Monday, August 12, 2013

Conspiracy Theories 101

Those who know me have derided me as a "Conspiracy Theorist' for some years now.  The longer I wear the tin foil hat, the more comfortable it feels, even when it slips over my beak when I'm flying, lol.  As the years go by, more often than not...people will come up to me and say..."I am finally realizing that you were right [about 9/11 for example] after all."  This is a very slow and frustrating process...but there seems to be no way of speeding it up.  People are terrified of the implications of believing the truth about criminal acts like the 9/11 atrocity.  The implications of accepting that a government would murder its own people to foment a war against another nation are enormous.

Being a conspiracy theorist has taught me great patience.  I have been forced to outwait the perps, as I call all those who instigated these acts.  It has taught me to value the small victories along the someone coming up to me and admitting they are now thinking the unthinkable.  Or, seeing this kind of video on the Internet:

Granted, RT is not the US mainstream media but it's audience is large and growing every day.

What happens when an individual makes the intellectual leap from sheeple to tin foil hatter is you  look at geopolitics through new "conspiracy theory glasses".  You start to question everything.  This is not difficult to understand when you realize that the common law (logic) is based on several of which is "credibility".  In a court of law...a witness needs to have's their most important asset.  Once credibility is destroyed...the witness has no currency to barter with.  This has happened to the Western "democratic" governmental system (no matter what "party" is currently in power).  Because they have been shown to have lied to the public, not once but repeatedly and chronically, they have NO credibility...every single event has to be reviewed in that light...on the basis of external evidence and the balance of probabilities.  This is a process I have been in since 2003, when I first concluded that 9/11 was an inside job.

My assessment is that nearly every single major event in US history (for example) has been lied about by the government of the day.  We're talking about the Civil War (causes and outcomes), all the subsequent wars of aggression, the assassinations (JFK, MLK, RFK, JFK jr., etc.) the origins and perps of the African slave trade.  The lunar landing.

Yes, I do not believe that the US went to the moon in 1969.  This is one area where I part company with the mainstream of conspiracy theorists (if you can call it that).  Again, as always, I base my conclusions on the balance of probabilities.  I ask myself such questions as...1) "If we went to the moon, why can't we go to the moon?"  2)  Why did the hundreds of thousands of original photos and videos of the event suddenly disappear from the Smithsonian a few years ago? (these photos show that the lunar lander set down without even raising a cloud of dust--on the very dusty lunar surface)  3)  What about the Van Allen Radiation Belts--that would pummel any living thing with lethal doses of radiation were they penetrated?" and, finally, 4) How, in an era of black and white TV, rotary dial telephones and space suits made from materials not capable of fending off radiation (I saw a space suit once in a museum and me and the total stranger I was standing beside laughed out loud at the flimsy construction and materials) were humans able to pinpoint land on a tiny spot on the moon?  My weighing of the balance of probabilities on this one was a relatively simple task.

Didn't happen.

So, even in the company of other conspiracy theorists...the greencrow is way out there...flying alone.  But that's where I want to be ...because my inner compass is true to my course...I don't have internal conflict where I say something and believe the other.

Housekeeping note:  When I post on this blog I'm not going to spend a lot of time with footnotes like some other bloggers.  If you want to look up more information on some of the topics I raise, you can Google, just the same as I can. 

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