Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Taken out to the Woodshed

UPDATE:  September 27, 2014  - BREAKING NEWS"No one has a monopoly on the truth"  I did not have to wait long to find out what being taken out to the woodshed would look is Russia's response to the US's crossing the red line in Syria
There is a common expression in english..."Someone is going to be taken out to the woodshed".  It means that someone is going to be severely punished.  This expression harkens back to the days when the father of the family was the supreme disciplinarian and one of the primary parenting rules was "Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child".  Children were regularly taken out to the woodshed and given a strapping by their father.  In a large family such as I grew up in, there was always a hush in the household when someone was going to be disciplined.  You could feel the dread in the air.  Everyone was on their best behaviour and nobody associated with the guilty party.
This is the ominous feeling that I have had since the US attacked Syria with warplanes the other day.  The US had been warned by Russia (and China I presume) that to drop bombs in a sovereign nation without express permission of that nation is against International Law and fundamental articles of the United Nations Charter.  But, the "We don't need no stinkin badges" Empire went ahead and bombed Syria anyway...using the tiniest figleaf of an excuse (going after a group of hooligans that they had founded, trained and armed) under false pretenses...bring down the legitimate Assad Syrian government.
Russia has not reacted to the contravention of UN articles and the mutual self defense pact it has with Syria....yet.  But, like that old ominous feeling that "someone" is going to be taken out to the woodshed....I feel that they are going to their own time and way.  Others feel the same.  One of the worst aspects of waiting to be taken out to the woodshed was when the parent did not react immediately..... but let the offender "stew in his own juices" for a while.

Why Syria???

Monday, September 22, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Syria under Attack by United States and Partners

UPDATE:  September 23, 2014 Watch this interview with American author and political analyst, Dean Henderson.  He says that this attack on Syria is the US/Israeli Neocon in the last throes of their power...we can only hope! 

The United States of America and "Partners" have attacked Syria

The official story is that they are targeting ISIS (a construct of the US/Mossad).  This proxy war group has attacked Syria recently.  Syria was the line in the sand that Putin drew last March...and Obama backed off.  Now Obama/Israel (who can tell the difference anymore) are crossing the red line.  As recently as this morning, Putin said that the US would need Syria's permission and co-operation to attack targets in Syria.  The "We Don't Need No Stinkin Badges" Empire refused to involve Syria.  Do we have World War III?  Could be.


US Senator John McCain explaining reasons for the US to arm ISIS.

Ex-US Marine Ken O'Keefe tells it like it is!  Watch the video

Saturday, September 20, 2014

All War is a War for the Future

NOTE:  I have updated the previous (September 9, 2014) post on the MH17 report as of September 21, 2014

"I want war!"  The Medium is the Message

Way back in the 1970's when I was in my early 20's I used to have a subscription to TIME* magazine.  Every week when it arrived I dropped what I was doing and read it cover to cover.  Even at that tender age, I was a political animal (bird?).  A few months after the Watergate break-in in 1972, TIME did a multi-page spread on the scandal.  I absorbed the information all weekend and when I went back to work on Monday, my mind was still buzzing with what I had read.  One of my work colleagues, a professional man quite a few years older than myself and I used to talk politics once in a while.  That Monday morning I told him that Nixon was going to have to resign as a result of the Watergate scandal.  He was amused.  What did this 20-something Canadian know about Washington politics?  At that time most people still hadn't even heard of the Watergate scandal.

Almost a decade later and a continent apart, this same gentleman called me at my (new) work place and asked if he could take me out for a drink after work.  We met and he told me that he was aware I had moved to the opposite coast and, while he was out on business, decided to look me up and congratulate me personally for having forecast the resignation of the President of the United States at least two years before it happened.  To this day, even I don't know what caused me to reach the conclusion that Nixon would have to resign**.  I put it down to an innate intuition related to the "politics gene" inherited from relatives on both sides of the family.  My great grandfather on my mother's side was the law partner of Sir John A. Macdonald.  My own father told me that his grandfather and my mother's grandfather both met the train (at different stops as they did not know each other) of an infamous Irish patriot Eamon DeValara, who crossed Canada on a fundraising tour during the Irish "troubles" in the early 1900's.  There's a lot of other political lore, but I won't bore readers with it at this time : )

Political "intuition" still guides me today when doing "geopolitical landscape painting".  Something that knocked me off my intuitional feet recently was the interview with Russian analyst Sergei Glaziev...posted earlier this month.  Even with the translational difficulties of watching a video interview given in Russian, I was struck with his point (as I took it anyway) that all wars are fought for the future, in his perspective, the technological future.  But I say it more broadly...all wars are fought for control of the future of that sense, it ties in with our animalistic drive to have our genes dominate into the future...basically the same reason that rams and elk ram their horns together in the fall rutting season...and just as inevitable, IMO.

