Saturday, October 17, 2020

The Great Reset Spa - Plus the Freedom to NOT Wear Unhealthy Masks March that Took Place in Vancouver, BC on October 17, 2020

UPDATED:  October 18, 2020  The Vancouver "Freedom from Masks" Protest March was not covered at all by most of the MZM.  They don't do "real news" anymore.  Just 24/7 relentless propaganda.  But, wait...there was one report about the demonstration that came from local News1130.  Here is the headline:

1,000 people attending Vancouver Mega Freedom Rally 'incredibly reckless': Vancouver councillor

Can you imagine?  Actually walking down the street without masks!  In the face of the statistics where even with 89% false positive testing...they can only come up with death stats that are less than the normal flu season---that is incredibly reckless---because it dares call the liars out on their lies!!!

The Great Reset Spa
artwork finessed by greencrow

Mega Freedom Rally Vancouver BC
October 17, 2020

Bravo to all the courageous activists/citizens who marched in the Freedom Parade today.  I did not march as I was unaware that it was taking place.  I knew about the Toronto march but not about the Vancouver march.  If' there's another one, I will try and make it.  Can you imagine the guts it takes to get out and walk down the downtown streets today without a mask?  Begging to breathe.  That's what the sheeple are doing.

New Twist on Oliver Twist:

"Please Sir I Want To Breathe"


Rose Fox said...

Maybe if anti-scamdemic protesters want some news coverage, they can do what Toronto protesters did. We had over 10,000 people downtown on the 17th, not a breath of news coverage. So some of them went to protest right in front of premier Doug Ford's house!

Sure enough, Ford was whining in the news today and crying "but think of the children!!!!" He claimed that children in his neighbourhood were frightened by the protest, when the only child soiling his shorts was Ford himself. This is the tyrant who's been calling protesters "yahoos" since March. Dishes it out but can't take it. What a crybaby.

greencrow said...

Hi Rose Fox

Thanks for this update on the Toronto protest. We didn't hear a word about it out here. That's how competent our taxpayer funded national newZ is at keeping us in touch with one another across the vast continent.