Saturday, July 19, 2014

Obama and Putin on phone when MH17 was hit

Dr.  Strangelove:  American and Russian Presidents in phone conversation
According to this report Putin had called Obama and they were in the middle of a phone conversation when Malaysian flight MH17 flying over Eastern Ukraine,was hit by some projectile, killing all on board (298 passengers plus crew).  According to other sources...there is a theory that MH17 was mistaken for Putin's plane, which at that very moment was flying him back to Russia from his official visit to countries in Latin American.  Both planes were in close proximity.  Now, wouldn't that have been an event of bizarre proportions...even leaving Stanley Kubrick's 60's black comedy, Dr. Strangelove, (above) in the dust...if Putin had been killed while talking with Obama on the phone.
I am following this event closely and if my reader(s) want to see the back and forth discussion I am having with the Russophobes, megaphonies and shills...go to news and look for the latest story with comments on this topic.  Both sides and their supporters are accusing each other of downing the jet.  It's been a timely distraction to Israel's latest ground assault on the indigenous people of Gaza.
It is very early days in the investigation of this latest false flag...atrocity...but some directions I'm leaning are that it was Ukrainian military jets air to air missiles that took out MH17 rather than the BUK surface to air missile that has been speculated about.  Witnesses say the bodies look like they have been dead for some time.  Shades of missing MH370!  Also, of course, there HAD to be a US drill going on at the same time.
As for an assassination attempt on Putin, I would not rule that out.  I would not put that past the perps.  He is the only one standing in the way of their evil schemes.  The date of the attack on MH17 is significant.  July 17, 2014 is the anniversary of the assassination of Tsar Nicholas II and his entire family by the Bolsheviks, which occurred on July 17, 1918.  This subliminal warning cannot be lost on the Russians who are hyper aware of their history.
Oh, the answer to the Quiz in the last post is:  Moscow!  I spent three days there recently and loved the place.  The photo was taken on the hill overlooking the city.  Every evening, hundreds of motorcyclists gather, admire each other bikes, chat and wait for the sun to go down.  When it is dark (and the police are forbidden to chase them) they race around the city in groups.  Now, I ask you, would any city in North America allow such freedom?

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