Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 11 Anniversary Post. Where is That One Honest Judge?!

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I was going to write something commemorating the biggest day of the year in the "Truther movement" myself...but after reading these two paragraphs by Les Visible in Visible Origami, I have decided to paste them here.  This says it all .....about what it has been like since 9/11 for those unfortunate 37% of us who.... "can handle the truth".


"...Tomorrow is the anniversary of Israel's attack on the USA, in conjunction with compromised and corrupt intelligence services. It was a true day of infamy and all of the terrible changes that have made life such a labor and a burden, instead of a joy, have come out of this event. In fact, the event was designed for this very purpose. For some reason, they haven't managed to create their desired police state, or their dream module, an American gulag similar to what they did in Russia when they killed tens of millions of Russian Christians. Then...typical of their relentless disinfo campaign upon those they consider lower life forms, they turned that truth around and into a loathsome charade about saving the poor Russian Jew. Until people wake up they are going to be the perpetual victims of this professional victim industry. I choose not to live in ignorance. I choose to accept the responsibility of knowing, when it is possible to know. I choose to bear the censure and blackballing of all my artistic efforts from every mainstream avenue in existence. The truth is, I have to live with myself. People can try their damnedest to hide the truth from themselves but the truth is not acquiescent in these things and it will activate your conscience as a devoted enemy of your peace of mind. Some may feel that enduring this is bearable given the return on their investment in the kingdom of lies. Some have murdered their conscience or never had one, which is one of the benefits of psychopathy but... lacking a reminder that 'the bridge is out' does not also repair the bridge ahead of your arrival. The bridge is still out.

I've come to terms with the possibility that my existence will be ridden hard and put away dead; that it could well simply continue as an exercise in perpetual strife all the way up to and through the door. Once you have come so far along the way, there is no other way; no other way you can come to comfortable terms with. Then again, the sun might just decide to break into my life in some enduring and beautiful way and never (seem to) turn its face from me again. I've heard that these things happen now and then. We'll see what happens when the next reel goes into the projector.

End Transmission......."


9/11 victim pleading for help...13 years later...she is still pleading...

There will be no justice on this planet until the victims of 9/11 have justice.  As I said on Kenny's sideshow this morning..."all the United States needs is one honest judge".  One Uncorrupted Judge that is ready, willing and able to listen to the evidence (that has already been neatly assembled on the Internet) and bring the perps to justice.  Will it happen in my lifetime?  If it does, I will die happy.

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