Saturday, August 31, 2013

Week in Review

Vladimir Putin, Leader of the Western World
Watch the link posted above to see a real leader in action....its been so long since we in North America have had the experience of seeing a real leader.  The last couple of leaders I personally remember are John and Robert Kennedy, Pierre Trudeau and...perhaps, Jimmy Carter...that's it!  For those who are too young to remember the Kennedy's and Trudeau, this is they way they presented themselves in public...natural and candid, eyes sparkling with humour...not nervously darting about, reading cue cards.  Speaking eloquently and spontaneously...not hesitantly--or straining to hear suggestions/directions made to them in their earpieces.
Nature abhors a vacuum... and so, in the absence of leadership in the West....Putin's naturally stepping into the breach.  You could sense a sea change occurring over the past week.  We are all aware, however, that the creatures Mr. Putin is railing against in the above interview are still capable of striking out from behind their an injured snake.  But they have been mortally wounded.   The unexpected burst of democracy in the British Parliament last week dealt them a sudden slice to the jugular.
My fellow blogger, Benjamin Fulford, might be right after all....improving on his track record--he did predict the resignation of  Pope Benny the Rat...and I'm still picking my jaw up off the floor over that one.  Ben Fulford has also predicted the future abdication of Queen Elizabeth....and, reviewing the new reports coming out about the death by assassination of Princess Diana, Ben may be right on that one too.  Please see my update on my earlier post re Princess Diana where I just posted a new link with some tantalizing information.  As a housekeeping note, I have also posted updates with new links on my posts re Fu*k U shima:  Dead Planet Walking and my one on Chemtrails.
Given the current dynamic on the world is difficult to imagine Obama attending the G20 in St. Petersburg next would be too humiliating.  He will no doubt use some weak excuse... like he needs to lobby Congress... prior to their September 9th debate on a possible US Syrian attack...September 9th, so near, and yet so many possible false flag attacks away....
Yet, Hope springs paraphrase a crude comment on a YouTube video I watched this week...this week may go down in history as the week the "Big Zio-t" finally got burst.
UPDATE:  August 31, 2013 - Here is an editorial on Obomber by Pulitzer Prize winning writer, Jon Rappoport

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hubris meets Nemesis - US threatens Syria with Missile Attack


Breaking news, Folks.  Looks like we're down to the short strokes in the long escalation of the West's desperate last gasp grasp at global dollarfication.

Greencrow's take?  First of all the Internet will go can bet on that one...along with North American-wide electrical "blackouts/brown-outs".  So any real alternative news about what is happening will be sparse or non-existent.

We will be caught in national and local energy crisis mode (and/or be blindsided by yet another false flag hoax on the scale of 9/11 or beyond) and will have our eyes averted from the International Bouncing Ball.  Or, more accurately, we will all be treated like mushrooms...kept in the dark and have sh*t thrown at us.

The US/Israel is so bankrupt in every sense of the word...but most of all they are bankrupt in terms of credibility...NO ONE is buying their current lies about gas attacks in Syria...yet they continue headlong towards Armageddon.

Here is a quote from one of my favourite bloggers, Benjamin Fulford  Benjamin makes a lot of outlandish predictions but, incredibly, some of them have come true...and he always takes a positive view that "the good guys will win" in the end:

"....The ongoing attempts by these religious fanatic criminals to start Armageddon, this time with an operation in Syria is nothing more than a sign of desperation. The list of countries that has agreed to attack Syria based on the obvious cabal staged poisonous gas attack in Syria is also a list of the countries still under cabal control. These are the US, Canada (to my deep shame), France, Israel, Italy, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The fact that other NATO countries, notably Germany, are not participating is a sign the cabal no longer controls the NATO alliance. Globally, the cabal now controls only 8 out of the 195 nations on earth.

It is true these cabal controlled nations still control considerable military power on paper but it is extremely unlikely the pentagon will go along with this latest cabal gambit. From their point of view it is difficult to see what sort of legitimate US interests would be served by attacking Syria.

