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Canadian Politics: A Brief Overview Part One - The Conservative Party

UPDATE:  November 22, 2014.  Folks...I have to confess I was feeling a bit bad about my metaphorical artistic jab at the Conservatives of Stephen Harper depicted in the photo below.  But after reading this: 
"On Friday the UN passed a resolution condemning attempts to glorify Nazism ideology and denial of German Nazi war crimes. The vote passed 115 to three, yes three countries voted against this resolution Canada US and Ukraine, what's that tell you about the Harper govt. Maybe Nicholson could explain to the Canadian people why his govt would voted against this resolution condemning glorifying NAZI ideology." the CBC forums...I regret no longer.  In fact, I should have used a stronger metaphor to describe Canada's craven obeisance to the cabal.
Canada at the beginning of the 21stCentury

....While there were unique factors at play in both ridings — Yellowhead had a meagre turnout of just 16 per cent...
This past week there were two Canadian  federal by-elections.  Governments call these by-elections to fill Parliament seats vacated for one reason or another--but they also hope to glean from the results a sense of what the electorate is thinking, prior to a national election.  The CBC analysis of the results of these two by-elections pretty well sums up what they found out.

In this series on the Canadian federal political scene, I will first deal with the ruling Conservative Party of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  Harper arose like a phoenix out of the morass that was the failed Meech Lake Accord Crisis of the early 1990's.  I talked about the Meech Lake crisis in my November 7, 2014 post about First Nations indigenous peoples in Canada. Stephen Harper (no relation to Elijah Harper mentioned in my earlier post) was a member of the "Alliance Party" that splintered off the Conservative party in the divisive run up to the "Meech Lake Mulroney" electoral meltdown.  The Conservatives were reduced to just two seats across Canada in the 1993 federal election that immediately followed the failed Meech Lake Referendum.

The Alliance Party opposed the Meech Lake Accord and thereby gained national popularity.  It was started by fundamentalist Albertan politician Preston Manning.  Manning really voiced how Canadians felt about the Accord and gained significant seats in the Parliament.  What happened to him over a period of several years....was that Stephen Harper and his supporters/staff slowly took over the party and eventually ousted Manning (Manning quit).  After Manning's departure and Harper's ascension, the Alliance Party was re-absorbed into the Conservative Party.

Stephen Harper came onto the Canadian political scene during a time of political upheaval .... virtually "out of nowhere".  I'm still asking the question...Where did this guy come from?  I joke that he got his education at the "School of the Americas"...because that seems to be his political stance.  He pretends to be a patriotic Canadian... but he behaves like an anglo-zionist quasi banana republic US puppet.  He even wrote a book about hockey...but then it turned out that the book was primarily written by his executive assistant.... who, shortly before the book's release...had to fall on his sword and resign in disgrace over a scandal (over money) that threatened the Prime Minister.

The Teflon Prime Minister has weathered scandal after scandal while in office...all the while shaking off the accusations and evidence and proceeding apace with his agenda...which he announced shortly after his most recent (2011) electoral win (in an election sullied by all kinds of accusations of fraud).  Harper said words to the effect: "When I am finished my term you won't recognize Canada!"  Yes, told the truth there.  We don't recognize Canada. 

What Harper kept very hidden during his meteoric rise to power in the 1990's...was his extreme pro Zionist leanings.  This conflict of interest reached a nadir of sorts when Harper, during a state visit to Israel.... sat at the piano and sang an off key version of the Beatles' 'Hey Jude" to Prime Minister Netanyahu.  Canadians were shocked and mortified.  But the dye was cast.  There it was....Canada is one of Israel's strongest supporters in its apartheid treatment of Palestine.  Israel, in return, bestowed on Harper one of the highest medals of honour that it can give a foreigner.  It needs to be said here that as a political leader...Harper is a one man band.  His caucus is firmly under his control...and all the opposition in Canada's parliament has been neutered.  Everyone is terrified of the Zionist lobby...just like in the US Senate and Congress with AIPAC.  Harper's ministers are also Harper "mini-me" embarrassments like Defense minister John Baird and Minister of Whatever James Moore (my MP).

In the larger picture...this infiltration of the highest office in the land by a Zionist is also reflected in the take over of Canada's largest province Ontario (the province of my birth).  Zionists run the provincial government of Ontario and hold all the offices of any importance (so glad I got out before that came to pass).  Witness the laff-a-moment debacle during Rob Ford's tenure as Mayor of Toronto.  What was going on there, behind the scenes, was a power struggle between the pro and anti-Zionists for control of Toronto's City Hall.  Rob Ford was a crack-smoking foul mouthed red-neck...but....Hey!...he wasn't a Zionist.

The most recent embarrassment Stephen Harper has subjected Canadians what has been called his "Shih Tsu diplomacy" at the G20 meeting in Australia...when, like a small yappy dog...he barked at Putin: "I guess I'll shake your hand but I have only one thing to say to need to get out of Ukraine."  After this outburst,  the CBC forums were ablaze with angry Canadians sounding off about his humiliating un-Canadian petulance:

Comments like:  "When is Harper going to say to Netanyahu..."I guess I'll shake your hand but need to get out of the occupied territories"?  Or...When is he going to say to Obama..."I guess I'll shake your hand...but you need to get out of the 17+ countries the US has invaded in the past 60 years"?

Yes...Canadians are Mad as Hatters at Harper.  Will he be re-elected in the election slated for 2015?  (BTW...Harper changed the electoral laws so, instead of having elections whenever the political situation called for it, albeit at the discretion of the PM...except in a Parliamentary vote of "non-confidence", the elections are now fixed to be called every four years---just like in the US).  Currently the Conservatives are polling slightly behind the Liberals.  But, with the stench of blatant fraud of the last election still hanging in the air ("Soma Robo Calls")...don't get your hopes up that he won't be re-elected.

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