Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Prediction: More Agent Provocateurs, Double Agents and Triple Double-Crossers

Double agent draws gun on crowd after being outed at Berkley protests

My mother had a "saying' for every occasion.  Wise words drawn from history or experience that served as cautionary lessons for her children.  One of them was, "There's no honour amongst thieves".  (Loosely drawn from Shakespeare's Falstaff in Henry 1V, Part I).  When a person or a nation does not obey the law...they cannot be trusted by anyone, including their fellow scofflaws.

Double agents surrounded us in 2014.  We had the above "outing" of a double agent at a demonstration in Berkley, California.  A few years ago Canadians experienced Provincial Police posing as demonstrators at the G20 in Quebec.  The undercover provocateurs were outed, just as they were attempting to throw rocks during a peaceful demonstration.

Video of the G20 Quebec "Police Agent Provocateurs"

Genuine protesters recognized their military issue boots. 

Much higher on the diabolical scale, we have the seven men who were behind US torture program:

Double agents for the global criminal cabal, these individuals are anonymous for the most part...they certainly don't work for the average American citizens.... who not only pay their salary but the salaries of countess cabalists in Israel (through billion$ in "foreign aid') who are working to bring down America, along with the rest of the world....witness their double agent activities on 9/11.

There will come a singular moment of truth. It may happen in the weeks or months of 2015... or even years (although I doubt that long) where the people of the United States will have to wake up to what is being perpetrated in their name...and decide whether they want to rejoin humanity and live peacefully...or continue to be dragged down into the abyss by the neo-con double crossers.

Speaking of double agents, why the secrecy about MH17?

Why is "the [NATO] West" not interested in what happened over the skies of eastern Ukraine on July 17th, 2014?  Is it because that atrocity was perpetrated not by agents or even double agents...but by triple agents?  The Ziofacist "foreigners spotted in the Kiev Air Traffic Control Tower" not only set up the Russians as patsy's for the crime, but double-crossed their Ukrainian "colleagues" by tricking the pilot into shooting down the "wrong" plane...they also triple-crossed their American factotums by making an (unsuccessful) assassination attempt on Putin by proxy (like they did successfully on the last president the USA ever had, JFK).  Had they been successful in assassinating Putin, they would have had their wish...World War III.

Like I said at the beginning....there is NO honour amongst thieves. 

All this dynamic was very wall summed up in a Forum Comment from "Maaster" on RT today.....

"USA is flexing its muscles and rattling swords but it would never have the courage to attack Russia. Russia is not a sitting duck like Iraq, no stealth plane escapes Russian radars, Russian soldiers are fanatics when it comes to defend their country, they will never wave a white flag on their knees like Iraq 'army' did. Add also the Americans sensitivity to soldiers coming back in body bags and the insane possibility of a self destructive nuclear war and you'll understand a military box match between USA and Russia will never happen. If a war is yet to come, it will be on USA territory, a civil war that will decide who is tougher, the 1% psychopaths that rule USA or the rest of the population having guns in each drawer. USA will feel the bitter taste of war at home, not in the indifference and safety of the half-a-planet-distance when USA attacked sovereign states on false pretexts. Till then, it's a propaganda war, a war of words, like in here. RT, you really benefit from this social experiment, you get the pulse of people for free..."


Barring unforeseen events, this will be my last post for 2014.  I want to thank everyone who visited my Blog during the past year.  It was a banner year for this Blog.  I wish you and yours a very happy and prosperous New Year 2015.  This may be the year that "truth breaks through the lie barrier"...although I also said that in my last New Year's message, as I recall.


Monday, December 29, 2014

Ten Signs (news items that indicate) We're In the End Times

 Nose Cleaner

10.  Nose Cleaner on "Must Have" list for North Americans..."Best Invention Since Sliced Bread".
Can you imagine how all this useless plastic will pile up forever in our land fills?

9.  Man kicked off a Plane for dissing Christmas.  People respond to man who bursts their imaginary festive bubble.

8.  Dad's get to feel sensation of labour Chinese Maternity Hospital  And women will get to feel the sensation of not having any pain?

7.  Movie "The Interview" shows how depraved America is--but nobody mentions it in the M$M
Members of audience get the sensation of holding their head in a toilet bowl for two hours....and pay to do it!

6.  Team wearing "I Can't Breathe" T-shirts will be banned from tournament
I didn’t even know what it meant. I thought it was a joke about how I had conditioned them so hard,” Caedyn Feehan, the girls coach, told the AP. “None of the administrators knew what it was or that any of them were doing it in advance. This was entirely for their cause that they had strong feelings about."

5.  Palestinians are forced to farm without water  Israelis need all that water to grow flowers for the flower markets in Europe...Dontchaknow?!!!

4.  Pesticide fallout - half of children will be autistic by age 2025...and the other half will be irradiated by Fu*k YOU shima!

3.  Obama calls torturers "patriots"  ....he also refers to himself as a "human".

2.  Pope Frances tells Ex-Pope Benedict that "We are Brothers".  The Catholic Church finally "jumps the shark" of refusing to disclose the real reason for Benny the Rat's resignation.

.....And the number one sign that we are in the End of Times is.....

Vladislav Voloshin
Mass Murderer

1.  Alternate Media Names shooter of MH17 and shows photo....but Main$tream Media maintains "cone of silence".  Still no arrest...or even follow-up investigation!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

MH17 - Facts are starting to support Greencrow's theory voiced back in July 2014


This story suggests that the Ukrainian pilot, Captain Voloshin, shot down MH17 via mis-identification with a real target. So, with the eastern Ukrainians lacking any real air force, what target was Captain Voloshin searching for that would look like a Boeing passenger jet? As it happens, Russian President Vladimir Putin was flying through the same area on that very day, returning home from a six day visit to Cuba and South America. Putin's Presidential jet, not as grand as Air Force One, is based on the Ilyushin 96. The IL-96 is a passenger jet, and is painted with a similar color scheme to the Malaysian 777. At a distance, they could easily have been confused for one another!

