Monday, October 28, 2013

Papillon Puppies

Papillon Puppies at eight weeks

Hi folks:

Here are my four papillon puppies...three males and a female.  They just went to the vet today, October 28, 2013, and had their first vaccinations.  They also had a check up and all were pronounced "very healthy".  They also had their deworming med.  

Their parents, Daisy and Max are both registered purebred Papillons.  Daisy is from Arizona and Max is from Oklahoma...but they are both "Canadian citizen dogs" now!  Daisy and Max were excellent parents to this litter and all puppies were "hand raised" and are socialized to join their new human families.



Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Breaking News: Fu*kUshima....time to declare a planetary emergency!

UPDATE:  June 2, 2014:  This video gives some idea of the amount of cover-up going on in Japan over Fukushima:
UPDATE:  November 6, 2013  Canadian Scientist David Suzuki has said that if there's another earthquake affecting the Fukushima Nuclear plant, Japan could be decimated and the west coast of North America would have to be evacuated.  If that's not a planetary emergency, then I don't know what is.  According to the BBC, a risky procedure of moving the fuel rods is set to take place.

Humanity has gone insane....when everyone is mesmerized by the slow-motion financial implosion of a long doomed profligate war monger....and allow our eyes to be diverted from a planet-threatening catastrophe barrelling at us from the other side of the world.

What the heck is going on here!?

Fellow earthlings....We need to declare a planetary emergencyStop EVERYTHING....and come up with a strategy to fix Fu*kUshima!  Who is going to provide leadership here?

If this is not done soon, it will confirm my worst suspicions....this was an event preplanned by entities... the monstrous nature of which... we cannot even begin to imagine.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Week in Review: Ghouls pass over Putin...Give Nobel Peace Prize to No Names

"Paradise Lost", by John Milton

 “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..”

Hallowe'en is the favourite holiday of the year for certain kinds of people.  Around these parts, you can feel it in the air.  Fall leaves swish about in the driveway and some neighbours already have scary displays, tombstones, ghosts and devils on their front lawns and on their doorsteps.

Certain people like Hallowe'en because it celebrates the darker side of human culture and they revel in the darker side.  I like to give the darker side its due...a simple nod of the head.   Hallowe'en used to be called 'The Feast of All Saints".  Even when I was growing up, we were told this was the day dedicated to all the saints of the Catholic Church.   Nowadays, there is a very short leap between Hallowe'en and Satanism.  In today's culture, Hallowe'en is all about morbidity, monsters and the devil...and overindulging in sweets.

"Satanism" is another word used by some truther pundits to describe the modus operendi of the evil ones--perpetrators of the false flags (911), hoaxes, wars, greed, banksterism, cultural degradation, environmental disasters, GMO's, toxic vaccinations, mass surveillance and debt slavery that has taken over humanity.  I agree.  Satanism is a more accurate term than the expression "Ziofascism"...which I often use.  Ziofascism raises the spectre of racism...or Gawd forbid...anti Semitism.  Satanism more correctly describes the dark powers at work...without the cultural/race baggage.  Of course, if I started to refer to Satanism to describe the politicians in Washington/Ottawa/Tel Aviv/London and elsewhere...that might also lead to some confusion...whatever.

It all reminds me of the poetic masterpiece "Paridise Lost" by John Milton.  That, too, described an epic battle between the angelic forces of good and evil...God and "Lucifer" (Satan). 

“Better to reign in Hell, than to serve in Heaven.”
John Milton, Paradise Lost

Gawd, I wish I had paid more attention when we were covering it in English Lit!  The poem came back to me a few weeks ago when US Senator Cruz was reading Dr. Suess's "Green Eggs and Ham" in the Senate as part of a filibuster...I thought to myself how much more symbolic/instructional it would have been for him to be reading "Paradise Lost".

