Sunday, November 22, 2020

Housekeeping Matters + The Covshiviks are running amok

US Lawyer John Bryan explains Mask 
Criminal Oppression and How to
Defeat it.

Good morning folks.  I want to get into some spidey-inspired thoughts I've been having about the upcoming CovID-19 mandatory vaccine but wanted to clean up a few housekeeping matters beforehand.  So I will delay the vaccine post yet again while I get these matters out of the way.

First, I did publish a "sample" letter for a mass mail-out a couple of posts back.  This is just a suggestion and is designed to be tailored and edited according to your intended recipients.  I have already sent it to about four or five "journalists" in the mainstream media...perhaps they are truly unaware of all the information we in the true journalism world have uncovered.  Perhaps, if they are made aware, their consciences will kick in and there will be some movement towards the light in the MZM.

We have to start reaching out to the sheeple with our information.  James Corbett of The Corbett published a great editorial this morning where he said the greatest weapon in the world is the "pen"...i.e., the written/spoken word.  That is why THEIR propaganda outlets are working overtime 24/7  to brainwash humanity.  And, of course, it goes without saying that we should all be avoiding watching TV news.  It is lethal poison [fentanyl?] for the brain...and regard it as such for yourselves and your children.

In the video above, John Bryan, a lawyer, discusses how some citizens in Massachusetts have been successfully fighting back against the opprobrious mask orders.  They're using the laws already available to them and they're using cohesive perseverence in their response.  The lawyer says that we already have the legal tools to fight them and the tools that they are using to impose their draconian masking laws are NOT legal and need to be resisted.  Purposeless Masking is a symbol of slavery...that's the bottom line.  It should be avoided at all costs.

When we talk with our friends, neighbours and family we should bring up as a matter of course the concept of a free debate and referendum on all these persecutorial diktats coming down from unelected "Health" officers.  Here is a recent op-ed from RT that mentions the idea of having a referendum.

From RT:

If the ‘Great Reset’ really is so good for us, let’s hold a referendum on it, so it can have a democratic mandate (or not)

Rather than running rings around one another debating masks, viruses etc.  Why don't we just keep pressing for the democratic process to be followed?  Let's have all future health advisories and rules predicated on open debates by panels of scientists and medical doctors--who can air their opinions in a Public TV debate.  Now that we know who OUR experts's a good time to have this open debate.  Then we, the citizens can make choices in a referendum based on everyone's best advice.

You see, folks, what's going on here is they've deliberately created a panic and a crisis so that we can't do the above because "we have no time" to follow democratic protocols.  Therefore, the sheeple are deliberately kept ignorant of the lies that would be uncovered in a true democratic debate.  This is the oldest trick in the book and one of their most effective strategies during the Plandemic HOAX.  We have to demand that they stop steamrollering "crisis management decision-making" on us and that, instead,  our democratic rights be acknowledged and obeyed...yes, obeyed!!!!  This is the point that the lawyer in the above video makes very effectively.

Right now, we have orders from on high coming at us one after the other like lightning bolts...The Plandemic HOAX, Mandatory Vaccination, Agenda 21, The Great Reset, the World Economic Forum...the 4th Industrial Revolution...these are the concepts, agendas and institutions that have stolen our democracy--and we need to seize it back!

And, finally, we need to stop them before they launch their next existential crisis--the "Cyber-attack".  It's coming, folks.  All our electricity is going to be shut off soon...or so threatens the Oligarch-hired bad character actor...Klaus Schwab.  He's the old man hiding behind the Ozian green curtain, pulling the switches on the wind, rain and lightning machines.  But, but, but...who hired this Bad Actor?

Pay no attention to That Man
Behind the Curtain


Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

The Xmas season is upon us, and I was wondering how this crucial part of the year would unfold for the economy.

I had wondered how The Bay was doing...Canada's oldest and last department the news reports show Coquitlam branch has been shut down by landlord,(non -payment of rent) and other branches and affiliated stores(Home Outfitters) are in serious trouble.

My earlier guess was most businesses and landlords were going to "co-operate" and tough it out till the New Year...but in hindsight Dr. Bullshite purposely ramped up the Fear Porn to kill off whatever hope was still left for business .

This is truly mean- spirited and evil.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

The Bay was a victim of Amazon and the other on-line shopping outlets. Nobody wants to traipse around a mall and a bricks and mortar store with a health-destroying and humiliating mask on...if they can at all avoid it. And, of course this was a consideration in the planning for this collapse that began probably over a decade ago.

The longer it goes on...the more intentional everything that has happened in the past year becomes apparent--at least to the sentient observer.

The Stark Raving Viking said...

Alleged Pfizer Vice President exposes whole scam of how, and why:

Anonymous said...

Oh Greencrow
You are soooooo funny
Finally i read that line
I think of that movie all the time saying to myself
It has to be the way it really is
It has to be the way it really is
Today the Greencrow confirmed it
I love the celebration scene
Ding dong the witch is dead
Ding dong the witch is dead
Any how
Your words or you said

Oligarch-hired bad character actor...Klaus Schwab. He's the old man hiding behind the Ozian green curtain, pulling the switches on the wind, rain and lightning machines. But, but, but...who hired this Bad Actor?

After the witch got soaked with water and melted
Everyone became free
Could it be the answer?????
Oh yeh
It was just a movies
We all know movies are make believe

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

In British Columbia where I live we have a real Wicked Witch. You may have heard me talk about our "Health" Officer Bullshit Bonnie. Well Watch the video I just uploaded to my blog [on BitChute] Where fellow British Columbians, Odessa Orlewicz and Dan Dicks tear a strip off her. "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead"? It can't happen a moment too soon in this province!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes maaam
I have seen and heard that pompous witch
Most educated talking heads are always like that
Just toss some water at her or maybe a bucket of saliva
And we shall watch her melt
Thank god most people are dumb and ignorent and she keeps thinking to herself
You are a riot
Getting funnier by the day
I think it is the mask
haha haha