Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Manning gets 35 years....for releasing this video

In 2010, US Private Bradley Manning gave a copy of this video to Wikileaks:

It is a shocking video of two US Army helicopters hovering over a Baghdad suburb, firing on and killing many civilians in a bloody massacre.  The recorded voices of the helicopter pilots are alleging that the civilians had rifles when, in fact, a later investigation revealed that two Reuters journalists killed in the incident were carrying camera equipment.

When a van drove up after the first phase of the rescue the wounded, the helicopters again fired on it, killing more good Samaritan civilians.  You need to force yourself to watch this video.  More than almost any other piece of information about the Iraq war, this one video shows the extent of the brutal, dehumanized behaviour of the US military in Iraq.  In their pervasive bloodlust, these profane soldiers are incapable of human compassion, or even human curiousity about their victims.

You need to watch the video, if you have never done so, in order to grasp how far down the evolutionary chain the US occupational force had fallen...they are exposed as ravenous beasts in a feeding frenzy over their indigenous captives....their fangs dripping  foaming saliva and blood...onto the dusty Baghdad streets below.

Bradley Manning had the courage to reveal this view to the world... and someday the world will thank him. 


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