Sunday, October 12, 2014

RIP Kenny, my friend and fellow blogger

"Immortality" by the Bee Gees, sung with Celine Dion
Copied from the Blog "Aanirfan": 

"The top blogger Kenneth Ray Kirkham (kenny's sideshow), 62, passed away suddenly, Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014 at Stones River Hospital.

Kenneth Ray Kirkham on The Cannon Courier

Kenny will always be loved and respected by people around the world."

Kenny has moved. / Kenneth Ray Kirkham. / RIP KENNY


Kenny was someone I considered a friend.  I visited his blog, Kenny's sideshow almost daily for several years now.  Many times I added a comment and was drawn into a discussion.  Kenny was an excellent moderator...always keeping the discussion going but not getting out of control.  He had a quiet sense of humour and inner strength that radiated out from his writing.  I considered him a mentor.  He added me to his sidebar of favourite blogs and my traffic went through the ceiling! (from "no" hits to maybe 6 a day! ; ).  He was the first one who ever added me to his sidebar.

A few years ago I lost another blogger friend, Piglipstick....He was similar to example of the best freedom loving "blogtivists" that American has produced.  I still miss Piglipstick.  Now I imagine  Kenny and Piglipstick are together up in the great beyond, looking down and commiserating on the state of the world.  Farewell, my friend.



Penny said...

Hi Greencrow

I will miss Kenny too. He was definitely a good fellow
regarding some other questions
Yes, I am Canadian
And at the CBC my moniker is

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comment Penny. I will look for you at the CBC.

Salina Khan said...

I'm heartbroken to hear about Kenny! His brilliant insight will surely be missed :(

greencrow said...

Yes, Salina, Kenny's passing was a real shock. It should make us
appreciate other truthers even more....because we are already in the minority.