Friday, September 27, 2013

Top Ten Things Obama can do with the money he Earmarked for Syrian War

Greencrow likes lists.  Lists are short, neat, and you can prioritize.  Here's a list, in descending order to the most important...of things Obama can do with all the money (trillion$?) America has "saved" by not entering into another pre-emptive war on Syria (Putin thankfully scared him out of the idea).

10.  Clean up that huge morass of plastic that is growing and swirling around in the Pacific Ocean;

9.  Find out what is killing the Monarch Butterflies and prevent their extinction, ditto bees, birds and many other endangered species;

8.  Balance the US budget, so the world is not eternally threatened by US "economic/resource wars";

7.  Find out what happened to the world's stocks of Gold, start locating and counting it.  Let Germany "see" the gold it is suppose to be storing "for safekeeping" in America;

6.  Institute a national program of infrastructure restoration in the USA.  Fix all the bridges, roads, sewage systems, etc.  Employ Americans and get them off foodstamps!

5.  Put money into research into the causes of cancer and alzheimers (and other chronic diseases)...and then institute national preventative strategies!

4.  Move the United Nations out of the US.  Put it on a dedicated island in the Pacific or elsewhere that would be international property belonging to all humanity.  This would prevent US harassment (and possible poisoning with radiation, etc. (see Hugo Chavez) of world leaders who come to the US attempting to represent their countries at the United Nations;

3.  Rebuild and restore Palestine, tear down the cement walls, rebuild the Palestinian homes and replant the olive trees.  Pressure Israel to find a solution to end the apartheid.

2.  End worldwide hunger...and not through GMO's.  Bring back local, small time farmers and organic farming with ancient seeds. 

And....the Number One thing that Obama can do with all the money he has saved by not going to war with Syria, and Iran, and Somalia and Kenya and any one of a number of future resource war targets....

1.  Clean up Fu*kUshima!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Week in Review - False Flags r US

Last week was a lolopalusa of False Flags...first there was the Navy Yard caper...where the "tell" was when a SWAT team just outside the gates was refused admission by the Watch Commander to come into the yard and help put down the shooters.  They were told to stand down and leave.  12 people apparently died after the CERT team was told to go away.  Of course, if the incident was a complete hoax, as many say it was...then nobody died anyway.  The consensus is that the evildoers can't take the chance of really killing people in these events anymore...too risky.

Then...just as that caper was dying a quick and merciful M$M death...we had the Nairobi, Kenya Mall shootings.  The official version on this one is being torn into tiny little shreds by the alternative media as we type.  The BIG tell is witnesses saying they saw Israeli Commandos in the mall.  The Mall is apparently either fully or partially Jewish owned.  In fact, I heard it was owned by Frank Lowther who was also part owner in the WTC buildings.  Later, Israel admitted its presence but said they were only "advisers". Apparently China had, coinkydynkally, just signed an economic pact with Kenya.  China is throwing largesse all over the globe at the moment, gaining allys where, according to some, they have no business gaining allys.

Frankly, False Flags are getting a bit tiresome...It's like you're at a party and someone keeps wanting to play charades all night...while most of the guests just want to hang out.  The guests are forced to parse and analyse the minutiae of some perfectly nonsensical scenario to guess the meaning.  Of course, it's a lot deadlier than that....these entities are insane sociopaths.  So, to summarize...humanity is being forced to play a never-ending, deadly game of charades with insane monsters.

Its high time for someone with the stature, determination, intelligence and rationality of Vladimir Putin to put an end to it.  We are so tired of what is going on in the world...we just want it to end!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

None of the Above - The Canadian Democratic Choice We Should Have

UPDATE:  November 6, 2012...celebrity comedian Russell Brand has recently endorsed my view of not voting...instead spoiling our ballots.  Please read his recent op ed column published in The guardian for this discussion.  This project has legs!
A Modest Proposal - greencrow re-designs the Canadian Federal Ballot