At any rate, the Satanists were busy last week.  They passed over Vladimir Putin, the obvious choice for the now thoroughly discredited "Nobel Peace Prize" and gave the award to some 'no names' running the "chicken with its head cut off" search for chemical weapons in Syria.  I am sure the Satanists were preening themselves with glee when they hit upon such a sinister, backhanded slap at punishment for denying them their war.

They also started their anticipated character assassinations of Edward Snowden and all those associated with him.  "The Independent" came out with an editorial claiming Mr. Snowden's revelations put "security at risk".....Glen Greenwald retorted that these entities could no longer call themselves "journalists"  so craven was their subservience to government.  In another era there was supposed to be a separation, a creative tension, in the relationship between the press and government.  That has gone by the by.

At the centre ring of this macabre three ring circus is the financial "Sword of Damocles" hanging over the United States...ready to drop on October 17th with the "debt ceiling" deadline

“Still paying, still to owe.
Eternal woe! ”
John Milton

It's difficult for a non American to understand how a country could have arrived at this point.   Iran's Press TV and Russia's RT are my favourite sources for information... because they don't have the usual Washington shills and talking heads.  The best explanation is one I saw by blogger Wayne Madsen.   I also watched a TV debate yesterday on Press TV between two of them said it was Ziofascism behind the wars and banksterism...the other vehemently denied that....saying it was all due to 'dirty money" running Washington...but he never elaborated and was not asked...why was the money "dirty"? Who put the "dirty money" into the system? With this kind of fractured doesn't look good, that's for sure.

I do remember learning that author John Milton was blind.  Yet he wrote a poem so visual, so timeless and universal.  One is struck with wonder at the how a young man (Edward Snowden)... raised in the vapid, corrupt culture of contemporary America, had the moral clarity/courage to do what he did...

“Thou canst not touch the freedom of my mind.”
John Milton, Comus

...and to survive!  Or, that a man like Vladimir Putin...raised in the cold, cynical culture of the KGB, a pragmatist who should have been blinded to human empathy.. literally saved Snowden's life...AND deterred the World from World War III... within the space of a month!  Never mind losing a Nobel Peace Prize!

“I will not deny but that the best apology against false accusers is silence and sufferance, and honest deeds set against dishonest words.”
John Milton

What we have been witnessing in the last weeks and will continue to witness in the coming days is the potential climax to a titanic battle in the never ending war between good and it ever was and ever will be.

“So shall the world go on,
To good malignant, to bad men benign,
Under her own weight groaning.”
John Milton, Paradise Lost


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Five Eyes Wide Shut in the Land of the Blind

Audrey Tobias wins case against "Census Canada"

Looks like the proverbial stinky stuff has hit the fan for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper this week.

First he gets in trouble over the Brazil Spying caper.  This story seems to have "legs", including an exclusive report in the CBC about a newly built grandious spyquarters in Ottawa costing the taxpayer $880 million.  Then Audrey Tobias wins her case in court re refusal to fill out her Lochheed Martin-destined Canadian Census form.  I haven't spent much time reading Canadian news sources in quite a while.  Typically, I avoid Canadian news out of sheer boredom.  Like CBC sitcoms and CTV action series...the writing is terrible.

The reason these two news items caught my attention is because they both point to the same glaring truth--Canada is no longer a sovereign country.  It is a craven vassal of the Zionist Occupied Government of the United States...which itself is a vassal of the Internationally-based Rothchild Ziofascists.  Canada used to be a colony of the United Kingdom...those were the "good" years.  Heck, during the second world war, Canada had the largest merchant marine in the world.  Canadians believed we were headed towards becoming a super power, like Russia and China.  But, it was never to be.  Apparently, during the armistice discussions between Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, Canada was "given" to the United States....perhaps as a reward for coming into the war...who knows?  Certainly not Canadians.  It's been downhill ever since.  Gone...was our merchant marine...Gone was our Avro Arrow jet plane industry...ditto all our other technologically advanced industries.  Canada is relegated back to being a "hewer of wood and drawer of water" for the US.  An American forumist once told me "Canada is just America's backyard that hasn't been landscaped yet."  

