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Canadian Politics: A Brief Overview - The Liberal Party

Pierre Trudeau and son Justin canoeing
I don’t think there is much hope from the American people. The American people cannot tell genuine from fake leadership, and the ruling private elites will not permit real leaders to emerge. Moreover, there is no organized movement in opposition to the neoconservatives.  Paul Craig Roberts

In today's world, ever since Canada became a 5i's vassal state to the US, so much of what is happening politically in the United States also applies to us.   The above quote could just as easily apply to Canada.  I want to continue my three part (or maybe four--with a summary) trilogy of Canadian Politics 101.  This post will deal with the Liberal party.  When composing this series...I'm thinking of my reader(s) from other countries who may not be up to date on what has gone on in Canada--since the heyday of Canadian nationalism back in the 60's, when Pierre Trudeau became prime minister of Canada.  He and his family captured national and international attention for more than a decade...the last time this has happened.
Since Pierre went for his "walk in the snow" (now synonymous with retiring) in the 1980's...there has been a series of bland, subservient leaders.  I mean subservient to the globalist cabal in general and the US...and particular.  Canadians are, IMO, now suffering through the worst period in our political history...Harper has dragged Canada down to the level of the most extreme neoconservative, ziofascist jackboots and jackboot lickers in the West.  I discussed Harper in my previous post.  One would think that the opposition parties would have an easy time of it in the next election.  Not so...we're way down the rabbit hole now.  Anything could happen....but more than will be more of the same.
Justin Trudeau (left) came on the national scene much like his father...a renegade
Here he is shown following through on a challenge
 he made to fight a member of Canada's Senate
The newly chosen and virtually untested leader of the Liberal Party is Justin Trudeau, 42-year-old eldest son of Pierre and Margaret Trudeau.  Justin, in appearance and presentation, is an interesting combination of the dominant traits of his parents.  He's obviously a political animal like his father and a very good public speaker (he was a grade school teacher prior to entering politics).  He's more social than his father and has a love of the spotlight and glamour...much like his mother Margaret.  Most middle-aged people will remember the emotional roller coaster trip Margaret took the Canadian public on... back in the day....three children in quick succession....battle with bi-polar mental health issues....marijuana dependency....separation from Pierre...high profile Hollywood affairs.  She's been very open about her life.  I read her book 'Beyond Reason" and found it highly entertaining and titillating.
Justin, growing up so close to the vortex of "Maggie and Pierre" probably doesn't have the perspective...or the memories that haunt Canadians.  No doubt he has his own.  He's also written a book about his life 'Common Ground".  I haven't read his book and don't feel inclined.  I wonder if he used the same "ghostwriter" as Margaret.  What I have read in terms of reviews indicates that he is trying to "get ahead" of the press on some of the personal he won't have to deal with them during the next election ("Just read my's all in there!")
The reason I bring up his family past is because Canadians, legitimately, are worried about which side of the family tree he will fall out of....the side of the stoic, cerebral father?  Or, the nutbar mother?  Some recent incidents would indicate he seems to be trending towards the latter.  Canada really can't afford to "do nutty" again.  Not after Harper!
Already it is shaping up to be a very tight election:

As an opposition leader....Trudeau has been "missing in action".  He almost never comments on Harpers' extreme pro-Israel pronouncements....he has played the role of the leader of the modern day "controlled opposition" very well.  See...the role of "opposition" in the Matrix.

As an example, Trudeau never commented on Canada's recent UN vote failing to condemn Nazism.  The world stood aghast a few weeks ago as Canada aligned itself with the US and of three "No" votes--to 115 'Yes" votes.  Watch the link below, as RT condemns Canada.  Trudeau had a responsibility to tell Canadians where the Liberal party stood on this issue and he dropped the ball:

"Letter" government agencies (opposite numbers of  the US (CIA) and Israel (Mossad) like CSIS) have been demanding bigger budgets and more power (The power to "work overseas??!!!) while the opposition has been sleeping.  CSIS was one of the products of the Liberal Party when it was in power.  But does that mean the Liberal Party can't speak up against this power grab of an internationally affiliated/suborned agency? 

 Or, do we have to face the fact that Canada has no opposition?

The silence of the Liberal and the New Democratic opposition parties on the subject of Canada's steadily deteriorating international role/image cannot and should not be forgotten during the next (s)election.  The one remaining trace of democracy we have left is the "election campaign"...when candidates have to get out, "press the flesh", speak to the public and engage in debates with one another.  This will show what Justin Trudeau has to offer Canada.  The sad fact of the matter is, however, if you refer to the quote at the beginning of this post....even if Trudeau surprises us and displays more judgment, leadership, independence and courage than he has so far (actually, ESPECIALLY if he does)....he will never be allowed to "lead" Canada.  He has to be Obamatized to have any chance at grabbing the brass ring.

NEXT:  The New Democratic Party


Penny said...

I have zero faith in the liberals and long ago ripped up my NDP membership..
along with my council of canadians membership
and regret my donations to greenpeace too

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

You and I share a similar history vis a vis liberal and NDP. Just wait till my next post when I tackle the NDP.....I'm going to let it all hang out : )

Penny said...

I hope you do. I have given the NDP many an earful about going along with the war agenda...
You know bombing Libya- stealing tax payer money to buy arms
going along with trade deals
etc., etc.,
To no avail- Except they have stopped calling me