Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week in Review

Grace before Dinner

This past week, the Rooskies and the Yanks stared each other down...and Obama blinked.  At the time, they were having a dinner table fight over a tasty morsel of Syrian chicken leg.

That's how it appeared on the surface in any case, viewed through the cloudy, distorted lense of the M$M and even the alternate media.  The view beneath the surface....leagues below at the depth of deep state politics...the reality was no doubt quite different...the greencrow does not pretend to know what was really going on.

Certain gaseous gems did bubble to the surface, however, and provided possible clues to the truth.  The allegation I posted earlier.... about the US firing two ballistic missiles towards Damascus from its NATO base in Spain, for instance.  It was reported that the Russians shot these down or diverted the projectiles...indicating Russian anti missile technology is far in advance of what the US currently has.  Hmmmm...can we all go back to the drawing board now?

Another bubble was the TIME report on the brutish and savage tendencies of  US rebel allies in Syria...actually foreign jihadist mercenaries linked with al-CIAduh.  The Ziofascist cabalists hate to be caught napping...they hate to be behind the action.  TIME Magazine, (long a CIA asset) currently dealing with a moribund readership....was playing "catch up" to the already stale news that the Syrian rebels are brutish, cannibalistic, sadistic...what other adjectives can I find to describe noxious monstrosities?  "Surprisingly" this past week, TIME took an unctuously negative position on the rebels...veering off in journalistic independence unheard of in the past few decades.  Well, why didn't you speak up earlier, TIME?  Why didn't you try to divert Obama BEFORE he was left with egg smattered all over his face!?  The only problem here is, with the lack of credibility TIME magazine currently enjoys (not)....their opposition was probably welcomed by the White House/Syrian Rebels.

Not having read TIME for years...I perused it briefly this morning to find the above link...and noted it is stepping outside the box in other directions as well...saying for instance, that the US should "do away with the role of First Lady" careful TIME....don't get TOO edgy here! lol.

Is the US/Syria/Russia crisis averted?  Recent history says No.  History tells us the cabalists never give up...they just do a strategic retreat and/or change tactics.  After all, they literally have all the time in the world to execute their One World Government and Agenda 21The only way of ending the nightmare humanity is currently experiencing is arresting, trying, convicting and incarcerating the perps.

Unless or until that happens, what the evildoers will most likely do is find some new identities to disguise their media outlets (mimicking the alternate media) movie stars, new and more respressive policies regarding participatory democracy (that @#!&# vote in the UK parliament!)... to prevent a re-occurrence of this annoying delay in their timeline... Alllllllll the time in the woooorrrrlllllddddddd!!!


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