So Kiev wanted to murder Putin, to throw the Russian government into turmoil while Kiev reconquered the east (and possibly Crimea), but botched the operation, shooting down MH17 instead, then tried to drop the blame on Russia.


Greencrow has suspected that Putin's plane was the real target for the Ukranian fighter jets and voiced it as far  back as last July, 2014.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Greetings 2014

Greencrow wishes all my reader(s) a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

 Father Christmas - Wood Carving Souvenir from Russia
As a special stocking stuffer for my reader(s) I am posting a new page that I call The Spirit of Russia.  It is a compilation of 61 iconic photos I took while vacationing in Russia last summer, 2014.  Out of more than 700 narrowed down to these ones...I hope they capture the spirit of Russia and the Russian people.

So, click on the new Page called The Spirit of Russia...and Enjoy!

See you in the NEW YEAR 2015!

Saturday, December 20, 2014 - Talk to the Rabbit

Scared Rabbit

As my reader(s) might have noticed...I've added more than 80 "Greencrow's Recommended Blogs" to my website lately.  This is the latest one:  "Lapine" is French for rabbit.  Here's the item that caught my eye:

Putin Calmly Told Harper to “Bugger Off You Gas Bag”


BRISBANE — Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper today repeated his version of a “testy exchange” with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 meetings, claiming he power-crunched Putin’s hand and bluntly told him to “get out of Ukraine”.
Putin, however, has a different version.
The Russian leader says that Harper’s voice was cracking and he “had a wet food stain on his tie.”
“I call a gas bag a gas bag,” Putin told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation matter-of-factly just before boarding his plane to return to Moscow.
“Yes, Mr. Harper did sort of stutter and mutter get out of Ukraine, but he just kept staring anywhere but my eyes like he was mad at my nose or something.”
“I felt badly for him…he was so nervous.”

Harper had told CNN, CBC and Reuters News immediately following the 30-second confrontation that he went mano-a-mano with Putin and was tempted to “crush his knuckles and make him say Uncle” during their awkward handshake.
“Look. Today I had to be a bully…something I very rarely do, something I don’t like to do,” Harper told media.
When egged on by a FOX News reporter, Harper gave a slow-motion re-enactment of how he says he crushed Putin’s hand, stepped boldly inside the Russian’s comfort zone, glared menacingly down at him, and gruffly delivered the much-quoted line, “Get out of Ukraine.”
CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (not his real name) aired audio on his show earlier today where the word “gas bag” can be clearly heard and Mr. Harper seems to reply, “Sorry”. 
CNN also noted that Mr. Harper was sweating profusely at the time.
Dan LeHomme
Reportering for The Lapine"


Nothing like good old Canadian humOUr


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Free Fall of the Ruble – A brilliant ploy of Russian economic Wizards? Who’s chess game?


UPDATE:  December 19, 2014  Checkmate: Is Russia Selling Oil For Gold?

UPDATE:  December 18, 2014  Here's another good analysis of Putin's press conference by Pepe Escobar

St George's Ribbon
Free Fall of the Ruble – A brilliant ploy of Russian economic Wizards? Who’s chess game?

by Peter Koenig

Putin gave a marvelous press conference last evening.  Folks who yearn for freedom all over the world listened and exalted in his message of hope.  The Putrolls in the western M$M, on the other hand, were set back on their heels reeling as they desperately tried to negatively spin his "tour de force" open press conference.  Putin relaxed in a chair close to the audience and for more than three hours had one-on-one conversations "off the cuff" (not a teleprompter in sight) with the questioners...from all segments of society....on all issues related to Russia and the international community.

Seeing this headline in Vinyard of the Saker this morning...I thought it coincides with my first reaction to the plunge of the ruble.  The Canadian dollar has always been extremely volatile vis a vis the American dollar.   Canadian business people invariably get worried when our dollar goes above the American dollar... because it hurts our export market.  Here, Russia is getting a huge boost to its export addition to the benefits described by Peter Koenig.

Putin's playing chess against the Western cabal's checkers and it's starting to be a fun game to watch.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Congressional report on torture confirms that Al Qaeda was not involved in the attacks of September 11


An analysis of the US Congressional Report on Torture - by Thierry Meyssan shows that
Al Qaeda had nothing to do with 9/11

Meyssan summarizes his analysis...."Senator Diane Feinstein bravely managed to publish part of her report, despite the opposition of the current CIA director, John Brennan, formerly in charge of controlling the torture program.
President Barack Obama announced that he would not pursue any of the perpetrators of these crimes, while defenders of human rights are fighting to have the perpetrators brought to justice. It’s the least we can do.
However, the real issues are elsewhere: Why did the CIA committed such crimes? Why did it fabricate confessions to link al-Qaeda artificially to the attacks of September 11? And therefore, al-Qaeda being unrelated to the attacks of Sept. 11, who has the CIA therefore sought to protect?
Finally, the CIA program involved only 119 human guinea pigs, what do we know about the 80,000 secret prisoners of the US Navy?"


I said when this report was first published and I will repeat....this report does nothing other than provide a legal template and legal precedent for the US to institutionalize torture as public policy.  In that regard...I will call it what it is...the "Report" is, in and of itself, an act of terror against all the peoples of the world....and it is a compounding and exacerbation of the crimes of 9/11.

The United States has declared itself to be beyond all human law. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pity the Politicians...Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place!