Instead, they realize this latest horror is just a desperate attempt to start war in order to save cabal control of the financial system. That is not going to be allowed...."

Whether it "will be allowed" or not is the trillion dollar question.  Unfortunately, my assessment is that they are in the "Sampson Option" mode now....Google that one if you will.


UPDATE:  August 28, 2013

Looks like the US could attack Syria by Thursday (tomorrow).  Things are as serious as they were just before the ill-fated and disastrous attack on Iraq in 2004 (also based on lies about WMD) .  In fact things are more serious, because this time Russia and China have drawn clear lines in the sand...that the small but all powerful US cabal of  psychopathic killers is determined to cross.

Here is a letter that blogger Zen Gardner sent to his family....warning them to prepare.  I am posting it here as a warning to anyone who visits this blog....prepare yourself and your family immediately for what is coming...

Monday, August 26, 2013

Greencrow on the trail of Chemtrails: I scared myself

Greencrow attended the first international demonstration against Chemtrail spraying, aka geoengineering of the weather, that took place yesterday, Sunday August 25, 2013.


The Canadian demonstration happened at the Courthouse/Art Gallery plaza on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver.  The day was bright and sunny...some puffy clouds... but no Chemtrails in sight.

Vancouver is in high summer tourist gear and many streets were closed off on Sunday for festivals and demonstrations...the Courthouse/Art Gallery, located in the heart of the city was the natural focus... and events were taking place simultaneously.  We shared space with the Marijuana lobby, the Art lobby and also, curiously, the Bare Boobs lobby.  This was a small group of exhibitionist young females and their drooling coterie of red-blooded young Canadian males.  Frankly, it was a relief to see that this latter group is still alive and active in our.... increasingly genderless... society.  The Bare Boobs group was advocating the right of all women to bare their breasts in public.  I mused to myself how the young men would feel about seeing an old woman's breasts ; ).  Just as our group was prepared to address the crowd, the Bare Boobs demonstration overflowed into our space, totally upstaging the Chemtrail group's much smaller and quieter rally.

The leader of our Chemtrail demonstration was a lovely young (fully dressed) woman by the name of Afsanna (sp?).  I spoke with her briefly about the most recent developments regarding the Chemtrails issue...including the very encouraging development that former BC Premier Bill Vanderzalm has come out publically with his intention to "get to the bottom" of who is spraying...British Columbians are well aware of Mr. Vanderzalm's tenacity, once he becomes "seized with an issue" (You can listen to the interview with Vanderzalm in the link posted below). 

Our group stood around for about an hour and a half, holding signs and handing out leaflets.  At 2 p.m., Afsanna took to her megaphone to address the crowd with a talk that explained the historical, scientific/health and sociopolitical implications of Chemtrails:


According to the literature we handed out to the crowd:

"Chemtrails AKA GeoEngineering

Stratospheric Sulphate Aerosols * Solar Radiation Management* Chemical Buffering* Aerial Spraying* Climate Mitigation

Weather modification operations have been active and on-going since the 1960's.  Research and experiments began as early as the 1930's.

Purpose of cloud seeding operations:

1)  Increase precipitation in areas experiencing drought;
2)  To reduce the size of hailstones that form in thunderstorms;
3) To  reduce the amount of fog in and around airports;
4)  Also used by major ski resorts to induce snowfall;
5)  Military applications.

Specific materials used in weather modification operations:
Silver iodide
Dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide)
Liquid propane
Hygroscopic materials such as salt and sulphates
Heavy metals such as Aluminum and Barium
Electric mechanisms, such as infra-red pulses


Aerosol Spraying has been UNREGULATED ever since BC Weather Modification Act was repealed in 2003.

Specific materials used in weather modification operations:
Ethylen dibromide
Nano particulates of aluminium, barium, strontium
Cationic polymer fibers
Bio-active particles - SMART DUST for dummies
High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program - HAARP
HAARP antennas zap ionosphere to super heat it

Purpose of cloud seeding operations:
1) Crop Devastation - leaving only Monsanto genetically modified crops
2) Next generation warfare
3) Global climate control
4) Depopulation

What Happens after Spraying:
sick and dying trees - aluminium toxicity - fungus - multiple sclerocis - heavy metal particulates - morgellon's condition - Alzheimer's disease.