That being the case, the world is readying itself for another human "rutting season"...with a war between "the west" and Russia, the two big "bulls of the words".  Here is Paul Craig Robert's view of the situation.

Glaziev said the war was about who would control the science of the future, nanotechnology...IMO, this part of the war has already begun in the form of chemtrails.  While I was on vacation in Russia earlier this summer, I was disappointed to see they have chemtrails crisscrossing the skys there as well.  Nanotechnology will fundamentally change humanity in ways that we currently cannot even predict.  I believe, like Glaziev says, the war is going to decide who gets to control that technology.

In the meantime, we are being distracted by all the bells and whistles of the old technology.  For instance, the mainstream media is busy with their role of creating the fog of war...preventing communication that might lead to peaceful negotiations and stirring up "fear and terror".  This is the kindling used to light the flames of war.  The West is determined that "peace will not break out by accident" and so is sabotaging Putin's peace initiatives in the Ukraine.  What worries "the West" more than anything is that they have met their match in Putin...he is well aware of the future stakes being held in the balance.   Sides are lining up...the peons are not allowed to switch sides, even if our "intuition" tells us what side has the most powerful horns.

"The Future", by Leonard Cohen

*re TIME magazine, I have not read that CIA asset propaganda mouthpiece in years.

** I only found out about the "deep state" reasons for the Nixon resignation decades after that...i.e., the E. Howard Hunt connection with the Kennedy assassination.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Scottish Referendum

Scottish Highlands

In 1986 my family and I toured the British Isles. I was expecting to be moved emotionally when we drove around Ireland…the land of my ancestors…and I was. In County Clare I was reduced to tears when I saw the fields… as far as the eye could see, bordered with waist high rock fences…put there by the starving Irish peasants, working for a penny a day. When I told the Irish I was of Irish ancestry, they would grab me by the shoulders, pull me close, look into my eyes and say “You’ve come back!” Such was their grief at the loss of millions of emigrants due to the potato famine.


What took me by complete surprise, however, was how moved I was by the somber Scottish Highlands….the lakes deep in the mountains. There is a majesty about them that has stayed with me. And I still remember standing knee deep in the purple heather of Culloden…the historic battlefield where the Scots lost to the British. You could almost hear the roar of battle, echoing in the wind.

The black Edinburgh Castle perched on the hill also echoed with Scottish lore…as told to us by the tour guide in his thick brogh. It was there where I learned the Scots have long memories… for treason (the Campbell clan) and losses of their culture…the royal Stone of Scone…which was removed to England (since returned I think).

Edinburgh Castle
I wish the Scottish well, whatever their decision. In the end, it is their will that should reign.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 11 Anniversary Post. Where is That One Honest Judge?!

NOTE:  I have updated my Arts and Crafts page.  I will put a note on here whenever that occurs.
I have also updated the previous post on the MH17 report released yesterday.


I was going to write something commemorating the biggest day of the year in the "Truther movement" myself...but after reading these two paragraphs by Les Visible in Visible Origami, I have decided to paste them here.  This says it all .....about what it has been like since 9/11 for those unfortunate 37% of us who.... "can handle the truth".


"...Tomorrow is the anniversary of Israel's attack on the USA, in conjunction with compromised and corrupt intelligence services. It was a true day of infamy and all of the terrible changes that have made life such a labor and a burden, instead of a joy, have come out of this event. In fact, the event was designed for this very purpose. For some reason, they haven't managed to create their desired police state, or their dream module, an American gulag similar to what they did in Russia when they killed tens of millions of Russian Christians. Then...typical of their relentless disinfo campaign upon those they consider lower life forms, they turned that truth around and into a loathsome charade about saving the poor Russian Jew. Until people wake up they are going to be the perpetual victims of this professional victim industry. I choose not to live in ignorance. I choose to accept the responsibility of knowing, when it is possible to know. I choose to bear the censure and blackballing of all my artistic efforts from every mainstream avenue in existence. The truth is, I have to live with myself. People can try their damnedest to hide the truth from themselves but the truth is not acquiescent in these things and it will activate your conscience as a devoted enemy of your peace of mind. Some may feel that enduring this is bearable given the return on their investment in the kingdom of lies. Some have murdered their conscience or never had one, which is one of the benefits of psychopathy but... lacking a reminder that 'the bridge is out' does not also repair the bridge ahead of your arrival. The bridge is still out.

I've come to terms with the possibility that my existence will be ridden hard and put away dead; that it could well simply continue as an exercise in perpetual strife all the way up to and through the door. Once you have come so far along the way, there is no other way; no other way you can come to comfortable terms with. Then again, the sun might just decide to break into my life in some enduring and beautiful way and never (seem to) turn its face from me again. I've heard that these things happen now and then. We'll see what happens when the next reel goes into the projector.

End Transmission......."


9/11 victim pleading for help...13 years later...she is still pleading...

