Tuesday, September 9, 2014

MH17 Truth deep sixed in return for Ukraine Ceasefire?

UPDATE:  September 21, 2014:


Breaking news regarding MH17. According to RT, the families of the German passengers killed in the shoot-down, are going to sue the Kiev government for manslaughter/negligence by allowing planes to fly through their airspace knowing it was a risk due to warfare. Additionally, the German fraud investigators are offering $30 million reward for information/evidence of who was responsible. 

UPDATE:  September 12, 2014 here is a report from globalresearch.ca where a German jet pilot says the MH17 report "is not worth the paper it is written on".  The more that comes out about the ceasefire and recent communications between Putin and Poroshenko, the more I believe I am correct in my assessment that Putin sacrificed MH17 truth for the greater good of peace in the Ukraine.  Particularly interesting is today's announcement that Kiev has 'delayed" implementation of its agreement with the EU.  Putin must have Poroshenko on a VERY short leash indeed.  Also, the Ukrainian Parliament is debating the forgiving of "war crimes" committed by military staff and "others".  Could the "others" be foreigners who were in the Air Traffic Control Tower and/or in the jets that shot down MH17?

UPDATE:  September 10, 2014  Two omissions from the MH17 preliminary report that give away the under-the-table agreement (which includes Russia) not to reveal who did it and why are:

1.  The complete absence from the report of any information about the two jets that were witnessed (on radar and by ground witnesses) stalking, and then shooting at the plane.  The identities of the pilots should have become public and interviewing them should have been job one of the investigation;

2.  The whereabouts of the ATC communications data.  Russia was demanding that this crucial evidence be submitted by Kiev and made public.  This would have revealed what was going on in the Tower at the time of the shoot down...who the "Kiev authorities and foreigners" were and who made the decisions.  Now there is nothing on this.

Putin was faced with a complicated moral dilemma.  Should he pursue the truth about MH17 and give peace of mind (if nothing else) to the relatives of the victims?  Or should he use the evidence about the shoot down as a tool/lever towards the better good....peace in the Ukraine.  In my opinion, he made the right decision.  Only time will tell.


I believe the MH17 report released this morning constitutes a term of the recent peace agreement forged by Putin and Poroshenko. I believe Putin had information/evidence directly implicating the Ukraine government in the shoot down which he traded for Poroshenko’s sign on to the peace agreement. This happened during a phone conversation between Putin and Poroshenko last week just before the Friday ceasefire. Interestingly, Putin called Poroshenko while flying over Siberia. He was also in the air on the phone during the actual shoot down. At that time, he was talking with Obama and Obama told him about the shoot down. I believe there is some significance to this…subliminal messages being sent by Putin to Obama. I now believe the shoot down was an assassination attempt on Putin that went wrong. Putin has evidence of that and is using it to blackmail Poroshenko/Obama into peace. Only evidence this powerful could have stopped the war in its tracks…that is why I am working backwards from the ceasefire to determine what kind of information could have led to this effect.

I think the agreement is that if the Ukraine ceasefire holds…the truth about MH17 will never come out…that’s the way realpolitik works


Chris Lomas said...

Have always liked this theory, except Kremlin was quick to refute it, does anyone know why. Wouldn’t it have been to their advantage to confirm Putin’s plane was close by and a possible target?

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comment, Chris.

Of course the Kremlin was quick to refute it. Rule #1 in realpolitik is never admit anything you don't want to make a big deal (i.e., go to war over) about. There is a mystery about another plane (ostensibly an Air India plane) nearby. I am thinking that when leaders fly they might use cover of other airline radar identification nos. Perhaps the India Airlines plane was, in fact, the Russian plane carrying Putin.