The Rock....the elite cabalist masters and their media pitbulls:

Editor of The Jerusalem Post has a meltdown.

and the Hard Place....the people awakening:

Merkel keeps speaking through jeers and the robot she is.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Canadian Politics: A Brief Overview - The Liberal Party

Pierre Trudeau and son Justin canoeing
I don’t think there is much hope from the American people. The American people cannot tell genuine from fake leadership, and the ruling private elites will not permit real leaders to emerge. Moreover, there is no organized movement in opposition to the neoconservatives.  Paul Craig Roberts

In today's world, ever since Canada became a 5i's vassal state to the US, so much of what is happening politically in the United States also applies to us.   The above quote could just as easily apply to Canada.  I want to continue my three part (or maybe four--with a summary) trilogy of Canadian Politics 101.  This post will deal with the Liberal party.  When composing this series...I'm thinking of my reader(s) from other countries who may not be up to date on what has gone on in Canada--since the heyday of Canadian nationalism back in the 60's, when Pierre Trudeau became prime minister of Canada.  He and his family captured national and international attention for more than a decade...the last time this has happened.
Since Pierre went for his "walk in the snow" (now synonymous with retiring) in the 1980's...there has been a series of bland, subservient leaders.  I mean subservient to the globalist cabal in general and the US...and particular.  Canadians are, IMO, now suffering through the worst period in our political history...Harper has dragged Canada down to the level of the most extreme neoconservative, ziofascist jackboots and jackboot lickers in the West.  I discussed Harper in my previous post.  One would think that the opposition parties would have an easy time of it in the next election.  Not so...we're way down the rabbit hole now.  Anything could happen....but more than will be more of the same.
Justin Trudeau (left) came on the national scene much like his father...a renegade
Here he is shown following through on a challenge
 he made to fight a member of Canada's Senate
The newly chosen and virtually untested leader of the Liberal Party is Justin Trudeau, 42-year-old eldest son of Pierre and Margaret Trudeau.  Justin, in appearance and presentation, is an interesting combination of the dominant traits of his parents.  He's obviously a political animal like his father and a very good public speaker (he was a grade school teacher prior to entering politics).  He's more social than his father and has a love of the spotlight and glamour...much like his mother Margaret.  Most middle-aged people will remember the emotional roller coaster trip Margaret took the Canadian public on... back in the day....three children in quick succession....battle with bi-polar mental health issues....marijuana dependency....separation from Pierre...high profile Hollywood affairs.  She's been very open about her life.  I read her book 'Beyond Reason" and found it highly entertaining and titillating.
Justin, growing up so close to the vortex of "Maggie and Pierre" probably doesn't have the perspective...or the memories that haunt Canadians.  No doubt he has his own.  He's also written a book about his life 'Common Ground".  I haven't read his book and don't feel inclined.  I wonder if he used the same "ghostwriter" as Margaret.  What I have read in terms of reviews indicates that he is trying to "get ahead" of the press on some of the personal he won't have to deal with them during the next election ("Just read my's all in there!")
The reason I bring up his family past is because Canadians, legitimately, are worried about which side of the family tree he will fall out of....the side of the stoic, cerebral father?  Or, the nutbar mother?  Some recent incidents would indicate he seems to be trending towards the latter.  Canada really can't afford to "do nutty" again.  Not after Harper!
Already it is shaping up to be a very tight election:

As an opposition leader....Trudeau has been "missing in action".  He almost never comments on Harpers' extreme pro-Israel pronouncements....he has played the role of the leader of the modern day "controlled opposition" very well.  See...the role of "opposition" in the Matrix.

As an example, Trudeau never commented on Canada's recent UN vote failing to condemn Nazism.  The world stood aghast a few weeks ago as Canada aligned itself with the US and of three "No" votes--to 115 'Yes" votes.  Watch the link below, as RT condemns Canada.  Trudeau had a responsibility to tell Canadians where the Liberal party stood on this issue and he dropped the ball:

"Letter" government agencies (opposite numbers of  the US (CIA) and Israel (Mossad) like CSIS) have been demanding bigger budgets and more power (The power to "work overseas??!!!) while the opposition has been sleeping.  CSIS was one of the products of the Liberal Party when it was in power.  But does that mean the Liberal Party can't speak up against this power grab of an internationally affiliated/suborned agency? 

 Or, do we have to face the fact that Canada has no opposition?

The silence of the Liberal and the New Democratic opposition parties on the subject of Canada's steadily deteriorating international role/image cannot and should not be forgotten during the next (s)election.  The one remaining trace of democracy we have left is the "election campaign"...when candidates have to get out, "press the flesh", speak to the public and engage in debates with one another.  This will show what Justin Trudeau has to offer Canada.  The sad fact of the matter is, however, if you refer to the quote at the beginning of this post....even if Trudeau surprises us and displays more judgment, leadership, independence and courage than he has so far (actually, ESPECIALLY if he does)....he will never be allowed to "lead" Canada.  He has to be Obamatized to have any chance at grabbing the brass ring.

NEXT:  The New Democratic Party

Friday, December 12, 2014

We Are Change

We Are Change - Video on how Israel is supporting ISIS
Excellent Summary on Middle East Geostrategic Politics
Folks, unlike the BBC (Biggest and Best Calumny) discussed in my previous post, this video and the alternative news source what real alternative news is all about.  Thankfully, we have these news sources which we should support, especially as we get closer to the "end game" described in this video..... and in this excellent article by one of my fav bloggers, Paul Craig Roberts.

Here is more information about who is really behind ISIS.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

BBC - Biggest and Best Calumny

UPDATE:  January 2, 2015 - BBC caught lying about young boy who supposedly died at Sandy Hook....they say he died in Pakistan....picture the same in both stories.  You are a Liar, BBC!
UPDATE:  December 22, 2013 - BBC cries poormouth and asks government for more money to fight "Russia Today"....which, together with Chinese making massive inroads into their exclusive propaganda territory!
Every once in a while I get the urge to be Royally lied to.  When the urge builds to a fever pitch...I go to the BBC News and it never lets me down.  There is always a BIG LIE on the front page of its website.  Today was no exception.  Here we have it making excuses for the CIA torture of innocent people.  The Brits think that if they say it in impeccable English with an upper crust British accent...people will fall for it....

Here the BBC spews its verbal diarrhea/vomit all over Russia....everything that is said is the exact opposite to the truth.  They no doubt took a story from the Russia media and just substituted NATO for Russia in all the paragraphs:

The truth is that ever since the West blindsided Putin and Russia during the friendly Russian Winter Olympics--paying $5 billion dollars to back an illegal coup in Ukraine...there has been a non-stop harassment and baiting of the Russian bear.

