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UPDATED: JFK Assassination 50th Anniversary - The "What If's?" and the "What Now's?"

UDATED:  July 24, 2015 Here is a recent blog report about the kingpin of the JFK assassination, James Jesus Angleton.

This is the last post of a four part series focusing on the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.  I've had a long time to think about what happened to John F. Kennedy--fifty years.  During that time, I've evolved through all the stages of grief, I think.  All the stages except acceptance.  I don't think it is healthy to accept that a man was murdered and another man was framed for it..and there was no justice for the survivors in either case.  I don't think that's healthy for an individual or (especially) for a nation.  Here is a link to the main perpetrator of Kennedy's assassination.

So I may never reach closure for the Kennedy assassination.  In fact, piled on top of all the hideous crimes that have followed in the US...the Vietnam War, the assassinations of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Jr. and lastly, 9/11....all, in my opinion, done by the same cabal.  No, I will not be having closure soon.

There has been some respite to the grief, however:  the at times dangerous, hard, relentless research done by the thousands of private investigators into all the above crimes is an assurance that, as Martin Luther King Jr. said:  “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.  I have included many links to these researchers in these posts.

What would our world be like if John F. Kennedy had not been assassinated?  It is difficult to say.  Knowing his upbringing as intimately as I do...having been brought up in a very similar fashion, by a very similar mother, I can suggest that JFK would have become more and more determined to seek out moral values as the remedies to the world's woe's.  If he had survived, the US may have devoted it's wealth towards the environment--instead of napalm in the forests of Vietnam.  We would not have "Gone to the Moon", I don't believe in that farce But we may have found solutions to the energy needs of the world--like solar power--that would have avoided environmental degradation and wars.

Israel would not have got the bomb (leading to endless ME wars) and the Federal Reserve would not have bankrupted the US.  The youth of the US would not have become cannon fodder in perpetual wars for the globalists.  So many little time...just 1000 days... was all JFK had as president...yet his defining legacy is that he identified and "named" most, if not all, the ills that have beset the US for decades since.  All I can say is....the world would have been a VERY different place if Kennedy had not been murdered than it is today...and, I believe, for the better.

Why does it still matter?  Because the cabal that killed Kennedy is still doing their evil on this planet...and until we solve the murder of November 22, 1963 and all the other assassinations...and 9/11...these beasts will still have their fangs sunk deeply into the jugular of humanity.  Enough, I say.  Enough!!!


JFK and JFK Jr.  Both assassinated by the same cabal of murderers 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

JFK and Women

JFK and his family the night of his election to the Presidency

In the years since the coup d'etat that followed the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the Mainstream Media (M$M) has deluged the citizenry with propaganda designed to destroy the public perception of the man.  This propaganda started off slowly but then reached a crescendo in 1997 with the publication of the Seymour Hersh "take down" book called "The Dark Side of Camelot".  As is shown in the "book review' in the previous link, "The Dark Side of Camelot" was a stinking array of lies, disinformation, half truths and exaggerations accusing JFK of every sin in the bible.  It made out his White House Years to be comparable with the Roman court of Caligula.  The media campaign was based on the premise..."if you throw enough shit at a wall, some of it is bound to stick".  The population was left in a sad state... not knowing what to believe...their own memories of the man when he was alive?  Or the relentless, disgusting exposes... years after his death (and the deaths of many of extended family) when he could not defend himself.

In rebuttal to this propaganda, all I can offer is my own personal recollections.  I was 16 years old at the time of the assassination.  In the five or so years previous, like everyone else in western society, I had followed the meteoric rise of the Kennedy clan...because that's what it was.  Kennedy was but the shining star in a familial constellation.  He was the oldest surviving son in a large, wealthy and successful Irish Catholic American family.  His persona was inextricably melded to what was then a unique profile for a national politician.   One of the famous descriptions of him was as "the first Irish American Catholic President" (and, significantly, the last). It was only after his death that his image was "cut away" from the Kennedy clan, and Irish Catholic heritage and re-fashioned in the form of a cold-hearted politician--who used his power to gratify his insatiable needs as a profligate womanizer.

Here are my memories of him.  In the early 1960's, my own family was also a large, Irish Catholic family.  I knew John Kennedy's roots.  I knew what his mother, Rose Kennedy, was made of and how she had mothered him...because my own mother was very similar to Rose Kennedy in values and lifestyle.  I knew he had been dragged along to church every Sunday, never ate meat on Fridays, and said the Rosary frequently.  I knew these habits and traditions had formed him, like they had formed me.  I felt close to Kennedy and his family, as did all the members of my family.  We talked about their family around our dinner table...comparing the various members of his siblings to ourselves.  We had our own "shining star", a handsome, brilliant brother who went on to become a successful lawyer.