Chronic barium intoxication disrupts sulphated proteoglycan synthesis:  a hypothesis for the origins of multiple sclerosis...[also Parkinsons]

US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health
"A substantial body of research has accumulated to make the case that the underlying organism (i.e., pathogen) of the so called "Morgellons" condition as identified by this researcher, is using the iron from human blood for its own growth and existence.  It will also be shown that the bio-chemical state of the blood is altered in the process."  more info @
So, you can see this is all scary stuff....and, when combined with the bizarre "attack of the boob ladies" ....who provided a very effective distraction/disruption for our was a disconcerting afternoon.

On the positive side, we raised some public interest.  The most important thing I learned (I am already well researched in the manifestation and effects of Chemtrails) is there's a significant Downtown Vancouver group of  activists, including the Chemtrails people, who have been meeting regularly near the Art Gallery steps on the 11th of the month ever since 9/11.  This group is motivated and dedicated to gently bringing the sheeple into the 21st century.  In order to connect with this group, I gave chemtrail demonstration organizer "Afsanna" my card and told her about this blog.  Before saying goodbye, I asked Afsanna who she thought was behind spraying chemicals into the atmosphere.  Without hesitation, she replied:


Couldn't agree more.  Hopefully, I can participate, at some level, in the movement to raise awareness and opposition to chemtrails...after all "It's my sky too!"

Oh, ....and "I bought the T-shirt'....from which I got the photo of the chemtrails shown above.

Here are some more links to information about Chemtrails:

Talk given by the Canadian expert, Rosalind Peterson:


UPDATE:  27/08/13

I forgot to add the link to this very informative video...which includes a recorded telephone conversation between a chemtrail researcher and an employee of NASA ("Never a Straight Answer") in which he admits to her that they are spraying the population with Lithium.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Engagement Announcement - Daisy and Max!

Not all news has been bad lately.  Greencrow is very happy to announce the formal engagement of our two Papillon dogs:
Daisy Mae
The ceremony will not be taking place until after September, as Daisy wants to get her figure back.  Daisy is currently expecting the couple's quadruplets, due in early September.  Here is an X-ray of the expected delights taken today.  If you look closely, you can see four little skulls and spines:
Expectant mom Daisy is doing just fine.... but Max is having a difficult time adjusting to the responsibility of fatherhood.  He was overheard recently muttering..."But I'm the human equivalent of only 10 years old!  I'm not ready to be a dad!"
No worries, however, "Uncle Joey", our 6 year old maltipoo, seen here between the couple, is stepping up to the plate... and has offered to help Daisy with the whelps. 
Daisy, Joey and Max
Best wishes to the young couple in the exciting days ahead...and stay tuned to this blog for further developments in this story!

Manning gets 35 years....for releasing this video

In 2010, US Private Bradley Manning gave a copy of this video to Wikileaks:

It is a shocking video of two US Army helicopters hovering over a Baghdad suburb, firing on and killing many civilians in a bloody massacre.  The recorded voices of the helicopter pilots are alleging that the civilians had rifles when, in fact, a later investigation revealed that two Reuters journalists killed in the incident were carrying camera equipment.

When a van drove up after the first phase of the rescue the wounded, the helicopters again fired on it, killing more good Samaritan civilians.  You need to force yourself to watch this video.  More than almost any other piece of information about the Iraq war, this one video shows the extent of the brutal, dehumanized behaviour of the US military in Iraq.  In their pervasive bloodlust, these profane soldiers are incapable of human compassion, or even human curiousity about their victims.

You need to watch the video, if you have never done so, in order to grasp how far down the evolutionary chain the US occupational force had fallen...they are exposed as ravenous beasts in a feeding frenzy over their indigenous captives....their fangs dripping  foaming saliva and blood...onto the dusty Baghdad streets below.

Bradley Manning had the courage to reveal this view to the world... and someday the world will thank him. 


