Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fu*k U shima: Dead Planet Walking

There was a horrific earthquake/tsumani/explosion/meltdown at the Japanese nuclear plant called Fukushima Diiachi on March 11, 2011 (3/11/11 for those who see significance in numerology).

First came an earthquake, which actually occurred offshore in a well known underwater earthquake  belt off the east coast of Japan.  Then came a very weird "tsunami".  Weird because it only radiated in one direction..westward towards Japan.  Normally tsunamis radiate in a concentric circle from the earthquake.  Hawaii, for instance was hardly touched...there were tsunami warnings up and down the west coast of North and South America...but little or nothing materialized.

Here is a recently uncovered, shocking video of the destruction created by the tsunami.  There are some anomalies about this video.   First of all, the calm demeanour of the videographer throughout the disaster and secondly, filing this video on YouTube under "comedy":

Update as of Dec 6, 2013 - the video linked above keeps getting removed from YouTube. 

Videos and photos of the Fukushima nuclear plant taken shortly after the earthquake/tsunami showed explosions.  These explosions were also weird, according to the looks like there were bombs going off at the plants, rather than random explosions.

What has followed since is a slow motion catastrophic take down of the planet by way of radiation poisoning in the air and water.  Geiger counter records taken by individuals (the authorities avoid Geiger counters like the plague) show intense radiation levels throughout western north American in the months and years since the event.

This has all been ignored/downplayed in the mainstream media.

Brave souls like Arnie Gunderson have spoken up in their blogs:

Environmentalists like Helen Caldicott have sounded the warning:

Tepco, the nationalized Japanese Oil Company has repeatedly fallen on its samurai sword, taking the blame for the event.  Clean-up has been slow and pathetic.  The Japanese people seem to be in a zombified state, rarely reacting to the non-stop bad news.  The town of Fukushima is a radiated ground zero ghost town.  Radiation continues to pour into the Pacific Ocean from where it is carried around the world.

Experts say it will take 400 million years for the radiation to dissipate.  In the meantime, it is relentlessly and ruthlessly destroying the Pacific Ocean and all living organisms in the surrounding environment.  Radiation is a slow and silent killer.  Cancers can take ten years or more to show up in humans and animals.  The prognosis for the planet is dire yet no one from the mainstream is sounding the alarm...I call it, "the silence of the lambs".

What is the greencrow's take on this event?  I believe it was a event planned and perpetrated by the "usual suspects".  When I use the expression "usual suspects" I mean the consortium of international evildoers with headquarters in Washington/London/Tel Aviv...these are the same perps who did 9/11 and several other false flags.  The event was perpetrated to accomplish two ends:

a)  Firstly, to punish Japan and use it as an example to terrorize other states.  Japan has long wanted to close long standing military bases and get the US off it's territory.  They also want to end the US's economic control of Japan.  Over the past couple of decades, there have been ongoing threats made by US powerbrokers and their friends against Japan because of this...including threats that they would manufacture an earthquake/nuclear event and destroy Japan.

b) Secondly, furthering ongoing efforts towards a selective eugenic culling of the planet.  What better way to get rid of millions of unnecessary humans than to kill them anonymously and silently by way of cancer causing radiation.  These individuals have shown they do not care about the environment--witness the mass use of depleted uranium weaponry in their wars in the middle east and Afghanistan.  Witness the destruction of fertile fishing grounds in the North Atlantic (Grand Banks) and Pacific North West (off Comox, BC) by the "testing" of depleted uranium torpedoes....hundreds of thousands of rusting, radiation-emitting torpedoes piling up on the sea beds in the water off both coasts.

I believe the US/and its friends....set off a nuclear bomb in an underwater crevice off the coast of Japan...causing a very destructive tsunami to hit the Fukushima nuclear plants perched precariously right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.  This, IMO, did not cause the nuclear meltdown.  Nuclear plants are built to withstand earthquakes and tsunamis.  The tsunami was just a distraction/plausible deniability (like the planes that hit the twin towers).  What caused the meltdown was a combination of explosions--combined with the inability of the plant's failsafe mechanism to respond and correct the problems.  This inability was caused by the Stuxnet virus that infected the nuclear plant's computer-driven mechanics.  Siemens, a German company that used to provide computer mechanics to nuclear plants all over the world and particularly in Iran and Japan (after the disaster it got out of this end of its business) had their computers infected with the Stuxnet virus prior to Fukushima.  Whistleblower, Edward Snowden recently revealed that the US/Israel manufactured the Stuxnet virus.

What happened is explained very well in this video by the discoverer of the Stuxnet virus.  I believe this video, together with the video linked above of the tsunami, are two of the most shocking videos ever recorded:

Here is a report tracing the Stuxnet virus right to the White House!

It was meant to destroy Iran's nuclear capability...but also to affect Fukushima?!

Here's a report confirming it had affected computers in Japan in October 2010:

Here's another video with an Internet viewer's reaction to the above theory:

So there you have it alternative greencrowian theory about the Fukushima disaster....complete with some very interesting and,  I would submit, shocking links to newspaper reports and videos to back up my theory.


Update:  Here's an update on the effect of the radiation from Fukushima on the North American West Coast... from a BC newspaper on the Sunshine coast.  I will call it...."Canadians can't handle the truth." (...and Don't I Know It!)


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