Thursday, October 3, 2013

Puppies in the News

Greencrow's puppies (well, actually, Daisy and Max are the parents : ) are one month old now.  Time for their close-ups.  As you can see...they are truly adorable.  Each unique in their own way with personalities plus!

First Born Male "HB" (for Handsome Boy)
Second born Male"Pi"
Third born Female "Angel"
Last born Male "Bear"
It's a real emotional boost to see how Daisy (and even Max) are such devoted parents.  Dad Max checks in on the nursery daily--stands and watches the puppies for moments at a time.  Occasionally one of them comes over and they gently "touch noses".   Daisy, of course, continues to be an excellent and inspirational mother.  Guarding her puppies fiercely...yet wisely letting them explore and playfight.  This doggy family is teaching me a lot about the natural force of the parenting instinct.  Humans could learn a lot!

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