Friday, January 10, 2014

UPDATE - Greencrow writes to Elections Canada

(Leaders of All Canadian Political Parties pose for Group Photo prior to 2011 Federal Election )

Canadian Political Collusion causes Greencrow to write Elections Canada asking for amended Ballot* in Next Federal Election

This is the information I placed on an official complaint form and sent to Elections Canada today (January 10, 2014).

I would like to complain about the lack of choice in the last federal election in Canada held in 2011.  Even though polls consistently showed that most Canadians were opposed to the War on Afghanistan, all the political parties appeared to collude to exclude that issue from the election they were all pro war.  Consequently, I again had to spoil my ballot (as I did in the previous election) because I oppose the war...particularly as it is based on the lies of 9/11.

It looks as though I may have to spoil my ballot in the next election unless all the Canadian soldiers have left Afghanistan and there is some movement by the Canadian government to apologize and make reparations to the people of the sovereign nation of Afghanistan for the illegal invasion.

Even more significantly, this situation has taught me that the Canadian Federal Election Ballot needs to be adjusted so that it does not disenfranchise those who are opposed to the whole slate of candidates or their party platform(s).

I hereby officially request that another option be added to the list of candidates...that being "None of the above" and/or a place to write in another candidate not listed--or at least a reason for invalidating my ballot.  I would like this option placed on the ballot in the next election.  I also request that the results of this option be tabulated and published just like the other results.   Otherwise, if this request is not granted... I would like to know how I can make an official complaint about being disenfranchised in the Canadian elections, as they are currently formulated.

Please respond to this request at your earliest convenience, either by return e-mail or by a telephone call.  I would be happy to elaborate on my suggestion to amend the ballot to enfranchise those Canadians who object to collusion on the part of all the parties.
Yours truly,

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