greencrow has not Voted in any Canadian Federal Election since 2001.  In the two federal elections held subsequent to 9/11.... I have  deliberately spoiled my ballots....writing "Investigate 9/11" on them instead.
I will not vote for warmongers.  Nor will I have anything to do with them or those who collude with them.  When Canada went to war on Afghanistan after 9/11...on the basis of lies...all the political parties joined in lockstep to support the decision, in spite of numerous polls showing most Canadians were against the war.  Even the New Democratic Party, which is historically anti-war, supported Canada going to war as a member of NATO.  In both subsequent Federal Elections, all the parties tacitly agreed NOT to debate Canada's involvement in the war on the election trail.  Consequently, war was not raised as an issue at all.
I have effectively lost my democratic franchise.  While losing my vote is in no way comparable to the losses that the Afghanis (New Yorkers, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Libyans and Syrians, etc.) have suffered over the past 12 years, it is one of the most fundamental losses a citizen can suffer.  I don't see myself voting in any future federal election either.  Canada is still involved in Afghanistan and recently Harper spoke in support of a Syrian attack...although mercifully PM Harper said Canada would not join the military effort.
Prior to 9/11, not only was I a regular voter (and volunteer election scrutineer) ...but during the 1980's and 1990's...I was a member of the constituency committee of our local Member of Parliament...contributed financially to the party...and even testified in Ottawa before the Senate Committee on Constitutional Affairs in opposition to the ill-fated Meech Lake Accord.
But, as Jimmy Carter recently commented about the U.S.A.... Canada no longer has a functional democracy.  During the past decade and a half, all Canadian governmental institutions, (both federal and provincial), plus education, the judiciary and the media, have been infiltrated and are in the clutches of cabalists.  The problem is much more pervasive than our electoral system.   People at the highest levels of control do not respect citizens or democracy.  Their agenda is a totalitarian world-wide corpocracy.  Ensuring the irrelevancy of our national elections is just one small step in that process.
One frustration with the electoral status quo is that it could all be remedied so easily.  All that needs to happen is the Canadian federal ballot (and provincial ballot) needs to be changed to add one more choice...."None of the Above".  If voters were given this option, it could lead to the immediate return of democracy, due to the following outcomes:
1.  Canadians would gain the power to vote "no confidence" in all of the candidates and immediately force another election...during which debates and platforms would need to more accurately reflect the real issues and concerns of the electorate.  No longer would we be held hostage for four+ years, while politicians dragged us unwillingly down economic blind alleys and into criminal and destructive wars.
2.  Candidates would be obligated to make... and then follow through on... their election promises...or face "non-confidence" more under the table deals.  IMO, all it would take would be one "non confidence" election result and politicians would "get the message".  Currently, the system is so corrupt that politicians feel they don't even have to present an outline of their intentions to the voter...much less follow through on a platform after an election.
3.  Voter turn out would be higher than ever.  Dis-engaged and/or alienated voters would know their vote would count--even when none of the candidates meet their criteria.  They would still have an important, meaningful choice--non confidence in all the options!  Importantly, even when candidates win elections, voter tallies would be published of all the disenchanted voters amongst the citizenry.  CANADA, HAS FOR TOO LONG, DENIED POLITICAL POWER TO CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS TO THE CURRENT POLITICAL COLLUSION BETWEEN THE PARTIES!
4.  If there was a result of "non confidence" in a federal could trigger an inquiry into why the electorate was so discouraged about their democratic choices.  Adjustments and reforms would follow.  It would be a cleansing of the system.  Politicians would be motivated to change...because nobody would want to go through another grueling campaign immediately after an election. 
5.  Policies and programs would become more regionally focused.  Candidates would not cravenly tow the party line because if their promises/platforms are not meaningful to their constituents...they could find themselves SOL. 
I understand "None of the Above" is already an option on the ballot in some countries.  Canada would not be the first.  Putting "None of the Above" on the Canadian federal ballot is going to be one of the greencrow's projects for the foreseeable future.  Hopefully, a debate can be started--before the number of non-voters outstrips voters in CanadaWith the number of eligible voters exercising their franchise dropping dramatically in each of the past few elections--this is not long in the offing.
So, reader, if you agree with the idea of having "None of the Above" on the federal ballot.  Speak out about it.  Talk it over with your friends and family.  Write to your Member of Parliament.  Discuss it on the Internet.  One of the reasons I know it is a good idea is that it scares the daylights out of the PTB!  The establishment has a conniption fit if you even mention it...try it for fun!

Monday, September 16, 2013

New Source for the News

You WILL be terrorized by FALSE FLAGS!

Folks, we have a big news story breaking today...apparently some gunmen went wild at a Washington, DC Navy Base and shot people...killing at least 12.

Now, rather than allowing the lying M$M middlemen tell you what happened (also known as disseminating disinformation).