As humanity turns away en masse from the main$tream media... and seeks out alternative views...we have been turned into virtual "Hanzel and Gretels' ....stumbling through a dark forest...trying to follow a trail of crumbs on the ground to lead us out of the maze of lies, threats and slander.  Fortuitously, the other day...Paul Craig Roberts (amongst others) found a huge crumb of truth....

The above article states an investigation shows that exactly the same people who were behind the 9/11 atrocity...are now behind the build-up to War on Russia.  That supports the commonly held thesis that there are only a few rotten apples in the global barrel....but they're up to a whole lot of "No Good".  Time to reel in these demons!  Get them out of circulation...before we're doomed to re-enact the same tragedy that has been our fate to endure time and time again for thousands of years.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Breaking News: US setting up legal precedent for future mass torture

UPDATE:  December 10, 2014 a post with a list of all the torture methods used.  My point is....unless someone is punished for each and every one of these criminal acts...they are hereby formally sanctioned by the government for future use.
Edward Snowden agrees on this point...(Not that I don't have issues with Edward Snowden):
 The Senate’s report is a good step forward in terms of acknowledging the reality of what we have done. But this does nothing in terms of holding the officials who ordered this behavior and the officers who actually directly engaged in torture to account.”

Folks...why is the US releasing this Report on Torture?  Is it so they can show the world what a 'free and open' society they are????  NAW.....what they're doing here is "normalizing" and institutionalizing their government's ongoing policy of torture. 

Step One:  Torture a whole bunch of folks

Step Two:  Write an Official Government Report about it and publish it widely

Step Three:  Have no legal recriminations...thereby allowing the top level planners and systemic factotum torturers to go free, and;

Step Four:  Legal precedent is then set that the US government can torture folks and nothing will happen.


The Disposable World #2 - On Second Thought

Pink Floyd Mutant 
Applying my standard "reverse engineering" strategy on the theory, posed in the first part of this post, I have come up with an interesting supposition about why some "humans" are deliberately despoiling this planet (the only one we have) with toxic substances, notably radiation.  There is the systemic use of depleted radiation (which is the waste left over from nuclear power plants) by the US military all over the world....but over and above that....we also have deliberate radiation events like Fu*k YOU Shima.  In that instance, evil doers deliberately caused a tsunami (nuclear explosion under the ocean) and a meltdown (Stuxnet virus) of the Japanese Fukushima nuclear power plant...sending huge amounts of radiation into the air, soil, but most grievously...the Pacific Ocean...from where it is now being carried by current to North America and all over the world.
My reverse engineering theory, which is as good as any attempt to bring logic to this that the evil ones are deliberately "radiating humanity" in an attempt to cause genetic human mutations...with the hope of creating a human species that is ultimately resistant to radiation ...and therefore able to traverse the Van Allen Radiation belts that encircle the world and keep our species "grounded".
Getting into their diabolical minds is a very depressing much so that it makes me fear for my own mental health and that of all of us bloggers out there who are condemned by altruism to examine the entrails of demons.... to see what the future portends.  On a happier more productive note, 'Tis the Season of Peace and Love...and I will soon be sending out my annual gift$ of appreciation to bloggers that I feel are contributing substantially to our alternative communications.  I urge anyone out there who is reading this to do the same if you can. 

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Disposable World

The Disposable World
I was thinking the other day about why the United States and the "West" keeps pushing the idea of human interplanetary travel.  There are a whole bunch of new movies being released for the holidays with the theme of "Interstellar" travel.  Not coincidentally, the CBC had a couple of reports about how science is studying the idea of humans going beyond earth's orbit into outer space and even beyond our solar system.  These so-called "scientific" reports invariably neglect to factor in the Van Allen radiation belts.  The inconvenient truth about the Van Allen belts is that they make humans travelling beyond earth's orbit prohibitive.  No matter how often NASA (Never A Straight Answer) lies about this pervasive heavy radiation field...the fact has never traversed it.  Man has never been to the moon--as most humans with a modicum of brain power know.
But again, why is it so important for the PTB to keep pushing the lie that humans can eventually escape our "Prison Planet"?  My submission is that the PTB want to wreck this planet (spending its resources like the proverbial Drunken Sailor) and the only way they can get away with it is if they convince humanity...subliminally...that it's disposable.  That we can and will move on--towards another similar planet that will be "fresh".  I started thinking this way back in the 90's, when I learned that the US Navy was routinely testing depleted uranium torpedoes in the waters of the Grand Banks off Canada's eastern coast....once the richest fishing grounds in the world.  Historians tell us that when the white men first came to the entrance of the Gulf of St Lawrence...the cod were so thick they impeded the progress of  ships!  Now the cod are virtually wiped out...and our fishing grounds are scraped dry by "factory" fish trawlers that scrape and upturn the bottom, destroying spawning grounds.  Heaps of rusting depleted uranium torpedoes lie on the ocean floor, perpetually emitting radiation.  There's an old saying...even a dog doesn't piss in his own nest. Why do humans do this?  Is there a sub-species of "humans" that does not get affected by environmental pollution?
What about that Texas-sized morass of plastic swirling around in the Pacific Ocean?  How did that get so out of hand?  Are there any plans to clean it up?  Meanwhile, oil companies and pipeline developers are bullying governments to build bigger and longer pipelines--to transport millions of gallons of oil and gas to Ocean ports--where big oil tankers can ship them around the world.  My suggestion is that before any more pipelines are built, the oil, gas and transport companies clean up that mess in the Pacific Ocean.  That will prove their bona fides towards this planet.  They keep paying million$ for TV advertisements saying what good corporate citizens they are...well, let them prove it!  As well, the plastic in the ocean is directly related to the petroleum industry--so it's their responsibility to clean it up.
Folks...get used to it.  Humanity is earthbound, no matter what NASA/Hollywood tells you.  We cannot travel to other planets....  We never did and we never will.  This is the only earth we've got.  Don't get suckered into thinking there's a "quick" fix.  We need to keep this planet livable!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Russia Throws Down the Gauntlet

Throwing down the Gauntlet in Medieval Times...meant War!
Russia would win nuclear shooting war...Aussie newspaper report

UPDATE:  December 4, 2014 - Vladimir Putin Addresses the Russian Government Assembly:
Watch the entire speech by clicking on the link above.

