Thursday, November 27, 2014

Stephen Harper - the Worst Prime Minister in Canadian History

UPDATE:  December 2, 2014 Canada is one of a few countries to vote against a UN resolution urging Israel to join the UN Non Proliferation (of Nuclear Weapons) Treaty.  Now...Why would Canada NOT think it was a good idea for Israel to sigh such a Treaty?  Is it because we think that Israel has the right to drop nukes whenever they damn well please?!  

 Stephen Harper

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, not satisfied with dragging Canada into the sewer of Neo-Nazi support in joining with the US in trying to skuttle a planned UN meeting on Palestine to be held in December in Geneva.

This man pretends to care about women and children....but what about the women and children being terrorized in the open prison camp........!!!!!

 that is Gaza

(I am not allowed to upload this video directly on my blog...but it is a "must see" to know what Harper supports)

Canada used to be respected in the world... but this one man band has single-handedly destroyed Canada's reputation for upholding neutrality (and justice) on the world stage.  

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