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Newspaper forced to smash computers that contained Snowden leaked documents

Reports indicate the stakes just got exponentially  higher in the battle between The Guardian newspaper of England and shadow governments personnel in the US and UK.  These are the behind the scenes powerbrokers who want to keep secret the US surveillance information about the NSA, etc. that former CIA computer expert Edward Snowden gave to reporters after he absconded in July, 2013 to Hong Kong and then Russia with digital documents.

According to a report in the link above, the editor of The Guardian newspaper editor was recently forced to stand by while police smashed computers at his newspaper.  Shades of Farenheit 451!

Even the police were aware of the futility of their destruction because, as the editor advised them before the smashing began, the information had already been encrypted, copied onto thumb drives and spread throughout the four corners of the world.  Drat!

As I have been saying over and over on comments in newspaper forums, such as RT:

this extreme reaction on the part of "authorities" ("authorities" put in quotes because the deep state actors are clearly contravening constitutional laws enacted to protect individual liberties and freedom of speech).

Folks, this is not rocket (or even computer) science.  The NSA with all its deep state snooping apparatus was set up in the wake of 9/11 by the Bush Administration--the perps of 9/11 and consequent global warmongering.  This nest of criminals wants to know who is catching on to their criminality and whether there is any organized opposition to their bid for global tyranny.  They need to find out pre-emptively, whether anyone in the media, law enforcement or justice system is on to them, in order to keep one step ahead of the law.

As said earlier, the stakes are very high....while it's a relief that someone has finally taken a stand against these perps, the greencrow wonders whether it is "too little, too late".   If the media (including The Guardian) had listened to the Truth Community...and not rolled over like a puppy with all four paws in the air immediately after 9/11....perhaps all the ensuing bloody destruction in the past decade+ ...not to mention smashed computers...would not have occurred.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Breaking news: New Information on Diana's Death

UPDATE:  August 31, 2013 - The Daily Mail has some tantalizing updates to this story:
I still don't believe the new investigation will go anywhere...however.  It would rock the world of too many people....How does the old saying go?
"Even if I found out it was true....I still wouldn't believe it."
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

The Sky News is reporting today that new information has been received regarding the death of Diana and her partner Dodi Fayed and their driver in Paris in 1997.

Here is a more detailed report in The Mirror:

The greencrow has never accepted the official version of what happened to Diana, believing instead it was an all too typical take down of a public personality who veered from the path (rut?) carved out for them by the PTB. 

I note in the comments to the last link a lot of people think the driver, Henri Paul, was drunk at the time.  During the Inquest there was a lot of credible evidence submitted that the blood sample tested was not Paul's.  The prosecution could not come up with a rebuttal to evidence that the DNA in the sample did not match with Paul's.

Here is a very interesting comment to The Mirror report:

11:56 PM on 17/8/2013

"She was about to expose the British military selling Israel clusterbombs, and was gaining support all over the world and then...."

I followed the Inquest daily on the Internet when it took place...and was amazed at all the evidence pointing to murder.  In the end, the jury came up with the most incriminating choice they were allowed:  "Unlawful Killing".

As documented in this film, funded by Dodi Fayed's father, billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed .

Clearly, there was more to the event than has been covered by the mainstream media.

While I eagerly await further news coming out on this, on further consideration, I am not hopeful anything will change.  Diana's assassination was just one small event in an ongoing immense struggle between two elite factions vying for global control...the current controlling  malfeasors, responsible for all the recent false flags and wars...and another group... watching from the sidelines that is slightly more moral...(as in "Hope springs eternal..."?) but also eager to get a piece of the action.   I don't believe either side would see a benefit in the truth about Diana getting out.

Journalist and blogger Benjamin Fulford has long predicted that the Queen will abdicate...perhaps this "new information" could prompt her to abdicate in favour of William (Diana's son), not Charles...this would be a good thing. The rot, however, goes right through the British establishment, so don't hold your breath on this one.