Things are heating up in the renewed "Cold War" resurrected against Russia.  Russia recently had to cancel the "South Stream" pipeline through Bulgaria to Europe.  The EU had attached so many conditions that it was no longer worth Russia's while to construct and activate the pipeline.  Bulgaria is out of $400 million in revenue but their foot dragging and internal corruption resulted in their shooting themselves in the foot for the sake of thwarting Russia.
The West's main$tream media is going into overdrive to demonize Putin and Russia. while CNN is pulling out of broadcasting in this a prelude to the US kicking RT out of the US?  We know they Want To. Dog Fight between Old M$M and the MSM of the future (RT)  RT, the Russian answer to CNN (much better quality, BTW) is proving to be so successful in luring viewers away from the lying, dying  M$M that it's only a matter of time before the Corporate Rulers in the West find some flimsy excuse to eliminate it as a choice.

Meanwhile, war clouds are gathering in Ukraine....the chosen battle field for a future "Hot War"?  Paul Craig Roberts has again urged Putin to take the Novorossyian states into Russia. I believe it is only a matter of time before this happens.  Putin has already stated publicly that Russia will not allow the West to treat Novorossians the way they've treated the civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Palestine...etc., etc., etc.

Finally....I highly recommend everyone carefully parse Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's recent critical "MUST READ" speech to the Russian Government.  This is the speech where Russia formally throws down the gauntlet, as discussed above.  Citizens in the west should at least know what Russia is doing and why.  Sadly, we will never find out the same information from our own autocratic governments...who don't see citizens as having any say or power in the dynamic.

Copied from The Saker of the blog Vinyard of the Saker who has bolded out what he consider to be the most important statements made by Lavrov that day.  Saker notes the following:

"1)  Lavrov is considered very much a "moderate" and his language has always been strictly diplomatic.  So when you read Lavrov, just imagine what folks in other Russian ministries are thinking.

2) Lavrov makes no secret of his view of the USA and of his plans for the future of our planet.  When you read his words, try to imagine what a US Neocon feels and thinks and you will immediately see why the US elites both hate and fear Russia.

3) Finally, Lavrov openly admits that Russia and China have forged an long-term strategic alliance (proving all the nay-sayers who predicted that China would backtstab Russian wrong).  This is, I would argue, the single most important strategic development in the past decade.

4)  Finally, notice the clear contempt which Lavrov has for a pseudo-Christian "West" which dares not speak in defense of persecuted Christians, denies its own roots, and does not even respect its own traditions.

Friends, what we are witnessing before our eyes is not some petty statement about the Ukraine or sanctions, it is the admission by Lavrov of a fundamental "clash of civilizations", but not between some wholly imaginary "Christian West" and Islam, but between Christian Russia and the post-Christian West.

Russia did not want this conflict.  Russia did everything in her power to prevent it.  But the West left Russia no choice and Russia now openly declares her willingness to fight and prevail.

The Saker"

Remarks by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the XXII Assembly of the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy, Moscow, 22 November 2014

"I’m happy to be at this annual Assembly of the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy (Russian abbreviation SVOP). It is always a great pleasure for me to meet people and feel the intellectual potential, which enables the Council, its leaders and representatives to respond to global developments and analyse them. Their analysis is always free from any hysteria, and its members offer well-grounded and solid arguments, taking a step back, since those caught in the midst of events can hardly adopt an unbiased perspective. We are inevitably influenced by the developments, which makes your observations, analysis, discourse and suggestions even more valuable to us.

As far as I know, this year’s Assembly will focus on prospects for accelerating domestic growth in Russia. There is no doubt that concerted efforts by our society as a whole to bring about comprehensive economic, social and spiritual development are a prerequisite for making Russia’s future sustainable. That said, by virtue of my professional duties, I have to focus on foreign policy issues, which are still relevant for the Assembly’s agenda, since in this interconnected, globalised world, isolating internal development from the outside world is impossible.
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin provided a detailed analysis of the international developments at the Valdai Club meeting in Sochi, as well as in his interviews during his trip to Asia. For this reason, I won’t offer any conceptual observations, as everything has already been said. Nevertheless, I would like to share with you some considerations based on our day-to-day foreign policy efforts. It is not my intention to deliver a comprehensive or clear outlook, since at this stage all forecasts are provisional, no matter who makes them. Moreover, diplomats seek to influence developments as they unfold, not contemplate them.

Naturally, I will start with Ukraine. Long before the country was plunged into the crisis, there was a feeling in the air that Russia’s relations with the EU and with the West were about to reach their moment of truth. It was clear that we could no longer continue to put issues in our relations on the back burner and that a choice had to be made between a genuine partnership or, as the saying goes, “breaking pots.” It goes without saying that Russia opted for the former alternative, while unfortunately our Western partners settled for the latter, whether consciously or not. In fact, they went all out in Ukraine and supported extremists, thereby giving up their own principles of democratic regime change. What came out of it was an attempt to play chicken with Russia, to see who blinks first. As bullies say, they wanted to Russia to “chicken out” (I can’t find a better word for it), to force us to swallow the humiliation of Russians and native speakers of Russian in Ukraine.

Honourable Leslie Gelb, whom you know all too well, wrote that Ukraine’s Association Agreement with the EU had nothing to do with inviting Ukraine to join the EU and was aimed in the short term at preventing it from joining the Customs Union. This is what an impartial and unbiased person said. When they deliberately decided to go down the path of escalation in Ukraine, they forgot many things, and had a clear understanding of how such moves would be viewed in Russia. They forgot the advice of, say, Otto von Bismarck, who had said that disparaging the millions-strong great Russian people would be the biggest political mistake.

