Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Viewer discretion advised

Viewer discretion advised.  I am posting this video as a statement against the threatened attack on Syria by the US and Israel.  It is a video of a leader of the so-called Syrian rebels (in fact CIA-trained jihhadists) eating the heart of one of the Syrian soldiers he captured and killed:

See this video by Glenn Beck:

Because I don't watch mainstream media news....I only have a vague idea who Glenn Beck is and what he stands for. My impression is that he's some kind of US media right wing rantor.  However, in this video, he's pleading for common sense...even using Russian President Vladimir Putin as an example of a rare leader with common sense.  One would hope that "TV moments" like this would be a turning point in the history of a nation...but with the current status quo--the US is being completely bought and blackmailed by the Ziofascists, there is not a good chance of that.

The entire US governance is in the grip of fanatical, warmongering psychopaths....whether they will prevail is the only question still unanswered.


UPDATE:  September 3, 2013 ....friends, if you did watch the video above...and feel in need of a spiritual this video:

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters sings "A Song for Palestine".

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