Friday, August 29, 2014

Breaking News: greencrow's option "None of the Above" pondered by Federal Liberal caucus


Greencrow proposed the "None of the Above" (NOTA) option to Minister for Democratic Reform Pierre Poilievre and MP James Moore back last February, 2014.  Neither of them bothered to respond to my e-mail....but it looks like the Liberals have accepted my suggestion for a change to the ballot.  The Liberals have, however, framed it as a "mandatory vote"...which I don't think will fly and is a totally unnecessary march down
the path to totalitarianism.

"...Allowing voters to choose none of the above or to spoil or decline their ballots would preserve electors' right to refuse to vote, Asselin argued. A $20 fine — Australia imposes such a penalty on those who fail to cast ballots without good reasons — would be largely symbolic and rarely applied, he said.
"I think most people would accept and think it's a good thing, as a civic duty, to be obliged to vote."
Should Liberals officially adopt the idea, they would no doubt be denounced by the governing Conservatives, who abolished the mandatory long-form census on the grounds that Canadians should not be forced, under threat of jail time, to divulge private information to a government agency."



kenny said...

I've voted 'none of the above' as a write in many times. I will again this Nov.

greencrow said...

Thanks Kenny....I also have voted "none of the above" in the last two Canadian federal election and wrote on my ballot "investigate 9/11". What I propose is that these ballots be counted....and if their numbers are in excess of the actual votes...then the election is null and void.

kenny said...

There has been a Tennessee "None of the Above" site for several years now. It gains no traction even though a majority of who you may ask would be for it. The controlled two party system would fight it to the death. Election officials are against it saying the expense of having new elections every time NOTA wins would be prohibitive. I think it would be worth it if the electronic results could be proven accurate.