President Vladimir Putin said the other day that no one in history has yet managed to subjugate Russia to its influence. This is not an assessment, but a statement of fact. Yet such an attempt has been made to quench the thirst for expanding the geopolitical space under Western control, out of a mercantile fear to lose the spoils of what they across the Atlantic had persuaded themselves was the victory in the Cold War.

The plus of today’s situation is that everything has clicked into its place and the calculus behind the West’s actions has been revealed despite its professed readiness to build a security community, a common European home. To quote (singer/song-writer) Bulat Okudzhava, “The past is getting clearer and clearer.” The clarity is becoming more tangible. Today our task is not only to sort out the past (although that must be done), but most importantly, to think about the future.

Talks about Russia’s isolation do not merit serious discussion. I need hardly dwell on this before this audience. Of course, one can damage our economy, and damage is being done, but only by doing harm to those who are taking corresponding measures and, equally important, destroying the system of international economic relations, the principles on which it is based. Formerly, when sanctions were applied (I worked at the Russian mission to the UN at the time) our Western partners, when discussing the DPRK, Iran or other states, said that it was necessary to formulate the restrictions in such a way as to keep within humanitarian limits and not to cause damage to the social sphere and the economy, and to selectively target only the elite. Today everything is the other way around: Western leaders are publicly declaring that the sanctions should destroy the economy and trigger popular protests. So, as regards the conceptual approach to the use of coercive measures the West unequivocally demonstrates that it does not merely seek to change Russian policy (which in itself is illusory), but it seeks to change the regime -- and practically nobody denies this.

President Vladimir Putin, speaking with journalists recently, said that today’s Western leaders have a limited planning horizon. Indeed, it is dangerous when decisions on key problems of the development of the world and humankind as a whole are taken on the basis of short electoral cycles: in the United States the cycle is two years and each time one has to think of or do something to win votes. This is the negative side of the democratic process, but we cannot afford to ignore it. We cannot accept the logic when we are told to resign, relax and take it as a given that everyone has to suffer because there are elections in the United States every two years. This is just not right. We will not resign ourselves to this because the stakes are too high in the fight against terror, the threats of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and many bloody conflicts whose negative impact goes far beyond the framework of the corresponding states and regions. The wish to do something to gain unilateral advantages or to endear oneself to the electorate ahead of another election leads to chaos and confusion in international relations.

We hear the daily repeated mantra that Washington is aware of its own exclusiveness and its duty to bear this burden, to lead the rest of the world. Rudyard Kipling spoke about “the white man’s burden.” I hope that this is not what drives Americans. The world today is not white or black, but multi-coloured and heterogeneous. Leadership in this world can be assured not by persuading oneself of one’ exclusiveness and God-given duty to be responsible for everyone, but only by the ability and craft in forming a consensus. If the US partners committed their power to this goal, this would be priceless, and Russia would be actively helping them.

However, so far, US administrative resources still work only in the NATO framework, and then with substantial reservations, and its writ does not reach beyond the North Atlantic Alliance. One proof of this is the results of US attempts to make the world community follow its line in connection with the anti-Russian sanctions and principles. I have spoken about it more than once and we have ample proof of the fact that American ambassadors and envoys across the world seek meetings at the highest level to argue that the corresponding countries are obliged to punish Russia together with them or else face the consequences. This is done with regard to all countries, including our closest allies (this speaks volumes about the kind of analysts Washington has). An overwhelming majority of the states with which we have a continuing dialogue without any restrictions and isolation, as you see, value Russia’s independent role in the international arena. Not because they like it when somebody challenges the Americans, but because they realise that the world order will not be stable if nobody is allowed to speak his mind (although privately the overwhelming majority do express their opinion, but they do not want to do so publicly for fear of Washington’s reprisals).

Many reasonable analysts understand that there is a widening gap between the global ambitions of the US Administration and the country’s real potential. The world is changing and, as has always happened in history, at some point somebody’s influence and power reach their peak and then somebody begins to develop still faster and more effectively. One should study history and proceed from realities. The seven developing economies headed by BRICS already have a bigger GDP than the Western G7. One should proceed from the facts of life, and not from a misconceived sense of one’s own grandeur.

It has become fashionable to argue that Russia is waging a kind of “hybrid war” in Crimea and in Ukraine. It is an interesting term, but I would apply it above all to the United States and its war strategy – it is truly a hybrid war aimed not so much at defeating the enemy militarily as at changing the regimes in the states that pursue a policy Washington does not like. It is using financial and economic pressure, information attacks, using others on the perimeter of a corresponding state as proxies and of course information and ideological pressure through externally financed non-governmental organisations. Is it not a hybrid process and not what we call war? It would be interesting to discuss the concept of the hybrid war to see who is waging it and is it only about “little green men.”

Apparently the toolkit of our US partners, who have become adept at using it, is much larger.

In attempting to establish their pre-eminence at a time when new economic, financial and political power centres are emerging, the Americans provoke counteraction in keeping with Newton’s third law and contribute to the emergence of structures, mechanisms, and movements that seek alternatives to the American recipes for solving the pressing problems. I am not referring to anti-Americanism, still less about forming coalitions spearheaded against the United States, but only about the natural wish of a growing number of countries to secure their vital interests and do it the way they think right, and not what they are told “from across the pond.” Nobody is going to play anti-US games just to spite the United States. We face attempts and facts of extra-territorial use of US legislation, the kidnapping of our citizens in spite of existing treaties with Washington whereby these issues are to be resolved through law enforcement and judicial bodies.

According to its doctrine of national security, the United States has the right to use force anywhere, anytime without necessarily asking the UN Security Council for approval. A coalition against the Islamic State was formed unbeknownst to the Security Council. I asked Secretary of State John Kerry why have not they gone to the UN Security Council for this.