Why not go directly to the Truthers  this time...and let them give you all the evidence you need to identify this incident as (yet another) false flag, complete with crisis actors laughing when they don't know they're on camera...just like Sandy Hook.

Well, what did you expect...after the evil ones lost their "mojo" last week? 


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week in Review

Grace before Dinner

This past week, the Rooskies and the Yanks stared each other down...and Obama blinked.  At the time, they were having a dinner table fight over a tasty morsel of Syrian chicken leg.

That's how it appeared on the surface in any case, viewed through the cloudy, distorted lense of the M$M and even the alternate media.  The view beneath the surface....leagues below at the depth of deep state politics...the reality was no doubt quite different...the greencrow does not pretend to know what was really going on.

Certain gaseous gems did bubble to the surface, however, and provided possible clues to the truth.  The allegation I posted earlier.... about the US firing two ballistic missiles towards Damascus from its NATO base in Spain, for instance.  It was reported that the Russians shot these down or diverted the projectiles...indicating Russian anti missile technology is far in advance of what the US currently has.  Hmmmm...can we all go back to the drawing board now?

Another bubble was the TIME report on the brutish and savage tendencies of  US rebel allies in Syria...actually foreign jihadist mercenaries linked with al-CIAduh.  The Ziofascist cabalists hate to be caught napping...they hate to be behind the action.  TIME Magazine, (long a CIA asset) currently dealing with a moribund readership....was playing "catch up" to the already stale news that the Syrian rebels are brutish, cannibalistic, sadistic...what other adjectives can I find to describe noxious monstrosities?  "Surprisingly" this past week, TIME took an unctuously negative position on the rebels...veering off in journalistic independence unheard of in the past few decades.  Well, why didn't you speak up earlier, TIME?  Why didn't you try to divert Obama BEFORE he was left with egg smattered all over his face!?  The only problem here is, with the lack of credibility TIME magazine currently enjoys (not)....their opposition was probably welcomed by the White House/Syrian Rebels.

Not having read TIME for years...I perused it briefly this morning to find the above link...and noted it is stepping outside the box in other directions as well...saying for instance, that the US should "do away with the role of First Lady" careful TIME....don't get TOO edgy here! lol.

Is the US/Syria/Russia crisis averted?  Recent history says No.  History tells us the cabalists never give up...they just do a strategic retreat and/or change tactics.  After all, they literally have all the time in the world to execute their One World Government and Agenda 21The only way of ending the nightmare humanity is currently experiencing is arresting, trying, convicting and incarcerating the perps.

Unless or until that happens, what the evildoers will most likely do is find some new identities to disguise their media outlets (mimicking the alternate media) movie stars, new and more respressive policies regarding participatory democracy (that @#!&# vote in the UK parliament!)... to prevent a re-occurrence of this annoying delay in their timeline... Alllllllll the time in the woooorrrrlllllddddddd!!!


Friday, September 13, 2013

Russia has already shot down US ballistic missiles headed for Syria???

Obomba - thanks to for this illustration

aangirfan is posting some shocking "Deep State" activity this morning:

aangirfan is saying that the so-called "military exercises" carried out between the US and Israel last week were actually two ballistic missiles fired from the direction of Spain...heading towards Damascus, Syria...that were shot down in the Mediterranean by the Russians.

"...On 3 September 2013, the USA fired two missiles, allegedly 'in the direction of Damascus'

If there is any truth to this...then it should make the hair on the back of your neck stand right up.  It would mean that Obama is very much more of a loose cannon (puppet) than formerly known....and Putin is acting in immense restraint and coolness...keeping the entire world from spiralling into an "extinction event".

ON FURTHER THOUGHT....IF the ballistic missiles fired on September 3, 2013 had hit their mark in Damascus...would we have remembered 9/11 this year?  Would the Truth Movement have made such headway towards bringing the perps to justice?  No!  Truth seekers learned long ago that you always have to "reverse engineer" these events... to find the perps and the motivations!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

9/11 -- "Even if I knew it was true, I wouldn't believe it."

9/11 Poster - by greencrow

Up until very recently, the headline to this post was the mantra of a majority of North Americans when confronted with the horror that the US federal government could be part and parcel of a murderous cabal that killed 3000+ innocent people on the morning of September 11, 2001--12 years ago this coming Wednesday, September 11, 2013.

I became what is now known as a "Truther" in early 2002.  Prior to then, the idea that the "official story" was anything other than fact never crossed my mind.  What set me on a painful journey towards ultimate acceptance that 9/11 was an inside job was a now obscure event in the long history of US aggression.