There will be no justice on this planet until the victims of 9/11 have justice.  As I said on Kenny's sideshow this morning..."all the United States needs is one honest judge".  One Uncorrupted Judge that is ready, willing and able to listen to the evidence (that has already been neatly assembled on the Internet) and bring the perps to justice.  Will it happen in my lifetime?  If it does, I will die happy.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

MH17 Truth deep sixed in return for Ukraine Ceasefire?

UPDATE:  September 21, 2014: 

Breaking news regarding MH17. According to RT, the families of the German passengers killed in the shoot-down, are going to sue the Kiev government for manslaughter/negligence by allowing planes to fly through their airspace knowing it was a risk due to warfare. Additionally, the German fraud investigators are offering $30 million reward for information/evidence of who was responsible. 

UPDATE:  September 12, 2014 here is a report from where a German jet pilot says the MH17 report "is not worth the paper it is written on".  The more that comes out about the ceasefire and recent communications between Putin and Poroshenko, the more I believe I am correct in my assessment that Putin sacrificed MH17 truth for the greater good of peace in the Ukraine.  Particularly interesting is today's announcement that Kiev has 'delayed" implementation of its agreement with the EU.  Putin must have Poroshenko on a VERY short leash indeed.  Also, the Ukrainian Parliament is debating the forgiving of "war crimes" committed by military staff and "others".  Could the "others" be foreigners who were in the Air Traffic Control Tower and/or in the jets that shot down MH17?

UPDATE:  September 10, 2014  Two omissions from the MH17 preliminary report that give away the under-the-table agreement (which includes Russia) not to reveal who did it and why are:

1.  The complete absence from the report of any information about the two jets that were witnessed (on radar and by ground witnesses) stalking, and then shooting at the plane.  The identities of the pilots should have become public and interviewing them should have been job one of the investigation;

2.  The whereabouts of the ATC communications data.  Russia was demanding that this crucial evidence be submitted by Kiev and made public.  This would have revealed what was going on in the Tower at the time of the shoot down...who the "Kiev authorities and foreigners" were and who made the decisions.  Now there is nothing on this.

Putin was faced with a complicated moral dilemma.  Should he pursue the truth about MH17 and give peace of mind (if nothing else) to the relatives of the victims?  Or should he use the evidence about the shoot down as a tool/lever towards the better good....peace in the Ukraine.  In my opinion, he made the right decision.  Only time will tell.


I believe the MH17 report released this morning constitutes a term of the recent peace agreement forged by Putin and Poroshenko. I believe Putin had information/evidence directly implicating the Ukraine government in the shoot down which he traded for Poroshenko’s sign on to the peace agreement. This happened during a phone conversation between Putin and Poroshenko last week just before the Friday ceasefire. Interestingly, Putin called Poroshenko while flying over Siberia. He was also in the air on the phone during the actual shoot down. At that time, he was talking with Obama and Obama told him about the shoot down. I believe there is some significance to this…subliminal messages being sent by Putin to Obama. I now believe the shoot down was an assassination attempt on Putin that went wrong. Putin has evidence of that and is using it to blackmail Poroshenko/Obama into peace. Only evidence this powerful could have stopped the war in its tracks…that is why I am working backwards from the ceasefire to determine what kind of information could have led to this effect.

I think the agreement is that if the Ukraine ceasefire holds…the truth about MH17 will never come out…that’s the way realpolitik works

Saturday, September 6, 2014

FALSE FLAG ALERT - rated high for Sept 8 in Black Sea

UPDATE:  September 8, 2014:  "Operation Seabreeze" the blatant and dangerous provocation of Russia in the Black Sea has begun.  This report ends with the information that according to a treaty dating back to the 1930's, ships from foreign countries are not supposed to stay in the Black Sea for longer than 3 weeks...but NATO is flouting this treaty by rotating their ships.
The world watches in apprehension and disgust.



Please distribute this information as widely as possible.  Even if it doesn't pan could be because of all the "publicity".

Canadian frigate taking part in NATO Black Sea provocation.  Hope it's heavily insured.... : /

Large NATO/Ukraine naval drill planned for September 8, 2014 in the Black Sea right across from Sevastopol, the main Russian naval base in Crimea. If this isn't a textbook situation for a false flag (sink one of the boats and blame it on Russia) then I don't know what is...and, folks, Canada has a frigate in the fleet.

Oh, and sign the letter of support to President Putin and the People of Russia...from the rest of the world. 



Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Baghdadization of Ukraine

This is the lifestyle that the US-controlled NATO has brought to Ukraine.  As Putin remarked recently...everything that the US touches turns into Iraq or Libya.

Watch this video to see the Novorossian leaders describe the current status of the two Pro Russian provinces as they confront the Ukraine military.

You need to click on the link as YouTube will not allow the video to be uploaded on this blog.

Meanwhile, Putin and Russia continue to show amazing restraint.