Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Prediction: More Agent Provocateurs, Double Agents and Triple Double-Crossers

Double agent draws gun on crowd after being outed at Berkley protests

My mother had a "saying' for every occasion.  Wise words drawn from history or experience that served as cautionary lessons for her children.  One of them was, "There's no honour amongst thieves".  (Loosely drawn from Shakespeare's Falstaff in Henry 1V, Part I).  When a person or a nation does not obey the law...they cannot be trusted by anyone, including their fellow scofflaws.

Double agents surrounded us in 2014.  We had the above "outing" of a double agent at a demonstration in Berkley, California.  A few years ago Canadians experienced Provincial Police posing as demonstrators at the G20 in Quebec.  The undercover provocateurs were outed, just as they were attempting to throw rocks during a peaceful demonstration.

Video of the G20 Quebec "Police Agent Provocateurs"

Genuine protesters recognized their military issue boots. 

Much higher on the diabolical scale, we have the seven men who were behind US torture program:

Double agents for the global criminal cabal, these individuals are anonymous for the most part...they certainly don't work for the average American citizens.... who not only pay their salary but the salaries of countess cabalists in Israel (through billion$ in "foreign aid') who are working to bring down America, along with the rest of the world....witness their double agent activities on 9/11.

There will come a singular moment of truth. It may happen in the weeks or months of 2015... or even years (although I doubt that long) where the people of the United States will have to wake up to what is being perpetrated in their name...and decide whether they want to rejoin humanity and live peacefully...or continue to be dragged down into the abyss by the neo-con double crossers.

Speaking of double agents, why the secrecy about MH17?

Why is "the [NATO] West" not interested in what happened over the skies of eastern Ukraine on July 17th, 2014?  Is it because that atrocity was perpetrated not by agents or even double agents...but by triple agents?  The Ziofacist "foreigners spotted in the Kiev Air Traffic Control Tower" not only set up the Russians as patsy's for the crime, but double-crossed their Ukrainian "colleagues" by tricking the pilot into shooting down the "wrong" plane...they also triple-crossed their American factotums by making an (unsuccessful) assassination attempt on Putin by proxy (like they did successfully on the last president the USA ever had, JFK).  Had they been successful in assassinating Putin, they would have had their wish...World War III.

Like I said at the beginning....there is NO honour amongst thieves. 

All this dynamic was very wall summed up in a Forum Comment from "Maaster" on RT today.....

"USA is flexing its muscles and rattling swords but it would never have the courage to attack Russia. Russia is not a sitting duck like Iraq, no stealth plane escapes Russian radars, Russian soldiers are fanatics when it comes to defend their country, they will never wave a white flag on their knees like Iraq 'army' did. Add also the Americans sensitivity to soldiers coming back in body bags and the insane possibility of a self destructive nuclear war and you'll understand a military box match between USA and Russia will never happen. If a war is yet to come, it will be on USA territory, a civil war that will decide who is tougher, the 1% psychopaths that rule USA or the rest of the population having guns in each drawer. USA will feel the bitter taste of war at home, not in the indifference and safety of the half-a-planet-distance when USA attacked sovereign states on false pretexts. Till then, it's a propaganda war, a war of words, like in here. RT, you really benefit from this social experiment, you get the pulse of people for free..."


Barring unforeseen events, this will be my last post for 2014.  I want to thank everyone who visited my Blog during the past year.  It was a banner year for this Blog.  I wish you and yours a very happy and prosperous New Year 2015.  This may be the year that "truth breaks through the lie barrier"...although I also said that in my last New Year's message, as I recall.


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