The Tarnak Farm Incident occurred the night of April 16th, 17th, 2002. That evening, in Ottawa, Canada, the United States ambassador was hosting high Canadian government officials at the US embassy.  Glasses were raised, toasting and honouring the "close friendship" between Canada and its US neighbour.

Meanwhile....over in Afghanistan, a contingent of Canadian soldiers was doing nighttime live fire exercises at an abandoned farmhouse, Tarnak Farm, located under restricted airspace just outside the Kandahar Airstrip and Military Base.  Suddenly, and without warning, two US F-16 jets, flying wildly off their scheduled course, swooped down and bombed the Canadian soldiers, killing four and wounding many more.  The US has always insisted that it was an "accident".

That was the end of my innocence.   The moment I heard what had happened in Afghanistan, it was as if scales fell off my eyes...I instinctively "knew" the bombing was not an "accident" but a deliberate slap at Canada.  It was the military equivalent of what Americans colloquially call "bitch slapping"--when a pimp slaps around a prostitute to keep her under his control, in order to let  her know who's the boss.  In my opinion, that's exactly what President George W. Bush did to Prime Minister Jean Chretien.  Chretien had a reputation of being somewhat of an outspoken renegade, a "Canada-firster".  Canadian participation in the Afghanistan war was not a nationally popular political decision.

I was so angry at the so-called "friendly fire" killing of Canadian soldiers...I wanted to tell  Americans how I felt.  That night for the first time, I went on the New York Times news forums, found the "Afghanistan" thread and told the forum exactly how devastated and angry I was.  To my surprise, many Americans on the forum either agreed with me or were at least sympathetic.  I ended posting regularly on the NYT Afghanistan forum for several years after that. I chose the identity of greencrow because two of my best friends on the forum were yellowcrow and redomercrow.  Greencrow was my effort to create "a murder of crows".    I still miss our hearty debates and running commentaries on the news.  The NYT used to allow posters to have "taglines" below their names.  My first tagline was "You're cleared, self defense." because that's what the US "ground control" told the "air reserve" F-16 pilots, seconds after they dropped their bombs on the Canadians.

The Tarnak Farm killings made me cynical about the United States' political and military/industrial complex.  I would not put any Machiavellian scheme past them and began reviewing recent history...particularly about 9/11--the event that got Canada into the war on Afghanistan.  Looking with new eyes, I visited a few 9/11 truth websites that were just beginning to appear on the Internet. 

What convinced me that 9/11 was an inside job was when I saw the video of the collapse of Building 7, the Salomon Building...a 47 story skyscraper that also collapsed on 9/ the early afternoon.  It fell at free fall speed, neatly into its footprint, just like a controlled demolition.  According to a very recent poll...only 19% of Americans even know about Building 7.

Once I recovered from the shock of realization that 3000+ innocent people were brutally murdered in broad daylight in the largest city in North America, I began to share this information with friends and family.  Well, if I thought that the initial shock was bad...the secondary shock of realizing that nobody wanted to hear or know about this heinous atrocity was far worse.  It sent me in to a tailspin of depression, despair, and then anger.  Arguments ensued with friends and family until I finally gave up.  I realized that if I kept up "telling the truth" then I could become an additional victim of 9/ losing relationships with friends and loved ones.

Participation on news forums became the only outlet for my grief and anger.  At first, "conspiracy theorists" were a reviled minority on the forums... shouted down and ridiculed.  Slowly, over the ensuing years, our strength, confidence and numbers the point where today, there are no more forums that actively argue whether 9/11 was an inside job or not...we have won all the debates.  The cabalists do not dare debate with us anymore.

Of course there are blogs, forums and websites where the cabalists get together and revel in their bloody wars and schemes...I don't go on them.  There are also some websites totally devoted to extolling the "shock and awe" of the US military might (always against tiny, third world countries) ...with jingoistic fervor.  I have surfed over and around these sites on the Internet.  But largely we truthers and the cabalists are now firmly divided into two separate camps.

As we come to the 12th anniversary of 9/11--I am amazed and encouraged at how far the Truth Movement has come.  It is no longer an embarrassment (like the proverbial fart in an elevator) to admit that I am a 9/11 Truther.  Could it be that we have reached a tipping point?  Could it be that with the Syria debacle, Obama has pushed the American public over the edge of credibility so they, like me, doubt everything in recent American History?  We can only hope!