He told me that if they did, they would have to somehow designate the status of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. Of course, they had to because Syria is a sovereign state and still a member of the UN (no one excluded it from UN membership). The secretary of state said it was wrong because the United States is combating terrorism and the al-Assad regime is the most important factor that galvanises terrorists from around the world and acts as a magnet attracting them to this region in an attempt to overthrow the Syrian regime.

I believe this is perverse logic. If we are talking about precedents (the United States adheres to case law), it is worth remembering the chemical disarmament in Syria when the Assad regime was a completely legitimate partner of the United States, Russia, the OPCW and others. The Americans maintain talks with the Taliban as well. Whenever the United States has an opportunity to benefit from something, it acts quite pragmatically. I’m not sure why the ideologically-driven position took the upper hand this time and the United States chose to believe that Assad cannot be a partner. Perhaps, this is not so much an operation against the Islamic State as paving the way for toppling al-Assad under the guise of a counter-terrorist operation.

Francis Fukuyama recently wrote the book, Political Order and Political Decay, in which he argues that the efficiency of public administration in the United States is declining and the traditions of democratic governance are gradually being replaced with feudal fiefdom ruling methods. This is part of the discussion about someone who lives in a glass house and throws stones.

All of this is happening amid the mounting challenges and problems of the modern world. We are seeing a continued "tug of war" in Ukraine. Trouble is brewing on the south border of the EU. I don’t think the Middle Eastern and North African problems will go away all by themselves. The EU has formed a new commission. New foreign actors have emerged, who will face a serious fight for where to send their basic resources: either for the continuation of reckless schemes in Ukraine, Moldova, etc., within the Eastern Partnership (as advocated by an aggressive minority in the EU), or they will listen to the Southern European countries and focus on what’s happening on the other side of the Mediterranean.

This is a major issue for the EU.

So far, those who are not guided by real problems, but rather by a desire to quickly grab things from freshly turned up ground. It is deplorable. Exporting revolutions – be they democratic, communist or others – never brings any good.

State, public and civilisational structures are actually disintegrating in the MENA region. The destructive energy released in the process can scorch states that are located far beyond this region. Terrorists (including the Islamic State) are claiming a national status. Moreover, they are already beginning to create quasi-governmental bodies there that engage in the administrative work.

On this backdrop, minorities, including Christians, are banished. In Europe, these issues are deemed not politically correct. They are ashamed when we invite them to do something about it together at the OSCE. They wonder why would we focus specifically on Christians? How is that special? The OSCE has held a series of events dedicated to keeping memories about the Holocaust and its victims alive. A few years ago, the OSCE started holding events against Islamophobia. We will be offering an analysis of the processes leading to Christianophobia.

On 4-5 December, OSCE ministerial meetings will be held in Basel, where we will present this proposal. The majority of EU member states elude this topic, because they are ashamed to talk about it. Just as they were ashamed to include in what was then the EU constitution drafted by Valery Giscard d'Estaing a phrase that Europe has Christian roots.

If you don’t remember or respect your own roots and traditions, how would you respect the traditions and values of other people? This is straightforward logic. Comparing what’s happening now in the Middle East to a period of religious wars in Europe, Israeli political scientist Avineri said that the current turmoil is unlikely to end with what the West means when it says “democratic reforms.”

The Arab-Israeli conflict is dead in the water. It's hard to play on several boards at a time. The Americans are trying to accomplish this, but it doesn’t work for them. In 2013, they took nine months to sort out the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I will not go into the reasons, they are known, but they failed at this as well. Now, they asked for more time to try to achieve some progress before the end of 2014, so that the Palestinians wouldn’t go to the UN and sign the Statute of the International Criminal Court, etc. Suddenly, it transpired that negotiations on Iran are underway. The US State Department dumped Palestine to focus on Iran.

US Secretary of State John Kerry and I agreed to talk on this subject some time soon. It’s important to understand that you can’t keep the problem of the Palestinian state deeply frozen forever. Failure to resolve it for nearly 70 years has been a major argument of those who recruit extremists in their ranks, “there’s no justice: it was promised to create two states; the Jewish one was created, but they will never create an Arab state.” Used on a hungry Arab street, these arguments sound quite plausible, and they start calling for a fight for justice using other methods.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the Valdai Club meeting in Sochi that we need a new version of interdependence. This was a very topical statement. The leading powers must return to the negotiating table and agree on a new framework that takes into account the basic legitimate interests of all the key parties (I can’t tell you what it should be called, but it should be based on the UN Charter), to agree on reasonable self-imposed restrictions and collective risk management in a system of international relations underpinned by democratic values. Our Western partners promote respect for the rule of law, democracy and minority opinion within countries, while failing to stand up for the same values in international affairs. This leaves Russia as a pioneer in promoting democracy, justice and rule of international law. A new world order can only be polycentric and should reflect the diversity of cultures and civilisations in today’s world.

You are aware of Russia’s commitment to ensuring indivisibility of security in international affairs and holding it in international law. I won’t elaborate on this.

I would like to support the point the SVOP has been making that Russia won’t succeed in becoming a major, successful and confident power of the 21st century without developing its eastern regions. Sergei Karaganov was among the first to conceptualise this idea, and I fully agree. Taking Russia’s relations with the Asia Pacific countries to a new level is an absolute priority. Russia worked along these lines at the Beijing APEC meeting and the G20 forum. We will continue moving in this direction in the new environment created by the upcoming launch of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) on 1 January 2015.

