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5G Update: by FreakedOut


FreakedOut says:  Folks, I wanted to bring everyone up to date on the continuing crisis of the 5G rollout at hand.

First off, we have an update from Dr Arthur Firstenberg on the continuing placement of small 5G satellites in orbit to buildout the “Starlink” 5G system. Please click on the link or picture and read the post and all it’s great info provided by Dr. Firstenberg and I’ll have my own comment’s to add to his.

Info covered/explained in the article under the following headings:

SpaceX Begins Public Beta Testing
Incentive for Deforestation?
SpaceX’s Earth Stations

MOST Important!!

Must read here:

“Here is the list of symptoms of radio wave sickness that I published in 2001: Symptoms of Radio Wave Sickness. And here is a survey containing the list of COVID-19 symptoms that researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine are circulating right now: COVID-19 Symptom Impact Survey. The two lists are substantially the same.”

Dr Arthur Firstenberg concludes his article:
“Unless scientists, doctors and policy makers wake up to the soup of radiation that we are all living in, we do not have a prayer of saving our environment. And unless scientists, doctors and policy makers learn to distinguish a respiratory virus from radiation sickness, we will never emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.”


FreakedOut:  NOW, back to space stuff: from the mighty fine folks at

New Satellite Frequency Allocations

Recently, both Amazon and SpaceX have begun setting up new telecommunications systems using satellites. SpaceX even set a new record for the number of satellites they launched. Now there have been new frequency allocations for these communications networks. Below, you will find a link to a PDF chart. Open it up, and print it as a PDF to save on your computer or print through your printer for a hard copy. This one is a gift from us to you!

-Click here: Satellite Frequency Chart
Note: I added the links in the above info.

From the chart:

One Satellite Frequency Band “EHF 30 – 300” EHF=Extremely High Frequency 30-300Ghz which includes mmWaves…not good! The 60Ghz frequency is absorbed by O2, as explained by Dana Ashlie HERE (@ the 9:40 MM).


60 Starlink satellites stacked together before deployment on 24 May 2019

comments: Most of the above info is from the viewpoint of the harmful effects of the Microwave radiation upon ALL life on planet earth! How about those chemtrails filling us up with metals like , Strontium, Barium and Aluminum? The human body is already an electrical machine capable of receiving EMF FREQUENCIES. But now, have we enhanced the reception of MW’s by adding METALS? How about metal fillings in our teeth?

Side NOTE:

Advice from Dana Ashlie on how to get rid of metals:

“Must HAVE minerals (that replace metals): Lugol's Solution 2 or 5% (protects against radiation & so much more): Topical Magnesium Organic plant based mineral concentrate: Chlorophyl w/ amazing taste: 

OTHER ways I remove metals to stay healthy:

1. I keep metals and poisons flowing OUT (more than in) by using a very effective, portable, in-fared sauna. Sweating is GOD’s natural plan to help us keep on top of these toxins, but many of us never sweat. It also is like a cardio work-out because your heart rate DOES increase significantly during a session. This particular FAR infrared sauna (uses a special microprocessor with a specific beneficial IN-FARED fre-quency that allows maximum de-tox within a fraction of the time.) I find this one very effective! Discount code for my subscribers just put "DANA" in coupon code box for $100.00 off. Click this link to learn more:”

FreakedOut  Continuing….

I’m concerned about the military use of this 5G Broadband system, not mentioned in the above article. We all know they have unmanned drones they fly around the world to engage in warfare.

Please check out this article from RT on the military using the 5G System infrastructure:
“Pentagon to dish out $600mn in contracts for ‘5G dual-use EXPERIMENTATION’ at 5 US military sites, including to 'aid lethality'” 

The US military has partnered with more than a dozen companies for “large-scale experimentation” with 5G technology, including efforts to enhance the “lethality” of certain systems, in what’s slated to be a $600 million project…”


In the article it talks about “dual use”….hmmmmm…. could that be for remotely controlling ALL military weapons like: fighters, bombers, helicopter’s, tanks…etc. With 5G you have the speed/bandwidth/terrestrial and satellite coverage. No more humans with their pesky consciousness to get in the way of the lizard breath PerpZ sitting in their tombs using their joysticks to try and zap us Sentients out of existence.

Makes me think…

What do you think?


Greencrow says: 
Thanks very much for this report, FreakedOut.  It is 'must read' information and I hope all our readers will make themselves aware of this growing threat. Reading the above made me this why they stopped most air travel?  so they could roll out these satellites and military space hardware...and test them without taking down any passenger aircraft...or some such possibility????

Now it's time for me to get out and rake leaves!  Hopefully, all my readers will get outside as well.  Take care of yourselves and don't forget to also look at the two previous posts that I published today--so they don't get buried before their time. 

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