Because, as I have been saying for over ten years now...

If we don't bring the 9/11 perpetrators to justice...and soon....they will go on murdering...and their crimes will escalate!

Could it be we will be seeing shortly on the mainstream media news, the arrests of such perps as:

George H. and George W. Bush - in thick with patsy Osama bin Laden (deceased in December, 2001) and the Carlyle Group.  BTW, George Sr. was also instrumental in the JFK assassination.
Bill Clinton (9/11 was planned during his tenure in the presidency)
Donald Rumsfeld - "lost" upwards of 3 trillion dollars from the Pentagon budget the day before the attack - (Black Ops budget?)
Dick Cheney - The actual "mastermind" who ran the attacks from his "bunker" in Virginia.
General Richard Myer - General in charge of the US military who ran the military/NORAD "stand down" on 9/11
"Lucky" Larry Silverstein - conveniently bought and insured the buildings...making a $killing
Benjamin Netanyahu - Israeli Prime Minister who admitted on the day of the attacks that the attacks were "good for Israel".  There is clear evidence of Mossad involvement in 9/11.
Michael Chertoff - "security" mastermind and owner of some companies contracted to enable the drone attacks on the WTC buildings
Jerome Hauer - another "security" honcho who, immediately after the attacks, went on all the news and talk shows shilling the official version.
All the signatories of the "PNAC" (Program for a New American Century) manifesto--which declared that a "New Pearl Harbour" was needed to galvanize Americans--and many other suspects.

NIST Whistleblower Kevin Ryan has come out with a new book about 9/11 titled:

Another Nineteen

that lists 19 other actors in the 9/11 saga who are more implicated by hard evidence than the conveniently departed hijackers.

...and, if the above-noted are ever arrested and brought to justice...I hope that the trial of GWB will include evidence about his cowardly, slimy attack on the Canadian soldiers at Tarnak Farm in 2002.

I am going to post a few of my favourite links about 9/11 here.  Events are moving so quickly these days...just in the past few hours...I have saved some new and very important links!


Some good 9/11 websites are:

John Kerry admits that WTC7 was a controlled demolition - Video
Father of 9/11 victim calls 9/11 Commission a Sham
The Corbett Report
Re-Think 9-11
9-11 Press for Truth
Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth

Monday, September 9, 2013

Separated at Birth?

A photo editorial:

John Kerry

Herman Munster


Why you should never take shelter under a tree during a thunderstorm

Last week we had a sudden, wild thunderstorm in the Vancouver lower mainland.

Two houses away from our house, in a small park, the tallest tree was hit by lightning:

Lighting Strikes Cedar Tree
This  cedar tree had sentimental value for me.  When we moved into our neighbourhood 25 years ago, this tree was the only tree of any size in what was then a brand new subdivision.   The area had formerly been a cedar forest, but had been razed for the subdivision.   Newly planted trees were all about waist high.   The developers had spared this tree because it is located in a small children's play park.  I recall getting into an argument with a neighbour years ago when my youngest son, then about 5, playing with friends in the park, was seen peeing against the trunk.  I told the neighbour:  "That's what little boys Dooooooo!"

As the years went by, other trees became larger and the tree lost it's special significance.  But it still remained the tallest tree in the vicinity.  The other day, during the lightning/thunderstorm...I heard a dreadful CRACK/BOOM!   My house shook.  I wondered what it was, hoping it wasn't the house next door.  The next door neighbour has a very impressive array of antennas attached to his roof (we think he's channeling the old Soviet Union : ) 

After the violent squall had passed, I went out and examined the damage, it was massive.  One side of the tree had exploded into shrapnel and shot into all the surrounding area.  Anyone standing nearby would surely have been killed.

It caused me to reflect on the power of nature, and the dangerous situations that we could suddenly find ourselves in..... if we are not prudent.  Right now, I feel that the "Obomber" and his crew have placed the entire world in a situation akin to standing under a tree during a lightning storm. 

As I type this post, the city workers, their chain saws buzzing and whining....are busily cutting up the tree and hauling the wood away.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Make your own good news!

Now, more than ever before, each one of us is responsible for making our own good news.

I made my own good news this past Labour Day (September 2, 2013) when my purebred Papillon dog, "Daisy", successfully gave birth to four puppies.  Three males and one female.  Two of the males took after their sire, purebred Papillon, "Max", and are white with black markings.  The other male and the female took after Daisy, and are white with sable and black markings.  Daisy is an excellent mother...from the instant the first pup was born, she was on the case, cleaning and checking, cleaning and checking.