Thus, I know what John Kennedy was looking for in women.  He was looking for the values that had been drilled into him by his mother and exemplified by his sisters.  Kennedy, as a young single man, was attracted to intelligent, well educated, refined women who had the potential to be good wives and mothers.  Jacqueline Kennedy was the quintessential example of such a woman...Vassar educated, knowledgeable in the fine arts, and speaking several languages.

During World War II, Kennedy was a PT boat pilot in the south Pacific (during which war his elder brother Joseph was killed).  JFK was wounded during a heroic incident where he saved the life of one of his fellow sailors.  As a result of this incident, he suffered a serious injury to his back.  Kennedy was in constant back pain for the rest of his life.  He was forced to wear a back brace and had to sit in a special rocking chair.  Not much time or inclination for profligate behaviour.  Kennedy had attended Harvard Law School and excelled...probably not much motivation for profligate behaviour then either.

Immediately after the war, Kennedy began his political career as a congressman and then as a Senator. Throughout his public life after marriage to Jackie, Kennedy lived much of the time in a compound in Hyannisport with his young family.  He was under the constant scrutiny of his parents and his siblings thoughout his entire life...not much time or opportunity to seek dalliances.  Always in the public eye and ever watchful that he did not break any moral taboos, Kennedy presented publically as being cautious, conservative, self-controlled and self-disciplined with a good sense of humour and a diffident, self-effacing manner.  There was never a hint about womanizing behaviour associated with Kennedy during his public life.  The rumours only started after his death!

Like most people, for many decades, after the media character assassination campaign started, I didn't know what to believe, but had accepted that "they wouldn't print it if it wasn't true".  Now, with the 20/20 hindsight gleaned from decades of other media character assassination campaigns--and lies about events such as The Gulf of Tonkin Incident, The USS Liberty, the Lavon Affair, and, particularly 9/11, I see that most of what the zionist-controlled mainstream media says is packed with lies to suit the military industrial, corporatist, globalist, ziofascist  agenda.  Destroying, posthumously, the reputation of the only president who stood up to this cabal makes perfect sense to me now.

Let's look at the probability of JFK being a womanizer.  There was no evidence from his family...who would have been the first to nip that behaviour in the bud (particularly his highly religious mother Rose).  Jacqueline never breathed a word about it during her life.  Their marriage was difficult at times (they lost two children at birth) and he had to be absent from the home a lot, leaving her with two small children and and invasive in-laws.  Jackie craved more privacy and independence.  She was often uncomfortable living in the Hyannisport  compound with its fishbowl atmosphere.  I knew that Jackie did NOT like to play touch football like the rest of the Kennedys.  Yet Kennedy seemed immensely proud of Jackie and her independent public image.  When they travelled to Europe, he introduced himself to a press conference as "I am the man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris...and I have enjoyed it."  I believe they were in love till the end.

More to the point, who was Jack Kennedy?  He was an intellectual...not a craven hedonist.  His charm was based on the fact that he was an elegant, graceful man who did not flaunt his wealth or good looks.  Yes, he was a rock star--before there were "rock stars".  I'm sure women threw themselves at him, and then likely lied about their success in bedding him.  I'm sure his enemies tried to tempt him with "honeypots" (beautiful and available women who they then could blackmail him with).  Yet, even so, there was never a whisper of this kind of behaviour until AFTER his death.  Interestingly, several of the women he is supposed to have had reckless relationships with were Jewish.  Interesting, considering his strict Catholic upbringing.

One piece of excrement that stuck to the wall more than most of the lies--was the idea that Kennedy carried on a semi-public affair with movie actress Marilyn Monroe during the last years of his life--while he was president--and even shared her favours with his brother Robert.  This I have come to believe is most likely a heinous lie.  Kennedy and Monroe lived on opposite sides of the continent and both were constantly in the public eye for the last years of their lives.  She had relationships, and these were followed assiduously by the "movie magazines".  Like many teenagers, I read the magazines regularly in those days, so I knew that Marilyn wasn't doing very well.  She had had several  mental breakdowns and was forced to withdraw from her last movie...In photographs, she looked haggard and old beyond her years...hardly an attractive morsel for a man who was running the western world--and had recently saved it from a nuclear holocaust during the Cuban missile crisis!

One iconic public appearance that included both Kennedy and Monroe was during his visit to California after he became president.  His birthday occurred during the trip and he was attending a public celebration that included many Hollywood celebrities.  It was hosted by Frank Sinatra, as I recall.  As the high point of the evening, Marilyn came on stage and sang "Happy Birthday" to the president.  She was wearing a skin tight and virtually see-through evening gown.  My mother, who was watching TV with us, audibly "tisk tisked" in disgust at Monroe's provocative/inappropriate attire.  I am sure that Rose Kennedy would have gasped too.  I remember being particularly interested in president Kennedy's reaction.  Would he gasp?  Would he look at her knowingly and lasciviously?  Would he get up on the stage with her at his side?

