Sunday, February 14, 2010

Russell Williams: The Broken Wing Commander

Col. Russell Williams....Canadian military commander--and multiple murderer

UPDATE:  March 13, 2014...there is a story on the CBC website about a Psychiatrist who interviewed Williams.  The psychiatrist says something happened to him ("out of the public domain") that led to the murders.  I have always wondered if something happened to him either when he was a child (sexual abuse) or (more likely) when he was at "Camp Mirage".  If it happened to him when he was in the army...isn't the military responsible for the effects?


By now, most people have heard about Russell Williams, aka Russ Sovka, the commander of Trenton, Ontario, the largest military base in Canada who was arrested a week ago today for murder of two women and rape of two more.

This is a bizarre case, to say the least. But one of the most disturbing aspects of it was the almost total blackout of news about Russell Williams early life, his upbringing and his family. It's incredible to think such a prominent soldier in the Canadian Military would have an official biography (on the Canadian Armed Forces Website) that did not have any information on him prior to 1987 when he joined the forces. All the military spokespersons could say about him after his arrest was that he was a "rising star" and that they were totally blindsided by him being charged with such serious crimes.

The news immediately brought to my mind Kay Greig and her story a decade or so ago about corruption in the high levels of the US Military. Kay said she learned from her then husband (a general in the US Military) how drunkenness, rape, all kinds of sexual perversion, violence and assassinations were "the norm" at the highest echelons of military power. Kay was not afraid to name names and I recommend you read her story and watch her video interviews to make up your own mind about her truthfulness. Ironically, Kay uses the same expression "rising star(s)" to describe those involved in the corruption.

In the days that have followed Russell Williams' arrest, reporters have managed to flesh out some details about his past...and disturbing details they are. None more so than the fact that for a time in the past few years, he headed up a mysterious Canadian forward army base in Bahrain. Why would Canada need an army base in the Middle East? It would make our forefathers spin in their graves to know Canada has sunk so far down the fatal path to Imperialism.

What goes on at "Camp Mirage" as it is called? Is it a school to train or brainwash soldiers to do unspeakable things? Don't think we'll find out the answer to that one soon.

In the meantime, Russell Williams sits solitary in his jail cell....likely asking himself questions about how he got there. Perhaps he's wondering if, as Bee Gee Barry Gibb asks in his song "Alone":

"Am I the subject of the pain, ....or the stranger in the rain?"



nolocontendere said...

Bizarre case indeed. With his serial perverted behavior something is lurking in his past, and probably will never be made public as you noted by his redacted biography.

I believe the worldwide death cult has a stranglehold on all western societies and perversion is par for them. Any "rising star" among them is up to his or her neck in all manner of cultish goings on.

Any chance, though, that this guy was framed, or is it cut and dried?

greencrow said...


The best coverage of this story is in The Globe and Mail, a Toronto newspaper:

I don't think he was framed at all. He was found because his tire tracks matched those found in the snow at the scene of the murder. How Canadian.

He confessed in his first interview with police and led them to the second body.

No, this guy is either a long time serial killer--like his classmate, the notorious Paul Bernardo or, he has been seriously messed up by his military training...I lean towards the former.