Update:  Since the initial break of this story, the Internet has been flooded with further reports.  None is more informative or telling than this report from thetruthseeker:

One of the links in this story is to an affidavit signed by former MI6 officer Tomlinson.  This affidavit contains such detailed information and clues that the fact it was totally ignored by the Inquest is, in and of itself, incriminating.

Lots of heads could and should roll over this...but, as I said before, don't hold your breath...even though the evidence is "breathtaking".


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fu*k U shima: Dead Planet Walking

There was a horrific earthquake/tsumani/explosion/meltdown at the Japanese nuclear plant called Fukushima Diiachi on March 11, 2011 (3/11/11 for those who see significance in numerology).

First came an earthquake, which actually occurred offshore in a well known underwater earthquake  belt off the east coast of Japan.  Then came a very weird "tsunami".  Weird because it only radiated in one direction..westward towards Japan.  Normally tsunamis radiate in a concentric circle from the earthquake.  Hawaii, for instance was hardly touched...there were tsunami warnings up and down the west coast of North and South America...but little or nothing materialized.

Here is a recently uncovered, shocking video of the destruction created by the tsunami.  There are some anomalies about this video.   First of all, the calm demeanour of the videographer throughout the disaster and secondly, filing this video on YouTube under "comedy":

Update as of Dec 6, 2013 - the video linked above keeps getting removed from YouTube. 

Videos and photos of the Fukushima nuclear plant taken shortly after the earthquake/tsunami showed explosions.  These explosions were also weird, according to the looks like there were bombs going off at the plants, rather than random explosions.

What has followed since is a slow motion catastrophic take down of the planet by way of radiation poisoning in the air and water.  Geiger counter records taken by individuals (the authorities avoid Geiger counters like the plague) show intense radiation levels throughout western north American in the months and years since the event.

This has all been ignored/downplayed in the mainstream media.

Brave souls like Arnie Gunderson have spoken up in their blogs:

Environmentalists like Helen Caldicott have sounded the warning:

Tepco, the nationalized Japanese Oil Company has repeatedly fallen on its samurai sword, taking the blame for the event.  Clean-up has been slow and pathetic.  The Japanese people seem to be in a zombified state, rarely reacting to the non-stop bad news.  The town of Fukushima is a radiated ground zero ghost town.  Radiation continues to pour into the Pacific Ocean from where it is carried around the world.

Experts say it will take 400 million years for the radiation to dissipate.  In the meantime, it is relentlessly and ruthlessly destroying the Pacific Ocean and all living organisms in the surrounding environment.  Radiation is a slow and silent killer.  Cancers can take ten years or more to show up in humans and animals.  The prognosis for the planet is dire yet no one from the mainstream is sounding the alarm...I call it, "the silence of the lambs".

What is the greencrow's take on this event?  I believe it was a event planned and perpetrated by the "usual suspects".  When I use the expression "usual suspects" I mean the consortium of international evildoers with headquarters in Washington/London/Tel Aviv...these are the same perps who did 9/11 and several other false flags.  The event was perpetrated to accomplish two ends:

a)  Firstly, to punish Japan and use it as an example to terrorize other states.  Japan has long wanted to close long standing military bases and get the US off it's territory.  They also want to end the US's economic control of Japan.  Over the past couple of decades, there have been ongoing threats made by US powerbrokers and their friends against Japan because of this...including threats that they would manufacture an earthquake/nuclear event and destroy Japan.

b) Secondly, furthering ongoing efforts towards a selective eugenic culling of the planet.  What better way to get rid of millions of unnecessary humans than to kill them anonymously and silently by way of cancer causing radiation.  These individuals have shown they do not care about the environment--witness the mass use of depleted uranium weaponry in their wars in the middle east and Afghanistan.  Witness the destruction of fertile fishing grounds in the North Atlantic (Grand Banks) and Pacific North West (off Comox, BC) by the "testing" of depleted uranium torpedoes....hundreds of thousands of rusting, radiation-emitting torpedoes piling up on the sea beds in the water off both coasts.