No.  When the cameras zoomed in on Kennedy's reaction for all the world to see...he looked embarrassed and bemused.  He looked uncomfortable... like he wished he was somewhere else...but felt he had to get through the ordeal because, after all, "this was Hollywood".  But he responded with his usual forbearance and grace.  I think his reaction says it all.

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JFK Assassination 50th Anniversary - Greencrow e-mails professional media liars

John F. Kennedy

In this week of the 50th Anniversary of the JFK assassination, the zionist controlled mainstream media is being inundated with “op eds’ by the “usual suspects” (media puppets) who have yet again been tasked with character assassinating JFK.  They're also attempting to debunk the five decades worth of painstaking research into the assassination done by thousands of independent researchers, in an effort to perpetuate the threadbare and long discredited official myth of a “lone nut assassin.  It's so sickening to watch and read.  So much so, that I can’t stand idly by, and have sent e-mails to the authors of two such pieces of drivel (copied below).  I didn’t bother sending a “letter to the editor” of the mainstream media newspapers--it would never be published.  I get more satisfaction, frankly, e-mailing the author’s directly--and causing them a few moments of unsettling ponderation.... as they realize that someone, at least, is onto their diabolical  lies.

Here are my e-mails:

November 17, 2013

If Oswald was just a lone nut assassin....why was a file discovered years later that had been opened by CIA director James Jesus Angleton a few months before the assassination?

The CIA maintains to this day that it had no relationship with Oswald.  But in fact the  CIA had opened a file on him:

...a file some researchers have called “the smoking file” that was kept secret from the Warren Commission and, even today, is heavily redacted.

One of the questions now being tackled by the thousands of independent researchers who have, over the previous five decades, unraveled most of the cover-up surrounding the assassination of JFK-- is the role of the mainstream media in perpetuating the lies and cover-up.  The lies have to end, Mr. Marsden.


November 17, 2013

In your recent Op Ed, you had a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the efforts to shed light on this infamous unsolved murder of an innocent man.  In fact, on all the many murders that have been predicated on continuing the cover-up of this one unsolved murder.  Instead, in your op ed you do not even have the grace to acknowledge the astounding Senator Frank Church congressional committee finding in 1978 that more than one person fired the shots that murdered this man.  In the past five decades, in the gaping vacuum left by the so called law enforcement agencies, countless private investigators and researchers have painstakingly pieced together what happened that day.  Fifty years later, thanks to their hard work...we now know who did it--and who covered it up.

The nightmare is almost thanks to the mainstream media, such as yourself, who to this day, rather than seek the truth, can only tear off the scab and rub salt into the wound with your drivel about "ambiguous legacy" if Kennedy CHOSE to cut his career short before he could accomplish his goals.  The days of snide inuendos and oblique character assassinations are over, Mr. Potter.  The legacy of John F. Kennedy is unambiguous and crystal clear.  He was the last president of the United States who did not have to continue the sick cover-up of a coup d'etat.  He died trying to end the build up of arms in Vietnam--the first phase of what ended up becoming a "perpetual war"; trying to end the Federal Reserve...which has further wrecked the American Economy; and trying to prevent Israel from getting the bomb...which event continues to lead to untold misery in the Middle East.

His legacy is a clear and shining beacon for future generations to his short days in office, JFK identified and named all the evils which have since led the United States to the brink of military, economic and moral ruin.  The thousands of researchers into the abomination of his death are yet another legacy of his life.  It is only by cleansing the United States of the evil stench of his murder that it can be salvaged as a force for good on this planet.

Here are some JFK links that might guide you towards a more considered use of your journalistic skills:

Here is a link to Canadian independent news blogger James Corbett's website.


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JFK Assassination 50th Anniversary Tribute

This week I hope to publish several posts commemorating the 50th anniversary of the death of John F. Kennedy.

I will start with this song, written and recorded  in the late 60's by Dion:  "Abraham, Martin and John".

the first photo of JFK shown in the video was taken on November 22, 1963, just hours before he was assassinated in a coup d'etat that has reverberated down through the succeeding five decades.

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Stuxnet computer virus affects Russian nuclear plants

Pure Evil

Hi Folks:

I've not been posting recently due to trying to get my litter of purebred Papillon Pups adopted.  Only two lovely little male puppies left.

I could not resist posting these links about the Stuxnet Computer virus affecting Russian nuclear plants, however.  To me, Stuxnet is the belly of the evil beast.  It shows that these entities (the virus creators) are not even human....they have no need for a healthy earth as a planet.  They are obviously from somewhere else.  To me, THEY are a cancer virus on this earth that needs to be eradicated!

And soon. 


Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Photo of Papillon Pups at 9 weeks

Clockwise from top:  Angel, H.B. and Pi. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Someone was a Ballerina for Hallowe'en!

Little Angel was a Ballerina this Hallowe'en!
I could not resist dressing little 8 week old Papillon pup Angel in an old Hallowe'en ballerina costume I made for my Yorkie many years ago.  She was in it only for a few moments.  I could not find the little pink crown that went with it.  Drat!