For a few decades...Canada was allowed the pretense of sovereignty...we opposed the Vietnam War, for instance and developed a few trappings-- like our flag and Charter of Rights.   In the meantime, like a slow-growing tumour....ziofascism took over the United States and, from there, spread to Canada.  The US became the military arm of globalist ziofascist aggression...with the same degree of popularity.  Canada became a lapdog to the US.  All our governmental institutions and mainstream media are American parrot/puppets.  I stopped watching TV or reading newspapers years ago.

The only glimmer of light on this otherwise dreary horizon is the impending financial default of the US.  The reason I am positive is because such a calamity will finally capture the somnolent attention of the American public.  As they say..."When it hits you in the pocket book, you have to take note!"  October 17, 2013 is supposed to be a big day...either the US will go bankrupt or the President will order the printing presses to print still more fiat money.  Of course, in the past few years, Canadian Banks have become enmeshed with the disastrous banking system in the US. So Canada will likely go down the financial swirly with the US.

The nightmarish globalist ziofascist bus ride we've all been taken on for the past few decades will finally end.  How?  No one can predict...but nothing could be worse than this cliff ride to hell we've all been on.  Perhaps....just perhaps...North Americans will rise up--with the courage of an Audrey Tobias--and we'll see justice...for the millions of direct and indirect victims of 9/11 and all the other ZOG atrocities and hoaxes.   I would love to see some perps brought to might even be worth having my bank lock its doors and my account wiped out.


Friday, October 4, 2013

Propaganda - the movie

This movie "Propaganda" has won some awards.  It presents itself as a North Korean documentary about western propaganda.  In fact, it was made by an Australian filmmaker... who wanted to look at western propaganda through the lense of an "outsider", and chose North Korea for that purpose.

While at times this movie is hard to watch (like staring into the sun) it does force the viewer to re-examine many of the propaganda myths of our society.  The film maker has said the message to the viewer is "question everything".  While this is also greencrow's philosophy, it can become become a bit tiring having to constantly question everything.  Sometimes you just want to have a little bit of old-fashioned "faith". 

In this post Internet society, we have become used to the "Big Shock" of finding out that everything is a lie. 9/11 is the penultimate example, but there are many, many more.  Nowadays, we yearn for the time when we could believe what people in positions of power told us.  Or, at least, when lies were told the liars would be identified and punished....through effective oversight and justice.

I think society is very ripe and vulnerable to having someone come along (like Vladimir Putin did a few weeks ago) and tell the truth...i.e., what everyone else is thinking.  I think if someone in a position of power came along and did that consistently, humanity would be like putty in his/her hands.  Kinda scary.

I do recommend this video...but viewers should be aware that even this film is not what it claims to be (a North Korean view of western propaganda)...but isn't that, after all, the message?  (Question everything).


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Puppies in the News

Greencrow's puppies (well, actually, Daisy and Max are the parents : ) are one month old now.  Time for their close-ups.  As you can see...they are truly adorable.  Each unique in their own way with personalities plus!

First Born Male "HB" (for Handsome Boy)
Second born Male"Pi"
Third born Female "Angel"
Last born Male "Bear"
It's a real emotional boost to see how Daisy (and even Max) are such devoted parents.  Dad Max checks in on the nursery daily--stands and watches the puppies for moments at a time.  Occasionally one of them comes over and they gently "touch noses".   Daisy, of course, continues to be an excellent and inspirational mother.  Guarding her puppies fiercely...yet wisely letting them explore and playfight.  This doggy family is teaching me a lot about the natural force of the parenting instinct.  Humans could learn a lot!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

False Flag - the movie trailer

Greencrow is experimenting with uploading videos onto my blog.  This is the first.  A "movie trailer" by Mike Rivero, blogmaster of  Mike wants this video disseminated as widely as possible...given the high risk of another false flag happening soon...perhaps this month (October, 2013).