I believe the US/and its friends....set off a nuclear bomb in an underwater crevice off the coast of Japan...causing a very destructive tsunami to hit the Fukushima nuclear plants perched precariously right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.  This, IMO, did not cause the nuclear meltdown.  Nuclear plants are built to withstand earthquakes and tsunamis.  The tsunami was just a distraction/plausible deniability (like the planes that hit the twin towers).  What caused the meltdown was a combination of explosions--combined with the inability of the plant's failsafe mechanism to respond and correct the problems.  This inability was caused by the Stuxnet virus that infected the nuclear plant's computer-driven mechanics.  Siemens, a German company that used to provide computer mechanics to nuclear plants all over the world and particularly in Iran and Japan (after the disaster it got out of this end of its business) had their computers infected with the Stuxnet virus prior to Fukushima.  Whistleblower, Edward Snowden recently revealed that the US/Israel manufactured the Stuxnet virus.

What happened is explained very well in this video by the discoverer of the Stuxnet virus.  I believe this video, together with the video linked above of the tsunami, are two of the most shocking videos ever recorded:

Here is a report tracing the Stuxnet virus right to the White House!

It was meant to destroy Iran's nuclear capability...but also to affect Fukushima?!

Here's a report confirming it had affected computers in Japan in October 2010:

Here's another video with an Internet viewer's reaction to the above theory:

So there you have it alternative greencrowian theory about the Fukushima disaster....complete with some very interesting and,  I would submit, shocking links to newspaper reports and videos to back up my theory.


Update:  Here's an update on the effect of the radiation from Fukushima on the North American West Coast... from a BC newspaper on the Sunshine coast.  I will call it...."Canadians can't handle the truth." (...and Don't I Know It!)


Monday, August 12, 2013

No Sheeple

Figured how to upload a photo.  Good to go!


Conspiracy Theories 101

Those who know me have derided me as a "Conspiracy Theorist' for some years now.  The longer I wear the tin foil hat, the more comfortable it feels, even when it slips over my beak when I'm flying, lol.  As the years go by, more often than not...people will come up to me and say..."I am finally realizing that you were right [about 9/11 for example] after all."  This is a very slow and frustrating process...but there seems to be no way of speeding it up.  People are terrified of the implications of believing the truth about criminal acts like the 9/11 atrocity.  The implications of accepting that a government would murder its own people to foment a war against another nation are enormous.

Being a conspiracy theorist has taught me great patience.  I have been forced to outwait the perps, as I call all those who instigated these acts.  It has taught me to value the small victories along the someone coming up to me and admitting they are now thinking the unthinkable.  Or, seeing this kind of video on the Internet:

Granted, RT is not the US mainstream media but it's audience is large and growing every day.

What happens when an individual makes the intellectual leap from sheeple to tin foil hatter is you  look at geopolitics through new "conspiracy theory glasses".  You start to question everything.  This is not difficult to understand when you realize that the common law (logic) is based on several of which is "credibility".  In a court of law...a witness needs to have's their most important asset.  Once credibility is destroyed...the witness has no currency to barter with.  This has happened to the Western "democratic" governmental system (no matter what "party" is currently in power).  Because they have been shown to have lied to the public, not once but repeatedly and chronically, they have NO credibility...every single event has to be reviewed in that light...on the basis of external evidence and the balance of probabilities.  This is a process I have been in since 2003, when I first concluded that 9/11 was an inside job.

My assessment is that nearly every single major event in US history (for example) has been lied about by the government of the day.  We're talking about the Civil War (causes and outcomes), all the subsequent wars of aggression, the assassinations (JFK, MLK, RFK, JFK jr., etc.) the origins and perps of the African slave trade.  The lunar landing.

Yes, I do not believe that the US went to the moon in 1969.  This is one area where I part company with the mainstream of conspiracy theorists (if you can call it that).  Again, as always, I base my conclusions on the balance of probabilities.  I ask myself such questions as...1) "If we went to the moon, why can't we go to the moon?"  2)  Why did the hundreds of thousands of original photos and videos of the event suddenly disappear from the Smithsonian a few years ago? (these photos show that the lunar lander set down without even raising a cloud of dust--on the very dusty lunar surface)  3)  What about the Van Allen Radiation Belts--that would pummel any living thing with lethal doses of radiation were they penetrated?" and, finally, 4) How, in an era of black and white TV, rotary dial telephones and space suits made from materials not capable of fending off radiation (I saw a space suit once in a museum and me and the total stranger I was standing beside laughed out loud at the flimsy construction and materials) were humans able to pinpoint land on a tiny spot on the moon?  My weighing of the balance of probabilities on this one was a relatively simple task.

