Saturday, February 13, 2010

Old Crow speaks out about the Olympics

Greencrow is an old crow but not as old as "Old Crow". I ran into her yesterday and she had some amazing things to say. You might not agree with all of them but you will have to admit that she has a different, and some would say cynical, view of recent world events.

Old Crow says that the Olympics currently being held here in Vancouver are jinxed. She says that the fix was in from the beginning. The US neocon government wanted Seoul, Korea to get them and tried to fix the voting. China and Russia blocked them and Canada came up the middle. The US government was mightily pissed off, according to Old Crow. The evil doers (same guys who brought us 9/11) vowed then and there to sabotage the Olympics.

First of all they used their HAARP defense weaponry to alter the usual weather patterns across North America. Vancouver had it's warmest January in recorded history and February has been warm, dreary and rainy. How Good Is That!! say the neoCon gremlins.

Next, they fixed it so that a tragic accident happened just hours before the Opening Ceremony. The young man who died is from Georgia, one of their other client states, and from his last name, is likely a jew. Victimology says that all victims must be jews.

Lastly, so far, they created a momentus embarrassment in the final moments of the otherwise spectacular Opening Ceremony. They caused a malfunction in the mechanical "arm" of the Torch just before it was to be lit. It didn't come up through the floor as planned as the nervous torch lighters stood there, biting their lips....Gufaaaahhhhhhhh what a joke!.

Old Crow thinks that saboteur moles have infiltrated VANOC and will be coming up with one glitch, disaster and malfunction (not to mention ongoing weather havoc) throughout the games. This is what they doooooooooooooooooooooo when non-compliant serfs and peasants do things like have games without their approval.

Old Crow thinks we should just hunker down and "get through the games". There's nothing else we CAN do. The Olympic Fix is in and the Mainstream Media lapdogs will highlight every glitch that happens....overlooking any successes.

Oh Yes, and the evil doers also planned an Afghanistan "surge" to divert whatever attention the media tries to focus on the games. What a farce, says Old Crow. She calls it the "Glitchlympics".

Of course I, greencrow, do not buy a thing of what Old Crow says..... She's crazy, you know.


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nolocontendere said...

Very, very interesting take on the games, especially the weather and Afghanistan distraction.