Monday, December 1, 2014

Russia---Keeper of the World's Moral Compass

UPDATE:  CBC is again under DOS attack.  Last week it was out of service for a couple of days....Canadians must be saying some things on the comments forums that the PTB don't want to hear : P


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Rare Russian Bear*
Posted as a Metaphor for Russia
---caged by US/EU sanctions

One of the nicest parts of growing old is watching what I call "the worm turn".  So many things we took for granted as being "bad" over the decades are now seen as being good.  By the same token, so many of the things we thought were "good" on this planet have turned out, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, to be toxic.
One of those things that has turned out to be good is Russia.  Who Knew???!!!  Who knew Russia under Putin was going to be the Keeper of the World's Moral Compass.  In the Dark Ages...some historians say that the light of classical learning of the ancient civilizations such as Greece was kept for safe keeping in the far reaches of monks.  In what are now castle ruins on the far coasts of the Emerald Isle, monks preserved the written works of Aristotle and Socrates.... protected from the barbarian hordes.  For some reason, this has always been a comforting thought.  Now I'm getting the same comfort from the idea that, in these times of extremism, terminal political/financial corruption and satanic evil....somewhere on earth....some segment of humanity is keeping a torch lit for decency, honesty and compassion for the less fortunate.  
Putin came out just a few days ago in solidarity with Palestinians...Putin publicly supports Palestinian statehood on Palestinian Solidarity Day November 29th.  This marks in stark contrast to the recent moves by the US, Canada and Israel to scuttle attempts to meet and discuss long languishing promises to the Palestinians that they will be freed from their open-air prison and torture chamber...that is the Occupied Territories.

Putin is asking the tough questions.... like what are European Values....I think this question also applies to Canada and The United States, which was recently the subject of a damning UN Report about its Human Rights Record.  Putin is also speaking out against extremism:
"....In the modern world extremism is used as a geopolitical tool for redistribution of spheres of interest. We can see the tragic consequences of the wave of the so-called color revolutions, the shock experienced by people in the countries that had went through the irresponsible experiments of hidden, or sometimes brute and direct interference with their lives,” Putin told the Security Council on Thursday.  “This is a lesson and a warning for us,” Putin said. “We will do everything to never let this take place in Russia.”

He's not afraid to set boundaries and draw lines in the sand.   And every once in a while reminds the West that they don't know everything about Russia...i.e, "The Khabiny".   Russia keeps breaking the unwritten code of the PTB by speaking out for justice.  Telling the truth about what happened to MH17 Update on MH17 - including name of pilot who shot down the plane meanwhile, coming from the Land of Lies....more disinformation:  Obama continues to falsely blame Russia for MH17

As Paul Craig Roberts said not too long ago, Putin is the "leader of the moral world".  It is reassuring to know that someone, somewhere in the world, sees a "percentage" in being moral and upholding the rule of law.  Right now...the value of morality is at an all time low...sinking like the price of a barrel of oil.

The big unanswered question now is....what will it take for the moral world to rise up in solidarity with Russia and finally conquer the forces of evil and darkness that threaten to engulf this planet????!!!!


*Caged Bear - normally I abhor seeing wild animals in cages.  In this case...this is a rare bear that has likely spent most of its life in captivity and has become used to human release him now would be a death sentence.  Every year, bears in Canada are shot by the hundreds because they have become addicted to human garbage.... improperly stored.... in urban areas.


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