Friday, July 25, 2014

Psychopaths and Sycophants--the perfect storm

Gazan Child Scarred for life - caught in violence caused by
 Psychopaths and Sycophants--the perfect storm
Why is the child in the photo above a "captive of psychosis"?
Read this analysis first published on Global Research to find out why:

Beyond Propaganda: Discourse of War and Doublethink. “When the Lie Becomes the Truth”

The media are lying to us, but at the same time, they show us that they are lying. It is no longer a matter of changing our perception of facts in order to get our support, but to lock us in the spectacle of the omnipotence of power. Showing the annihilation of reason is based on images that serve to replace facts. Information no longer focuses on the ability to perceive and represent a thing, but the need to experience it, or rather to experience oneself through it.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Malaysia: A Window of Opportunity to find out about MH370

BBC report deleted off the BBC website 
UPDATE:  August 17, 2014....Still waiting for Kiev and Malaysia to step up to the plate with what they have learned so far in their "investigations" into the MH17 shoot-down.  In the meantime, I want to add the above video to my post because it is proof that the USA/NATO is lying about the cause of the shoot down.  The longer this goes on the more I begin to wonder about Malaysia...why it is not pressing the other countries for answers to this disaster and MH370.  It is as if they are being blackmailed into silence.
Here is another video, just in, that links the MH17 shoot down and the recent "Ebola epidemic" media hype:
For some reason I am unable to you need to cut and paste the URL.
UPDATE:  August 1, 2014...We're still waiting for Kiev to release the Air Traffic Control Communications data on MH17...but, while we're waiting, I have this update:

9/11 author and investigator Christopher Bollyn is the sleuth who tracked down the MH370 double Boeing 777 that was located in a hangar in Tel Aviv after MH370 plane went missing. So, with that in mind I again visited his website today to see what he had for MH17. Sure enough, he has something and it is very intriguing here is a sample:

“There is a great deal of mystery about what caused the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 to come down in eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014. One of the mysteries is why an Israeli named Yaron Mofaz took a photo of the plane before it left the airport in Amsterdam and then sold the photo to Reuters who published it shortly after the plane went down.

To confirm that Yaron Mofaz was indeed the name of the photographer, I called Reuters in Amsterdam and London. Peter Biggs in the London office confirmed that Yaron Mofaz was indeed the real name of the photographer.
“….Because I knew the answer beforehand, I then asked Yossi Mofaz if his company, Pentagon 2000, had done business with Aviv Tzur and Avborne Heavy Maintenance, Inc. in south Florida. He confirmed that they did work together so I then asked if they also did business with GA Telesis, another company headed by Aviv Tzur. Yossi Mofaz confirmed that they did work with GA Telesis, which was the key confirmation I needed.

The fact that the Mofaz company works with GA Telesis is important because this is the aircraft disassembly company that owned a twin of the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared in March 2014. The GA Telesis twin Boeing 777 was a former Malaysia Airlines aircraft that the company sent to Israel in November 2013 although they had previously said that the aircraft would be disassembled in the United States…”.

So folks, as they say, “the plot thickens”…as we continue to wait for the MH17 ATC communications data to be released.

USA evidence on MH17
The Western media circus/kangaroo court trial of Putin and Russia proceeds apace.  The frenzy has practically destroyed journalism as we remembered it.  There are only a few Americans standing up speaking truth to power.  One important one is Ron Paul.  His recent statements certainly made a few heads swivel.  The White House is an embarrassment for the US Intelligence Community (not that I have any sympathy for the CIA)  The dingbat White House spokeswoman said the US was relying on "social media and 'common sense' for the US official assessment that Russia was responsible.  Meanwhile, Russia has put all its military/intelligence information on the table for everyone to see.  The contrast is breathtaking!

Here is my suggestion to the Malaysian government. They should bundle both the MH17 and MH370 investigations into one. That way, they can have the same team of experts look at both disasters and come up with probable causes. The truly international team of investigators will have the right of subpoena and can subpoena all documents from Kiev, Russia, Thailand, China and The United States.   They should also have the ability to cross-examine witnesses.  The hearings should be public.

MH370 was never investigated and, IMO, this could be the Last opportunity to do justice to the victims of that disaster. Even the prospect of this kind of investigation would strike terror into the hearts of those responsible for MH370. It would also give comfort to the families of the victims of both atrocities. It does not seem fair to investigate one disaster, but not the other.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Obama and Putin on phone when MH17 was hit

Dr.  Strangelove:  American and Russian Presidents in phone conversation
According to this report Putin had called Obama and they were in the middle of a phone conversation when Malaysian flight MH17 flying over Eastern Ukraine,was hit by some projectile, killing all on board (298 passengers plus crew).  According to other sources...there is a theory that MH17 was mistaken for Putin's plane, which at that very moment was flying him back to Russia from his official visit to countries in Latin American.  Both planes were in close proximity.  Now, wouldn't that have been an event of bizarre proportions...even leaving Stanley Kubrick's 60's black comedy, Dr. Strangelove, (above) in the dust...if Putin had been killed while talking with Obama on the phone.
I am following this event closely and if my reader(s) want to see the back and forth discussion I am having with the Russophobes, megaphonies and shills...go to news and look for the latest story with comments on this topic.  Both sides and their supporters are accusing each other of downing the jet.  It's been a timely distraction to Israel's latest ground assault on the indigenous people of Gaza.
It is very early days in the investigation of this latest false flag...atrocity...but some directions I'm leaning are that it was Ukrainian military jets air to air missiles that took out MH17 rather than the BUK surface to air missile that has been speculated about.  Witnesses say the bodies look like they have been dead for some time.  Shades of missing MH370!  Also, of course, there HAD to be a US drill going on at the same time.
As for an assassination attempt on Putin, I would not rule that out.  I would not put that past the perps.  He is the only one standing in the way of their evil schemes.  The date of the attack on MH17 is significant.  July 17, 2014 is the anniversary of the assassination of Tsar Nicholas II and his entire family by the Bolsheviks, which occurred on July 17, 1918.  This subliminal warning cannot be lost on the Russians who are hyper aware of their history.
Oh, the answer to the Quiz in the last post is:  Moscow!  I spent three days there recently and loved the place.  The photo was taken on the hill overlooking the city.  Every evening, hundreds of motorcyclists gather, admire each other bikes, chat and wait for the sun to go down.  When it is dark (and the police are forbidden to chase them) they race around the city in groups.  Now, I ask you, would any city in North America allow such freedom?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Quiz: What City Was This Picture Taken In?

Bikers getting ready to Rumble
Answer will be given in next post.