The next day, yesterday (September 3, 2013) Daisy had a meltdown.  She "lost it" and walked away from the babies...the reason for this was that my two adult males, father Max and "Uncle Joe" (neutered 6 year old maltipoo) were allowed to remain in the solarium and were paying too much attention and harassing her.  Daisy told me:  "That's it!  I want them both out of the solarium for the duration!  I refuse to tend to the babies unless you get them out of here and keep them out of here!"  Well, her message was definitely heard... now babies and mom are resting in isolated splendor in the solarium.  "The boys", Max and Joey, are relegated to the deck outside, much to their chagrin.

Here are the first pics of the litter:

Pup #1 is born

Pup #1, Male, White with Black Markings - I call him "Whiner" because he was whining from  the moment he came out and ever since!
Pup #2, Male, White with Black markings- I call him "Pi" because he looks like he's been pied in the face.
Pup #3, "Daisy's Girl" - White with Sable and Black markings - a Vision of her mom!
Pup #4, "The Runt"  Male, White with Sable and Black markings - the last and smallest of the brood
All Done!  Daisy and her brood, "Labour Day" September 2, 2013
I have a far greater appreciation for dog breeders now that I have supported Daisy through her whelping experience.  I was at her side for five hours straight, without eating and just bathroom breaks.  She would become distressed if I left the room.  Her pups were born one hour apart and it took an hour after the last to settle with them.  Daisy was exhausted and I offered her water at several points... as I was worried about dehydration.   Other than that, my main job, other than moral support, was keeping her long, heavy tail fur out of the way so she could lick her pups.
Coincidentally, over the weekend, some kind soul or souls dropped off 37+ unwanted small dogs at the Richmond, BC (suburb of Vancouver) SPCA.  No one knows where these dogs came from.  My suspicion is they came from the US, where perhaps the economy is such that people can't keep dogs after they've acquired them.   No one is saying how old the dogs are and whether they've been neutered or not.  If they've been neutered, it wasn't a puppy mill that abandoned them.
Wherever they came from, there won't be too much problem having the abandoned dogs adopted out.  There is such a demand for small dogs the SPCA rarely has them for adoption.  I have adopted dogs (and cats) from the SPCA in the past and usually there are only big (and nasty) dogs up for adoption.  My big dog "Surge" (purebred Jindo) was part of our family for 12 years while my children were growing up and we still miss him.  The people at the SPCA said they found him (a three month old pup) abandoned at the Kootenay (Bus) Loop off Hastings St. in Burnaby.  Whenever I drive by the Kootenay Loop I think fondly of our beautiful big dog Surge.  But I would never get another big dog.  Big dogs are for families with young growing children... who have the time and energy that it takes to keep a big dog.  My small, intelligent and very social Papillon dogs will go to families where space, time and energy are factors. 
The families who adopt my dogs will have the unique advantage of "meeting the parents"...getting a history, profile and information about the genetic heritage of their dog.  They will see and have copies of the parents' pedigrees.  Most of all, I will be looking for families who are ready, able and willing to take on the considerable responsibility of caring for a puppy who will be treated as a child in their family.  They will know that dog ownership has it's ups and downs.  They will understand and appreciate that adopting a puppy is a 15+ year commitment to another living being.
Congratulations, Daisy and Max!

Viewer discretion advised

Viewer discretion advised.  I am posting this video as a statement against the threatened attack on Syria by the US and Israel.  It is a video of a leader of the so-called Syrian rebels (in fact CIA-trained jihhadists) eating the heart of one of the Syrian soldiers he captured and killed:

See this video by Glenn Beck:

Because I don't watch mainstream media news....I only have a vague idea who Glenn Beck is and what he stands for. My impression is that he's some kind of US media right wing rantor.  However, in this video, he's pleading for common sense...even using Russian President Vladimir Putin as an example of a rare leader with common sense.  One would hope that "TV moments" like this would be a turning point in the history of a nation...but with the current status quo--the US is being completely bought and blackmailed by the Ziofascists, there is not a good chance of that.

The entire US governance is in the grip of fanatical, warmongering psychopaths....whether they will prevail is the only question still unanswered.


UPDATE:  September 3, 2013 ....friends, if you did watch the video above...and feel in need of a spiritual this video:

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters sings "A Song for Palestine".