Monday, November 24, 2014

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UPDATE:  November 24, 2014:  CBC is back up but can't be accessed via Google... ?  Here is an interesting report which is an:  Update on the Ottawa False Flag.  Apparently the Privy Council warned government there was going to be a terrorist attack 5 days prior....IMO, this is a CYA strategy to explain some inconvenient information "out there".

US Defense Secretary Stepped Down

Chuck Hagel in Happier Times
Chuck Hagel was asked to resign by Obama today.  The presstitutes on the beltway of Washington are all speculating what led to his resignation.  They are saying it is likely a difference of views on how to attack ISIS in Syria.  I am suggesting that it could be because of "Khibiny", the Russian device that completely incapacitates battleships in the ocean when a SU-24 Russian jet flies overhead.  Back in the day...when cause and effect (aka "logic") ruled...that would do it!

On another Note:

CBC news website has been having "technical difficulties" for two days.  The rest of the CBC website seems to be working.  Perhaps, with the Forums....too much truthiness was getting to the masses! : )

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Penny said...


okay what is CYA?
This alleged early warning?
this type of stuff is leaked out so the 'incompetence' meme can be pushed.
the gov was running ops on these exact scenarios occuring therefore the early warning 'news' is nonsensical- they didn't need it

Penny said...

oh and speaking of google manipulations with the blog
I could see today via my stat counter there has been one hit on my newest post, but, blogger was telling me zero- this is the third time now I have seen anomalies of that sort- therefore google is fudging with the blogs

thought you should know