We have been treated as “subhumans.” For over a decade, Russia has been trying to establish partnership ties with NATO through CSTO. These efforts were not just about putting NATO and CSTO “in the same league.” As a matter of fact, CSTO is focused on catching drug dealers and illegal migrants around the Afghan border, and the North-Atlantic Treaty Organisation is the backbone of the international security forces, which, among other things, were tasked with fighting the terrorist threat and eliminating its financing schemes, which involve drug trafficking. We tried everything: we pleaded and then demanded real-time contact, so that once NATO detects a caravan transporting drugs and is unable to stop it, it alerts us across the border, so that this caravan could be intercepted by CSTO forces. They simply refused to talk to us. In private conversations, our NATO well-wishers (and I actually mean this in the positive way) told us that the alliance can’t view CSTO as an equal partner for ideological reasons. Until recently, we saw the same condescending and arrogant attitude with respect to the Eurasian economic integration. And that despite the fact that countries intending to join the EAEU have much more in common in terms of their economies, history and culture than many EU members. This union is not about creating barriers with anyone. We always stress how open this union is expected to be. I strongly believe that it will make a significant contribution to building a bridge between Europe and Asia Pacific.

I can’t fail to mention Russia’s comprehensive partnership with China. Important bilateral decisions have been taken, paving the way to an energy alliance between Russia and China. But there’s more to it. We can now even talk about the emerging technology alliance between the two countries. Russia’s tandem with Beijing is a crucial factor for ensuring international stability and at least some balance in international affairs, as well as ensuring the rule of international law. We will make full use of our relations with India and Vietnam, Russia’s strategic partners, as well as the ASEAN countries. We are also open to expanding cooperation with Japan, if our Japanese neighbours can look at their national interests and stop looking back at some overseas powers.

There is no doubt that the European Union is our largest collective partner. No one intends to “shoot himself in the foot” by renouncing cooperation with Europe, although it is now clear that business as usual is no longer an option. This is what our European partners are telling us, but neither do we want to operate the old way. They believed that Russia owed them something, while we want to be on an equal footing. For this reason, things will never be the same again. That said, I’m confident that we will be able to overcome this period, lessons will be learned and a new foundation for our relations will emerge.

The idea of creating a single economic and humanitarian space from Lisbon to Vladivostok can now be heard here and there and is gaining traction. Germany’s Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, has said publicly (while we have been saying it for a long time) that the EU and the EAEU should engage in dialogue. The statement President Vladimir Putin made in Brussels in January 2014, when he proposed the first step by launching negotiations on a free-trade zone between the EU and the Customs Union with an eye on 2020, is no longer viewed as something exotic. All of this has already become part of diplomacy and real politics. Although this is so far only a matter of discussion, I strongly believe that we will one day achieve what is called “the integration of integrations.” This is one of the key topics we want to promote within the OSCE at the Ministerial Council in Basel. Russia is about to assume BRICS and SCO presidency. The two organisations will hold their summits in Ufa. These are very promising organisations for the new age. They are not blocks (especially BRICS), but groups where members share the same interests, representing countries from all continents that share common approaches regarding the future of the global economy, finance and politics."


Yet, only a few in the US/Canada  have even the slightest clue what their government is dragging them into.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Russia---Keeper of the World's Moral Compass

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Rare Russian Bear*
Posted as a Metaphor for Russia
---caged by US/EU sanctions

One of the nicest parts of growing old is watching what I call "the worm turn".  So many things we took for granted as being "bad" over the decades are now seen as being good.  By the same token, so many of the things we thought were "good" on this planet have turned out, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, to be toxic.
One of those things that has turned out to be good is Russia.  Who Knew???!!!  Who knew Russia under Putin was going to be the Keeper of the World's Moral Compass.  In the Dark Ages...some historians say that the light of classical learning of the ancient civilizations such as Greece was kept for safe keeping in the far reaches of monks.  In what are now castle ruins on the far coasts of the Emerald Isle, monks preserved the written works of Aristotle and Socrates.... protected from the barbarian hordes.  For some reason, this has always been a comforting thought.  Now I'm getting the same comfort from the idea that, in these times of extremism, terminal political/financial corruption and satanic evil....somewhere on earth....some segment of humanity is keeping a torch lit for decency, honesty and compassion for the less fortunate.  
Putin came out just a few days ago in solidarity with Palestinians...Putin publicly supports Palestinian statehood on Palestinian Solidarity Day November 29th.  This marks in stark contrast to the recent moves by the US, Canada and Israel to scuttle attempts to meet and discuss long languishing promises to the Palestinians that they will be freed from their open-air prison and torture chamber...that is the Occupied Territories.

Putin is asking the tough questions.... like what are European Values....I think this question also applies to Canada and The United States, which was recently the subject of a damning UN Report about its Human Rights Record.  Putin is also speaking out against extremism:
"....In the modern world extremism is used as a geopolitical tool for redistribution of spheres of interest. We can see the tragic consequences of the wave of the so-called color revolutions, the shock experienced by people in the countries that had went through the irresponsible experiments of hidden, or sometimes brute and direct interference with their lives,” Putin told the Security Council on Thursday.  “This is a lesson and a warning for us,” Putin said. “We will do everything to never let this take place in Russia.”

He's not afraid to set boundaries and draw lines in the sand.   And every once in a while reminds the West that they don't know everything about Russia...i.e, "The Khabiny".   Russia keeps breaking the unwritten code of the PTB by speaking out for justice.  Telling the truth about what happened to MH17 Update on MH17 - including name of pilot who shot down the plane meanwhile, coming from the Land of Lies....more disinformation:  Obama continues to falsely blame Russia for MH17

As Paul Craig Roberts said not too long ago, Putin is the "leader of the moral world".  It is reassuring to know that someone, somewhere in the world, sees a "percentage" in being moral and upholding the rule of law.  Right now...the value of morality is at an all time low...sinking like the price of a barrel of oil.

The big unanswered question now is....what will it take for the moral world to rise up in solidarity with Russia and finally conquer the forces of evil and darkness that threaten to engulf this planet????!!!!


*Caged Bear - normally I abhor seeing wild animals in cages.  In this case...this is a rare bear that has likely spent most of its life in captivity and has become used to human release him now would be a death sentence.  Every year, bears in Canada are shot by the hundreds because they have become addicted to human garbage.... improperly stored.... in urban areas.