Didn't happen.

So, even in the company of other conspiracy theorists...the greencrow is way out there...flying alone.  But that's where I want to be ...because my inner compass is true to my course...I don't have internal conflict where I say something and believe the other.

Housekeeping note:  When I post on this blog I'm not going to spend a lot of time with footnotes like some other bloggers.  If you want to look up more information on some of the topics I raise, you can Google, just the same as I can. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tinker, Tinker

Been tinkering with this blog for the last couple of days and think I've made a few seminal improvements...still a ways to go, including learning how to upload photos.  That's a big one.  Also been thinking about what kind of content I want to pursue on this blog. 

Some ideas are firstly, of course, my unique analysis of the news.  I have a very accurate BS-o-meter...that I use to analyse the M$M reports--the "official stories".  This can gets me in trouble but in the end, I've never regretted applying the "smell test" to current events...If it stinks, I'll say so and I've been right more often than not.

Also want to talk about ideas.  I have a category I'll call "Half-baked Ideas".  Sometimes, a great idea (an innovation or invention, whatever) will come to me and I'll think...I should write that down!  Most of the time I don't.  I would also appreciate having comments from others about ideas (half or fully baked).

Finally, I would like to explore my artistic/creative side by posting some of my art projects.  I attended art school in my early 20's and have dabbled ever since.  Not wanting to be a pauper, I never relied on my art as a livelihood.  (I also have a very mild palsy in my hands and therefore, not able to draw a straight line...not that that's essential in art... but it is annoying).  I did do a few political cartoons a few years ago that were quite satisfying... but can't seem to lay my hands on them (might have stored them on a computer I subsequently got rid of : (.

Also been looking at a few other blogs to see what others bloggers make do with.  Normally, I do not assess the "artistic qualities" of the blogs I visit...just the it was interesting to visit the blogs as a fellow blogger.  Some blogs I really enjoy are very high tech...Like James Corbett of The Corbett Report...

but others are very low Aangirfan.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Killing the Goose that Lays the Golden Egg

I have wanted to do another post...apathetically...from time to time but something always discourages me...I know what it is...It's the chilling "Snowden effect" on social media stemming from his revelations that we are all being tapped into, recorded, videotaped, spied upon, etc. etc.  Of course I can't say that this was news to me.  I always knew it.  It's just that the crassness of the response of the PTB..."Yeah, that's what we Doooooooo!" and their treatment of whistleblowers in general over the past few years has sucked all the posting energy out of me.

Here is a cautionary report from the BBC

The reporter asserts that the only productive industry in the US...the technology industry...could be destroyed by the relentless pursuit of private information of ordinary citizens.  We don't want to feel like we're bugs under a microscope.

Personally, I have always rebelled against this feeling...I will NOT "Tweet" or go on Facebook as I believe they are obvious efforts to cull personal information.  Nor will I indulge in programs like "Luminosity" or look up my family tree (heritage) information on the web.  All my keystrokes will be recorded for later use.

More and more I think about the song written by Leonard Cohen "The Future" and how prescient it was...."...All your private life will suddenly explode."

Then...there's the other voice in my head saying that I must fight fire with fire...use this Blog to fight against the injustices that I perceive...and the devil take the consequences.  After all, what can they do to me at my age?  (Cue sound of helicopter in the distance coming closer...then hovering over my house with a radiation beam shining down on me in my bed).

I am thinking of the old Buffalo Springfield tune from the 60's..."For What It's Worth"...

"Paranoia strikes deep, into your heart it will creep".

Just when I feel the most discouraged...along comes a video that renews my faith in humanity.  Currently it is this one and I will end on this somewhat positive note: