Friday, August 29, 2014

Grand Chess Master provokes "Kennedy Solution" from Ex CIA agent

Grand Chess Master Putin

What took them so long to start talking about the "Kennedy solution"?
Ex CIA agent and former Reagan advisor Herbert E. Meyer has proposed that Putin be assassinated by his own Russian oligarchs.

"Herbert E. Meyer, who served as a Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence under the Reagan administration, said the goal of U.S. sanctions against Russia “should be to get the Russians who’ve been keeping Putin in power, or tolerating Putin in power, to throw that knockout punch.”
We all know the evil doers are basically one or two trick ponies...
Trick one:  divide and conquer
Trick two:  assassinate any opposition.
So it is no surprise this criminal proposal has been printed in a US think tank publication.  The only surprise is what took them so long to publicly state what they have no doubt been plotting for years.  Desperation, perchance?  Just today they again tightened sanctions against Russia.  It is time the alternate media started publicly discussing just what this sanctions strategy is...a long range assassination plot against Putin.
Meanwhile, Putin does intellectual circles in a wide arc around the blackhearts.  Here he is at a youth camp near Moscow (could Obama ever show up at an American youth camp...even were there such a thing?) ...fielding questions and dispersing memorable quotes to the gathering of Russian youth.  Here he is promising a second "humanitarian convoy" to eastern Ukraine.
Here he is again, proposing a "humanitarian corridor" through eastern Ukraine to allow the besieged Ukrainian military to pass through, give up their weapons and go home.  This is the kind of solution that in the past would have earned him a Nobel Prize...but we all know that the prize was destroyed...assassinated if you the blackheart moles on the selection committee who gave it to Obama. 
I have sadly and reluctantly reached the conclusion that the reason humanity has ended up in such dire straits is because the blackhearts keep killing off humanities' best leaders.

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