field...the fact has never traversed it.  Man has never been to the moon--as most humans with a modicum of brain power know.
But again, why is it so important for the PTB to keep pushing the lie that humans can eventually escape our "Prison Planet"?  My submission is that the PTB want to wreck this planet (spending its resources like the proverbial Drunken Sailor) and the only way they can get away with it is if they convince humanity...subliminally...that it's disposable.  That we can and will move on--towards another similar planet that will be "fresh".  I started thinking this way back in the 90's, when I learned that the US Navy was routinely testing depleted uranium torpedoes in the waters of the Grand Banks off Canada's eastern coast....once the richest fishing grounds in the world.  Historians tell us that when the white men first came to the entrance of the Gulf of St Lawrence...the cod were so thick they impeded the progress of  ships!  Now the cod are virtually wiped out...and our fishing grounds are scraped dry by "factory" fish trawlers that scrape and upturn the bottom, destroying spawning grounds.  Heaps of rusting depleted uranium torpedoes lie on the ocean floor, perpetually emitting radiation.  There's an old saying...even a dog doesn't piss in his own nest. Why do humans do this?  Is there a sub-species of "humans" that does not get affected by environmental pollution?
What about that Texas-sized morass of plastic swirling around in the Pacific Ocean?  How did that get so out of hand?  Are there any plans to clean it up?  Meanwhile, oil companies and pipeline developers are bullying governments to build bigger and longer pipelines--to transport millions of gallons of oil and gas to Ocean ports--where big oil tankers can ship them around the world.  My suggestion is that before any more pipelines are built, the oil, gas and transport companies clean up that mess in the Pacific Ocean.  That will prove their bona fides towards this planet.  They keep paying million$ for TV advertisements saying what good corporate citizens they are...well, let them prove it!  As well, the plastic in the ocean is directly related to the petroleum industry--so it's their responsibility to clean it up.
Folks...get used to it.  Humanity is earthbound, no matter what NASA/Hollywood tells you.  We cannot travel to other planets....  We never did and we never will.  This is the only earth we've got.  Don't get suckered into thinking there's a "quick" fix.  We need to keep this planet livable!

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