Monday, September 23, 2013

Week in Review - False Flags r US

Last week was a lolopalusa of False Flags...first there was the Navy Yard caper...where the "tell" was when a SWAT team just outside the gates was refused admission by the Watch Commander to come into the yard and help put down the shooters.  They were told to stand down and leave.  12 people apparently died after the CERT team was told to go away.  Of course, if the incident was a complete hoax, as many say it was...then nobody died anyway.  The consensus is that the evildoers can't take the chance of really killing people in these events anymore...too risky.

Then...just as that caper was dying a quick and merciful M$M death...we had the Nairobi, Kenya Mall shootings.  The official version on this one is being torn into tiny little shreds by the alternative media as we type.  The BIG tell is witnesses saying they saw Israeli Commandos in the mall.  The Mall is apparently either fully or partially Jewish owned.  In fact, I heard it was owned by Frank Lowther who was also part owner in the WTC buildings.  Later, Israel admitted its presence but said they were only "advisers". Apparently China had, coinkydynkally, just signed an economic pact with Kenya.  China is throwing largesse all over the globe at the moment, gaining allys where, according to some, they have no business gaining allys.

Frankly, False Flags are getting a bit tiresome...It's like you're at a party and someone keeps wanting to play charades all night...while most of the guests just want to hang out.  The guests are forced to parse and analyse the minutiae of some perfectly nonsensical scenario to guess the meaning.  Of course, it's a lot deadlier than that....these entities are insane sociopaths.  So, to summarize...humanity is being forced to play a never-ending, deadly game of charades with insane monsters.

Its high time for someone with the stature, determination, intelligence and rationality of Vladimir Putin to put an end to it.  We are so tired of what is going on in the world...we just want it to end!


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