Saturday, September 6, 2014

FALSE FLAG ALERT - rated high for Sept 8 in Black Sea

UPDATE:  September 8, 2014:  "Operation Seabreeze" the blatant and dangerous provocation of Russia in the Black Sea has begun.  This report ends with the information that according to a treaty dating back to the 1930's, ships from foreign countries are not supposed to stay in the Black Sea for longer than 3 weeks...but NATO is flouting this treaty by rotating their ships.
The world watches in apprehension and disgust.



Please distribute this information as widely as possible.  Even if it doesn't pan could be because of all the "publicity".

Canadian frigate taking part in NATO Black Sea provocation.  Hope it's heavily insured.... : /

Large NATO/Ukraine naval drill planned for September 8, 2014 in the Black Sea right across from Sevastopol, the main Russian naval base in Crimea. If this isn't a textbook situation for a false flag (sink one of the boats and blame it on Russia) then I don't know what is...and, folks, Canada has a frigate in the fleet.

Oh, and sign the letter of support to President Putin and the People of Russia...from the rest of the world. 



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